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Day 25* of no-working-shower; day 3 of nothing-in-the-bathroom-but-a-toilet. Dudes are in today (Sunday!) plastering the recently-exposed brickwork, so I've taken myself to campus to print a few things, upload yesterday's Adventures With Microfilm**, and use the shower in the Theatre Studies changing rooms.

*I counted! My, how time flies.
**Living in the future: the new microform readers are hooked up to widescreen PC monitors and you can scan (basically screengrab) all you want. Magical.

Hopefully next weekend I'll have a proper bathroom again, though I'm still baffled/amused by the escalation of "oh hey a drip through the ceiling downstairs" to "new shower/sink/toilet/tiles/floor", which will go wonderfully with the creaky and slightly crumbling folding bathroom door that likes to pop off its track every now and again.

On Friday afternoon I had to approve letting the plasterers work today (Sunday!!), otherwise they wouldn't be able to be in for another week. Since all the other work probably needs finished walls of course I said it was okay for them to come in. Who knows how long it would take, otherwise.

Though it was entertaining to hear one of the workers this morning giving himself a pep talk as he hauled the bags of wall compound (or w/e it is) up the stairs. I'm at the top of the building, on the 4th floor (or 3rd by UK terminology, idk) and zero elevator. Poor guys. I don't envy the ones who'll be hauling the new toilet up all those stairs. And I am so so glad that I asked the guy on Friday what his work order said, and that I got him to leave the toilet for the weekend.

(Apparently the New Toilet will have one of those terrifying soft seats. I'm bracing myself for the Ugliest Bathroom Ever, only because - judging by the rest of the flat - my landlord doesn't splash out for aesthetics.)

Friday Dude didn't put any kind of drop cloths down so I came home to everything covered in fine dust from when he removed all the tiles. Black boots turned beige, that kind of thing. Not impressed. However, he did turn up after dinner that same night to make the kitchen sink have water again, which was kind.

I'm very grateful that I'm in a good place mentally/emotionally: I'm not bothered by all the upheaval, mostly because I know this is temporary, out of my control, and I've worked out all the backup plans I need. Now I know there's a shower in Theatre Studies. Now I know how much patience I need to wash my hair without a showerhead. Now I know how to clean out a menstrual cup without arms-length access to running water (SIGH).

One weird thing: with every Shower Update I've been tweeting, I'd get at least one reply saying like "how dare they expect you to pay full rent through this". I got the impression that it would be kind of normal to expect some kind of rebate, or not unusual to ask for one. And yet, the responses to my "I have asked for some kind of rebate" got replies that seemed surprised/impressed that I'd asked. Twitter, you confuse me. (I have been promised some money back.)

In other news, after last weekend's "I watched all 50+ eps of Steven Universe" adventure, I only have the "giant woman" song in my head like 10% of the time. (Highly recommended.)

Also I have apparently become my RL social circle's accidental Fast and Furious series evangelist. It's weird (but cool!) to find my opinion respected such that a surprising number of friends have gone off to watch all six (and now seven) films, based on saying "You'll be pleasantly surprised by the series". *hands*

Professionally, I've got a super-exciting chance at a short-but-very-visible publication derived from my thesis and I've been enjoying getting into my New Research Job. However, this week's plan is to watch at least one of the things on my to-watch list. This might even mean not staying on campus through dinner and having evenings. Exciting!

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Date: 2015-04-12 01:28 pm (UTC)
pennyplainknits: image of yarn and laptop (Default)
From: [personal profile] pennyplainknits
I JUST got that out of my head you monster

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Date: 2015-04-12 11:23 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] serrico
Ew soft toilet seat ew ew ew.

However, yay for all-brand-new bathroom? Whenever it gets finished? And much less ambivalent yay for watching the to-watch list!
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