Mar. 18th, 2015

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I might (maybe just maybe) have a full draft of a corrected thesis today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow). That means I can shove all (*checks*) 369 pages* at my supervisor for her to read carefully/side-eye/annotate for typos**, and then she'll throw it back to me, and maybe by Easter I'll have this mess re-submitted officially.

While I really want to graduate in the summer, a lot will depend on a) the next couple of weeks of fine-tuning wording, and b) the goodwill of the examiners and graduate school to read, pass, and process this damn thesis in time to graduate. From how last September/October shook out, I'm so very cynical about the official admin end of things moving swiftly.

(I've either run out of emotion to spend on worrying, or I'm wound so tight I've reached some kind of inverted-stress zen space where worrying is a new normal. Probably the latter.)

*To be fair, 50 of those pages are references, title pages, lists of figures, various -ographies (bibli-, film-, etc.); also it's likely to be 370 pages by the time I'm through with it today. But for now, 369. I made the right margin a little smaller than my first submission attempt to keep the page count down, shhhh don't tell anyone. ETA: actually, it turned out to be 368 pages? And I didn't delete anything. This is what happens when you format figures to flow in line with the text, people. Chaos! Anarchy!

**You know how Word will flag people's names as misspelled? There are many many people's names in those 369 pages, and after a point Word's spell check function just gives up trying to keep up with the names and jargon. Once Word has had enough, it pops up a little bitter message saying there are too many spelling errors and YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN BUDDY. It's amazing to discover how trained I've become to wait for word processors to tell me when my fingers have typed something my brain didn't intend.

And to make the week more interesting, my flat is currently without a working shower. One of the reasons that sucks (...beyond the obvious) is I use shower time as thinking time. Y U DISRUPTED, ROUTINE. >:(
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