Jan. 30th, 2015

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The danger of listening to historical fiction audiobooks (and audiobooks of books that are actually old) is that when it comes time to write a polite email, one's prose does rather slide away from one's usual voice.

Also I have ANOTHER cold and JUST WANT TO GO HOME but this is an IMPORTANT EMAIL I've bee putting off all week and really I just want to curl up on my couch and ooze snot in peace.

Instead of sending the IMPORTANT EMAIL, of course, I'm blogging about it. And sneezing.

(I'd suspected I had the start of a cold Wednesday night at work, when I felt all tired and draggy; this was confirmed Thursday afternoon when I woke up with blocked sinuses, having completely missed Thursday morning. Now it's Friday, where I have a foggy head and mostly zero appetite, aside from a craving for donuts. Whatever, rhinovirus. Whatever.)

ETA: EMAIL SENT. "I hope this new chapter is a sufficient fulfilment of the relevant part of the resubmission guidance." What is wrong with me.
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