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Monday and yesterday I was at a very interesting conference on campus, and today I watched a bunch of interview presentations for a teaching fellowship in the department* before scooting over to Theatre Job. Sunday I spent all day writing a job application (it was a very long job application, with lots of fiddly parts), and Saturday/Friday before that I spent both days at Theatre Job.

*Not a great position (crappy hours/pay), super-competitive, on the whole an intense and dispiriting start to the day.

*whines* Tired. I've also got a notification thingie from Research Assistant Job to register as "Research Active" and therefore qualify for some unspecified but potentially lucrative research funding. On the last round, a friend/colleague got 6mos of funding to cover three days/week of research. Next step: work out some kind of research project to bid for. First part of next step: work out areas likely to get funding.

Tomorrow I'll chat with my supervisor about shaping a project, but I'll also be expecting a call from Research Assistant Boss who'd been out of contact for a couple weeks - he mass-texted a bunch of us yesterday to say he'd be back in touch soon. Potentially ominous. Hopefully good. Tomorrow I also need to step it up massively on Research Job, with only a couple weeks left to go, and the last report to write. And then more Theatre Job over the weekend. My next day off might be next Monday.

(Still no update on thesis: we're still at the "escalated to management" stage, waiting to see what the Graduate School has accomplished on my behalf and what they'll do next. I've come around to the idea that nothing will be resolved before the fall by this point. *hands*)
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