Feb. 13th, 2015

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Today is this week's Day At Theatre Job.

So far:
- mystery branch/log (12' long) left in courtyard outside main doors. Suspect it's related to the on-going Real Ale Festival.

- two plants escaped their planter-pot overnight. Suspect similar to above.

- freezer found with doors removed (set on floor beside freezer). Indoors, backstage behind coded doors. Temperature logs (yes, this is a thing) suggest the doors were taken off last night. Who knows.

- checked and recorded the temperatures on our 8 freezers. Considered hiding in storage cupboard where we keep overflow ice cream stock, as well as unsaleable stock that hasn't been taken home by staff. Wondered if 8am was too early for ice cream. Reflected on my perpetual disappointment with strawberry ice cream. Decided probably spending the next eight hours in a dusty closet would be an issue. Left ice cream behind.

- 35 text message alerts about humidity in the gallery. Faulty sensor is a known issue. Won't be replaced for another month. Deleted all 35 messages (fun on an ancient Nokia, just hit the same key over and over and over and over again). Got another text alert. Deleted it.

- opened draft of thesis, fully intending to actually no really no really finish off this one section (for real!)

- set up for a meeting in the boardroom. woo, chairs! woo, tables!

- sorted and delivered the morning mail. Except for that one parcel, which I'll deliver later. Probably.

- told Marketing Guy the marketing powerpoint on the marketing screens was marketing. Sorry, that it was frozen. Marketing.

- told Tech Director about the plants escaping their planter-pot. Gave the plants voices and acted out the plants hailing Ale Fest attendees for assistance in escaping their pots. Agreed with Tech Director that maybe I haven't been getting enough sleep.

- retrieved door lock bit from Front of House office. Checked maintenance log to see if it's been reported. Wondered if Afternoon Guy could fix it without putting through a maintenance request. Showed it off to Box Office, quipped "Door 3 is unlocked!" They laughed.

- bought a muffin. forgot about muffin. felt hungry. remembered muffin. ate muffin. *joy*

...three more hours until Afternoon Guy gets here.

ETA: *looking through glass doors into boardroom, where a meeting is in progress*
Me: "That room is in use until 1pm."
IT Guy*: "Is there any chance I could get in there earlier?"
Me: "Not unless the meeting finishes before 1pm."

*later, he identified himself over the phone as 'IT Guy'. idek.
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