Jan. 20th, 2015

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I have a list somewhere of posts I'd like to make, but haven't (yet).

This is not one of them.

This is the post where I'm struggling through the last few bits of my new Methodology chapter, trying to work out how to say "also there's Club Vivid, which is, um, louder than other vidshows."

I have fuzzy memories of last year's CVV ending with me sitting on the floor, full of whiskey (?) and in my cosplay Bucky ballgown, yelling Pink lyrics, and feeling excellent. So I'm struggling a little with how to word this part concisely as part of my description of viewing practices, without sounding really dull.

So far, I have: "An alternate mode of viewing occurs during the CVV vidshow, an evening event in which the furniture in the convention screening room is reset to allow dancing and conversation, accompanied by three-hour programme of vids with up-tempo soundtracks."


I'll get it eventually. Just wanted to moan. :D

(in other news: still here, December was nice, teaching this term, yesterday I was on campus 12hrs and doing academic work for each and every hour.)
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