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Playing catch-up! I'll update with Three Things as I watch the episodes.

4x10 "Midnight", three things:

1) No Donna, no plot, all talking? Fair enough. It's quite interesting to see what a show can do when it gets so popular that it has a license to do anything. Here, it's not the words themselves that are important, but merely the cadence of the words as they're spoken and, well, chanted. It's nice, too, to see an episode that doesn't need to have epic mythology or lengthy exposition or hints of mysterious backstory. I mean, who cares what the MOTW was?

1b) Does this mean the next episode will be all Donna, all plot, no talking? (From the preview: it'll be all Rose. *facepalm*)

2) DT had a few moments where he wasn't making a silly face. Strange to see what he looks like when he's just being blank, rather than pulling a look.

3) I should say something about ooh, Russel T, you sure can illustrate the feebleness of the average person when individuals become a mob. Or ooh, an episode sans Companion. But I really want to talk about how the music at the beginning of the episode made me laugh, and how the episode felt quite light & breezy for all that it was a detour into the Darkest Stuff of Mankind.

4x11 "Turn Left", three things:

1) Donna obviously has never seen a B-movie or else she wouldn't follow a bizarre Asian fortuneteller who makes her vomit memories and run down the opposite leg in the trousers of time. Very interesting idea for an episode, though. The whole butterfly effect, but this time the effect is that every character ever on Doctor Who is DEAD. Including the Queen. But not PM Saxon, apparently. (Or did the Master just pick Earth because the Doctor liked hanging out there?)

2) No, Rose, what is "all wrong so wrong" is that weird lispy thing you've got going on. Just saying, girl. All that interdimensional travel is undoing all that orthodontic work.

3) Loved the time machine made of lights and mirrors - such a simple, elegant way to represent a device for travelling through time and space.

3b) Trailer: hail, hail the gang's all here. There. I read David Tennant quoted somewhere, and he said that he hasn't signed on for a fifth series and that no one had asked him about starring. ...just saying.

(Have I ever mentioned here that I know a guy in RL who's named Dave Tennant? Well, I do. Trufax.)

4x12 "The Stolen Earth", three things:

1) Crazy Dalek is so loveable. "Flyyyyyying!" Though if Davros can break down the walls of the Time Lock thing on the Time War, we can have tons of Time Lords running around. And really? Daleks again? Well, they hadn't showed up yet this season...

1b) A while back, Wired asked, "Whatever Happened to Whatever Happened to the Bees?"

2) Hahhahahah regeneration. *resolves even more to beg those Hamlet tickets from the RSC* K, so. If they have a new Doctor next episode, they don't let us mourn - and the new series is too American-style to let it happen so quickly. Also, MASSIVE DENIAL. (*ahem*) They killed him off in "Father's Day" but had that reset button. I bet that a) the Medusa Cascade being one second out of phase will be part of the solution and that b) Martha's got a reset button in that key. When I was watching ([ profile] wicked_g can attest to this), I said, "Oh that's nice she's there, aww.... woobie. Now, are they going to make them run to each other? Are they going to let them have this moment? If it was Farscape they'd have the moment and then something terrible would happen. They'd be running and like a dalek would come out and get them. Oooh, I wonder if they're going to let them have that moment...? ... ... Oh." *nervous laughter*

3) Who needs to pay new actors when you can drag EVERYONE back? All we need next week is Jenny to show up... wait... that would... I might be okay with that. Anyway. Harriet Jones!!

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Date: 2008-07-05 12:40 am (UTC)
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MOTW = Monster of the Week?

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Date: 2008-07-05 12:59 am (UTC)
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Yuppers... a term from The X-Files, actually. :D

I've edited the entry to have "Turn Left", too. On to 4x12!

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Date: 2008-07-05 01:05 am (UTC)
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Ok, I'm going to make my way over. Whether you like it or not, missy!

Yay, walking. In the dark...garg. Anyway.

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Date: 2008-07-05 01:07 am (UTC)
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HA your icon FTW. It's not... entirely dark. Besides, it's not the dark that you have to be worried about. IT'S THE STATUES.

(Sorry for not replying sooner... I was watching DW!
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