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Saga one (bathroom): I still have no complete bathroom floor, and the holes in the walls are still there. Someone has been by to offer a quote on the work, and apparently they're going to replace the living room floor while they're at it. Nooooo, I want to say, Please noooo. Just finish the bathroom please. (Update: just got an email to say that someone is going to come by tomorrow to quote for the bathroom floor. ARGH.)

Saga two (education): this morning I learned that the external examiner of my thesis is in the middle of [serious urgent medical situation]. Understandably that means I probably won't have a response (positive or otherwise) to the resubmission within the usual two months' time frame (eg. within the next couple weeks). That means it's really highly unlikely that I'll be graduating this summer. We might have to find an alternative examiner if this one isn't able to complete the examination, but at this point it's just... wait until the end of the month like I'd originally expected, and work from there.

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Date: 2015-05-06 10:38 pm (UTC)
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Holding patterns are the WORST. Ugh. And it is RIDICULOUS that your bathroom is STILL NOT FINISHED.

*shakes fist at your landlord*
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