Feb. 27th, 2015

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I've had a week of plague, it's been very unpleasant. I thought it was an annoying little cold, but it's been a knock-down drag-out ha-ha-you-had-work-to-do-ha-ha exhausting deal.

No migraines, no flu, just cough/sinus/ALL THE TIRED/constantly vaguely dizzy. Yesterday I checked with the place that made my new glasses, and they claim that there's nothing untoward about the prescription (it's a small change, shouldn't be causing problems). I also checked with a friend who'd also been out sick, and he recognized the dizziness from whatever he had, so.

I was supposed to go to Brighton on Saturday, and ended up dozing in bed all day. I zombied through Monday's teaching, and then spent Tuesday (again) hiding in my flat and feeling lifeless. At least I haven't been troubled with insomnia. I've spent so much of the last week asleep that I wish I could bottle the extra sleep and save it for later.

The worst is that I had planned to spend this week getting to grips with an academic field - well enough to incorporate some stuff into my thesis, at least - and that hasn't happened yet. It doesn't help that it's really Not My Thing (80% jargon, 15% sociology, 5% trauma studies). I'm stuck leafing through edited collections, whispering "what does that even mean" and messaging [personal profile] emef particularly obtuse phrases. One of the collections had some glaring errors in copy-editing, so I lost time in resentment.

I meant to have a chunk of work done by now, but what I do have in an appreciation for all the duvets I've stacked on my bed. It's a polyester nest and I love it.

(The second worst has been having no appetite, and no interest in food or energy to go grocery shopping, and yet being constantly hungry. IDK what's happening there either.)
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