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Hey, y’all. Long time, no see. How are things? What have I missed? I’ve been finishing my undergrad (woo! done!), working full-time and trying to adjust from Student to Worker.

News, news. I graduate in June, summa cum laude. I’m glad York gives out honours, ‘cause I like Latin words. Then it’s sticking around at York to do my MA, and from there... who knows? Got a bit jerked around on my thesis, so I’m not sure if I’ve still got a taste for the academic thing. A prof did tell me that Academic Life is kind of like religion: every now and again your faith gets tested.

Stole Phil’s idea for posting mini-movie reviews on Twitter. At the end of the month I’ll copy those here, or you can find me on Twitter and read them as the appear (not many there right now).

So far this month I’ve seen Iron Man twice and Speed Racer once. I may see Iron Man again soon, but not Speed Racer. Oh god no. Not for love or money.

Bought a DS, am addicted to the anagrams game.

My uncle had a massive stroke (at his brain stem) while on vacation here. They’ve since airambulence’d him back to BC, and he’s doing much better than he was.

I wrote this bit of propaganda-journalism. No byline, ‘cause it’s just the Voice of the University. But I took the pictures, too.

Because I do graphic design as well as propaganda-journalism, I’ve got Photoshop on my computer (at my desk... I have my own desk! And phone!)... and access to Photoshop + access to stock images + no brain on a Friday afternoon = putting the TARDIS on the beach.

The TARDIS image there is actually a picture of a novelty cookie tin, not a screen grab from an episode. The backgrounds are from one of those stock photo websites. I'm working at icon versions of these to replace my old icons (actually, I'm looking at replacing most of my icons as I Get Better Skillz).


In time I’ll get all caught up on tee vee. It’s the mission that [ profile] firstgold and I shall be attempting this weekend. How much tee vee can be watched in a single weekend? We shall find out. Stay tuned.
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