Nov. 12th, 2008

charloween: (arty TARDIS)
Heading to Wales again today (well, overnight flight to London today, by tomorrow afternoon I'll be in Wales) for my academic debut, presenting at a proper academic conference.

That said, it being an interdisciplinary pop-culture conference (looking at Doctor Who and its spinoffs), it's an international geek fest, with more nerding than you could probably shake a stick at. And, you know, critical discussions of a long-running television series. People are presenting papers on colonial identity, gender politics, fandom, Lacan, nostalgia embodied in the Sarah Jane Adventures... Me, I'm talking about electronic music. \o/

And I'm going shopping, oh how I'm going shopping.

(Trivia: I think the Welsh word for "interdisciplinary" is "rhyngddisgyblaethol".)
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