Jul. 6th, 2008

charloween: (Doctor Who)
And I keep thinking, 'later this week I'm going to meet Gareth David-Lloyd, and then the week after that might-just-might see David Tennant live and in person'... hello DISTRACTING )

Updating as I watch - whee!

ETA: Done! Ha, fun episode. :D Like, seriously fun. I haven't had that much fun watching a season finale in a while. For most of the shows I watch the season finale is where the writers bring a big bag of epic to the table and wallow in it. It gets sticky. It's not pretty.

But Doctor Who, on the other hand, brings the bag of epic and has a blast with it. And why can't that be the case more often. Yes, you can leave a cliffhanger and yes, you can wrap up plot points and yes, score some woobie-points, but why can't you also make your audience grin the entire time?

Good one, Russell T - a fine farewell episode.

ETA2: The two things that were strange about the episode: )
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