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From the feedback I've received, the one Canadian film I should show is either Bon Cop Bad Cop or Hard Core Logo. Hee.

The problem is, there was a specific request after this week's weepy (Japanese) melodrama to not watch another depressing film for a while. Next week is probably going to be an upbeat Bollywood film, but I'm not sure what the Chinese students will pick for the week after. If it's got a sad ending, I might go with the Hollywood-style wacky explosions over the disintegration of a dysfunctional pseudo-familial punk band. (Alternately, I could test the cross-cultural coherence of Top of the Food Chain...)

Another group of students is talking about doing an all-night 80s movie marathon. I'm kind of sick of 80s nostalgia, so if I participate I'm going to make everyone watch either Brave Little Toaster or My Best Friend is a Vampire. Or Near Dark. Or even Solarbabies. Something not John Hughes, lame rom-com or Top Gun.
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