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I am... waiting!

Waiting to hear about the visa application. (Can't start making plans about my future until then.) Hopefully will know more on or around the 21st. If a decision hasn't been made on/around the 21st, on/around the 21st I'll be emailed to tell me if I'll be waiting longer. Which is nice of them, I guess, checking in and all.

Waiting to hear what venue/department I'll be working for during the TIFF. (Would be nice to know what training sessions are required, in case my BC trip needs to be modified.) Will know more on or before the 20th.

Waiting to receive my provincial ID card and health card in the mail. (Not over-urgent, but would like to have confirmation of health coverage, given my travel plans.) Could expect these anywhere between the 28th and mid-Sept. I doubt they'll be mailed together, so I'll be interested to see which one arrives first, considering they were ordered at the same time. It'll be nice to have these, too, if the visa application centre still has my passport when I'll be wanting to go to BC.

I had a burst of activity just after I got back to Ontario, but yesterday and today I've been sitting around and wondering how much longer my fingernails can grow before it becomes impossible to type. (They're not terribly long, this isn't meant to be gross, just an indicator of my overall level of sloth.) So I guess I'm waiting for this slothiness to abate and for my motivation to kick in. I have a to-do list, after all.

Aside from tedious life admin, I'm also eagerly awaiting publication of a short essay I wrote about Wonder Woman and feminism - should be online at the end of the month and in print come September.

Ooh and I'm also waiting for TIFF to announce what actually will be a part of its Primetime programming stream.

Instead of going to VVC, this year I went to Montreal to hang out with [personal profile] emef. It was an excellent long weekend! Good food, good company, and - ahem - a rigorous exploration of multiple masculinities. E.g. Elementary, Magic Mike XXL, four of the Fast & Furious films... :D Good times, good times.
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