Apr. 9th, 2007

charloween: (Having a bad day...)
What I should be doing: finishing a paper that I could have got done today but clearly won't.

What I have been doing: watching extras on the Bon Cop Bad Cop DVD (there's a deleted scene with the woman who played Renee on Earth: Final Conflict!, and another where everyone's got a Tim Hortons cup... *snerk*), betaing [livejournal.com profile] firstgold's remix challenge fic (which was very fun indeed), cleaning my room (threw out a lot of junk, packed some clothing)...

I really want to move to the new place but I know I have to wait. I know that I can't actually move until later in the month, but I could, like, start packing or something. I really don't want to live in this craphole of an apartment one second longer than I have to, but I also have to do this pile of schoolwork, and schoolwork should come first. First before packing. But dithering and whining is winning out over everything else. *flails*
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