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Dalek-in-progress photos after the cut: Knit, purl, exterminate )
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...the Gryffindorish one belongs to [ profile] serrico. Brent (the green one) will be sad when the red-and-yellow one goes to live in his new home.

ETA: in previous posts about this project, I'd given credit to the pattern's designer. [ profile] penwiper337 figured it out, I just built it. All credit where credit is due.
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Today was Bring-Yer-Knit-Alien-Doll-To-Work-Day.

Not really. But I did bring my finished knit dalek with me for show and tell. I'd worked on it on my breaks, so everyone had seen it as a dalek-in-progress. A coworker lent me his camera and I took pictures! (click through for full-size pics)

Ta daaaah!

He sat on my monitor for most of the day, guarding the office (when he wasn't being used to play toss-the-alien). Also I look kind of weird in the picture. I blame the photographer, who wasn't me.

I took him over to the Fine Arts Dean's Office on my lunch to meet the bigger dalek that lives behind the photocopier. I think they got on well, with Brent (my dalek's name is Brent) plotting the destruction of all humans in retaliation for being turned into a cuddly football critter and not a fearsome Bringer of Doom.

The scale is a bit wacky on this 'cause my dalek is barely a foot tall, and the other one is quite a lot bigger.

I took a closer shot, too; it's now my desktop wallpaper on my computer at work. (But, you know, the full-sized version.)
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Knit-a-dalek update: I've created a monster... BWAHAHHAHA! *plays with monster* )

Tee vee-watching update: Jekyll! )

One last thing: the Buffy season 8 comics? Pure gold. I want more, now. Too bad it's Canada Day and the comic book stores are closed. :(

EDIT: I have about 7300 songs on my computer. Sometimes, I toss 'em all on a playlist and hit shuffle. Sometimes, odd things pop up, things I forgot I had. Things like some really happy dude singing "Highway to Hell" in, like, Swedish or some other Scandinavian language.
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