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They're planning a new Sherlock Holmes film! Hoorah?

It's being made in Hollywood, and it's going to be a comedy "based on" the Holmes stories. No word if this means a period setting or something more hip and modern that the kids today can relate to.* Judd Apatow is co-producing. Guy "No, not divorcing Madonna - for reals" Ritchie is going to direct.

Just as long as they don't set it in the 1980s. Just saying...

They have Sacha Baron Cohen as Holmes ('cause he's British!) and Will Farrell as Watson ('cause he can do "bumbling"?).

Apparently they want a "less stuffy" and "more adventurous" Holmes, to which I say: he wrestled a man on a precipice overlooking a killer waterfall in the Alps! Maybe Holmes was never at a consistent James Bond-level of Adventurous, but he certainly wasn't a... um... Garfield. More a Calvin & Hobbes? But with solving crimes. In Victorian London. Argh. You know what I mean. Holmes was stuffy because he's an upper-class Victorian male, but he still could get his adventure on in between the dazzling feats of deductive brilliance.

This could be either fantastic or hideous... or, worst of all, it could be safe and boring. Or the next Lethal Weapon movie.
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