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This whole four-days-off holiday thing (aka "Easter") is deadly for procrastination-prone people who have hard drives full of TV and things that could be knit.

But, you know, I'm back in my office today (after making a truly pathetic attempt on Friday, and not even trying yesterday) and I have to bash this chapter into something reasonable by the end of the week. Except "something reasonable" means "done, or at least done enough that I can start my next/last chapter". It never works to just think really hard about willing the chapter into existence.

The next chapter is the PhD-student version of something I started writing back in undergrad (six years ago), so I'm looking forward to actually finishing it. The chapter I'm supposedly finishing right now was something that sounded good four years ago when I wrote my degree applications, so I'm stuck in that awkward place of figuring out what my proposal's hand-waving actually meant. The chapter I've already written showed up after I'd started reading into the discipline of television studies, and got a little obsessed with videotape. I hadn't planned that one at all. So that was fun.

I'm in the extraordinarily fun stage of writing where I have to go through it all and make it all make more sense, and have an "argument" or whatever. D: D:

I'm doing another Ops shift tonight - we'll see if I can catch the last bus back, the DM tonight is usually sympathetic re: locking up really fast - so I'm being an adult and having lunch at a reasonable time. Lunch is leftover chopped chard and chicken from the weekend (with rice!) mostly because I got chard in the veg box and found "jerk paste" at the grocery store, and couldn't stop snickering at the phrase "jerk paste".

Is it glue to stick jerks together? Is it a paste made from jerks? Is it the spicy output of a jerk-grinding process? Are there secret jerk-disposal mills the government isn't telling us about?? Mmm, jerk paste.

Also, since it's vacation and there's no one here I've got two unused computers in this office. I'm no-really-for-real-now going to start working, but tomorrow I might open this amazing map (of real-time trains in the Underground) on one of the other PCs and pretend I'm in Skyfall or Person of Interest or waste time thinking about 00Q in POI's NYC and other delights.
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My favourite piece of academic reading today is from an article on Danish rock'n'roll television in the 1950s.

It's about performance, and there's a comment regarding how the "attempt to do rock'n'role dance" on the part of these early Danish rockers was "primitive, but very engaged".

I'm presuming the author had lots of fun doing archival research for this one.

In other news, I'm pleased with my Nexus 7. Especially as so many train lines and bus companies (including my daily commute!) offer free wifi to passengers. Reviewers online grumped about no 3G/4G capacity, but that's not an issue with such abundant free wifi. I haven't yet tried to stream video on the bus. Tonight I may attempt it. Living in the future...
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I'm annoyed I never got pictures of the print ads back in 2005, but thanks to the glory of the Wayback Machine I found proof of baby SPN's second* tagline: It's like your worst nightmare... but with hot guys.

*The first was, "It's like The OC, but with ghosts." Why did I never take a picture of those posters??

Also? I really, really need new icons.

screencap of the boring CityTV site behind the cut )
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First it looks at the camera, then sets up, then jumps, then... *lolz*

Even funnier is watching it while yesterday's overture is playing in another tab.
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On Twitter I called it fannish comedy-horror catnip and wished I could draw sparkly hearts all over it )

3b. And as a remake? Totally successful. Possibly even better than the original. Sweet special effects, a snappy pace and dimensional characters, a few sideways references to the ongoing economic crisis and some Deeper Themes about the nature of being a fan. In 3D.

This is all despite the 3D glasses not quite fitting over my own glasses. There weren't many moments where I forgot about the 3D artifice, but I still enjoyed the film immensely. Maybe watching in 3D gets better with practice? This was my first 3D summer blockbuster.

tl;dr - I was expecting silly and fun, and while I got my fannish catnip I also got a film I'd enjoy watching again. It made me happy, and it gave me characters I liked. Yes, it was worth the $15.75 extortion fee ticket price.
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1. The direct message function means I can kinda-text people around the world without paying Virgin any extra.

2. Re-tweets keep me updated on world events and interesting issues.

3. Tweets from famous people, meaning you can watch Neil Gaiman and Phill Jupitus chat:

NG: Not the most cheering thing for me to find on my hotel pillow tonight.

PJ: @neilhimself Leave. That. Hotel. NOW.

NG: @jupitusphillip I can't. The BBC is paying.

PJ: @neilhimself Hotels? The BBC? In this day and age? You're lucky not to be sleeping in a skip under thousands of 'compliance' documents...

NG: @jupitusphillip I am lucky. And I think they like my Doctor Who episode.

There's probably some pithy things to say about identity, and performance of identity, and the public performance of celebrity identity, and the audience's pleasure in searching for moments of authenticity in the public performance of celebrity identity, or you can do what I do and giggle at Mark Gatiss's description of Barry Manilow: "Manilow. You had to be there. Skin tauter than a 1000 year old mummy. Legs of Virgil Tracy. Astonishing."
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Seems my history of punning and wordplay hasn't been wasted. My lit review and the article I'm thinking about starting to write (due March 31) are now based in picking apart key theoretical metaphors.

Seems I'm now establishing my approach to theoretical interventions: 1) find a theory that seems inadequate, 2) locate a central metaphor used in describing that theory, 3) mock the metaphor, 4) suggest alternate metaphor that makes more sense, and then 5) propose new theoretical framework. The metaphor is my way in. My MA had a subtle joke about rabbits proliferating: the article is going to make that one a bit more obvious.

Seems it's all based in the subtleties of language, and in working in as many subtle puns into my academic writing as I can. Like the cookies [personal profile] firstgold and I make at Christmas: just enough batter there to hold in the chocolate chips, cranberries, ginger bits... Just enough academic prose surrounding the puns that it looks (and tastes!) like a thesis.

Seems like a good excuse to link to this vid.
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So. There's a Film School Thesis Statement Generator.

The first three I tried:
‎"The Brave Little Toaster subjugates existentialist philosophy through its binarism of light and racism."

"Terminator 2 demystifies the plight of the migrant worker in post-war America through its use of mise-en-scene."

"My Best Friend is a Vampire echoes the primacy of scholarship in the Abrahamic religions through its frequent use of long takes."

Love it.

And since I've been mentioning these films a lot recently:
"The expressionistic play between sound and history in Hard Core Logo colonizes nativist arguments of the early-twentieth century."

"Bon Cop Bad Cop fetishizes the disavowal of the female lack through its strategic use of narrative ellipses."
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Pee-wee Herman has posted a list of New Year's resolutions. The whole post is worth reading for a smile but these few made me giggle-snort in a really undignified way:

--Eat more chocolate. Apparently chocolate is good for you now. But it has to be dark. I mean, the chocolate has to be dark, but the lights can remain on. It's confusing, I know.

--Be Oprah's final guest on her final show, September 9, 2011-- (a date far more ominous than the Mayan Apocalypse, if you ask me, which you didn't.) If I can't be Oprah's final guest, I would at least like to be one of her favorite things so she could give me away.

--Take the time to understand the differences between Cisco, Sysco, Sisqo, Christo and Crisco.

That last one, especially that one.
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Well, one song does. He's famous for licensing every track from Play, but there's one from an earlier album that's been showing up a lot in the last few weeks. It's called "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters", from his 1995 album Everything is Wrong.

By "a lot" I mean three times. From not having heard it in years to having it show up three times in two weeks seems statistically significant. Probably not actually that significant.

First, it showed up in the opening of the pilot episode of Touching Evil (US). (The end of that episode includes NIN's "The Day the Whole World Went Away". I think TE's music director went back in time and stole that one amazing mix tape from my high school locker... Yes, for most of high school I was pre-portable CD player but I'd make mix CDs of Napster-downloaded singles and then dub them onto tape so I could listen on the school bus, etc.)

The second and third times have been in the last few days, in BBC documentaries. Yesterday it showed up as incidental music in one of the parts of The Secret Life of the Motorway (v. interesting and enjoyable, was narrated by Philip Glenister, dates from 2007, and took well over two hours to include the clip from Hitchhiker's Guide re: why bypasses are built).

Just now it's appeared as the title song of The Brain: A Secret History (new this week, have just started watching, no opinion as yet but it looks to be about the history of experimental psychology so I might give it a miss).

(I haven't seen Heat, btw.)

ALSO: I don't care how much money Sony spends on marketing The Green Hornet. I do not want to see it. Kthnx.
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It's been an awesome week back in Ontario - lots of hanging out, sharing meals, knitting hats (on my third try I think I finally have this winter's toque)... and heading back to Toronto's Mecca of Sherlockian Fan-insanity.

This time, I found an article in The Cornhill Magazine (edited by a Lord Gorell), from November 1934, entitled "This Watson" and written by J.S. Coltart (pages 513-526, if you're interested). The neat thing about this archive is they have the magazine itself, not a facsimile. This trip I also played with the card catalogue. Card catalogue!!

I'd set this magazine aside to read after hunting down other citations, but [ profile] thucyken grabbed it and started reading, and started expressing her incredulity rather vocally. And she was right to do so: J.S. Coltart, you've given me my new favourite Watson meta. See, Moriarty never existed. But. Holmes did toss someone over the Reichenbach Falls. It was James Watson, the evil (American) gangster brother of the kindly John H. Watson. More, plus excerpts from the article itself... )
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This past summer, I snarked that the multicoloured Daleks from "Victory of the Daleks" was a marketing ploy. There's no reason why they need to have yet more colour combinations for Daleks, no reason beyond selling more toy Daleks.

And, just in time for Christmas, I am right: "Character Options have announced single releases of the Dalek Paradigm Action Figures, due out later this month". They can be yours for just £9.99! Each. They come in five crayola-bright colours. Collect them all!

If, like me, your toy Dalek needs are already met, you can spend that £9.99 on an Adipose stress ball squeezy toy thing. Or, if you're looking to spend a little less on a Dalek, you can go with the Dalek keyring flashlight, where the light emits from its, er, base. (Plus, you'll have a whole £2 left over for coffee since they keyring puts you back just £7.99.)

Right. Back to work. I have an abstract to write.
charloween: (you broke sir) gets crazy-awesome.

Someone wrote a Feminist Hulk/Old Spice Guy crossover.

"Hello, FEMINIST HULK. I observe that you are using lady-scented body wash."


"Wouldn't you like to smell like me?"


"Your tiny purple shorts hanging on the towel rack now hold tickets to the Sleater-Kinney reunion concert. And diamonds."


ETA: I should mention that I love the @feministhulk Twitter feed. (Feminist Hulk has apparently already read this fic so you should too!)

ETA 2: As my flist keeps exclaiming, [ profile] keewick's epic 9-minute Merlin/Arthur vid really is that good. Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love" has never been so awesome.


Aug. 24th, 2010 12:48 pm
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I am taking a day post-thesis and pre-comma wrangling to slack off. (Hooray!)

To do so, I'm watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson talk about the universe. So far, this is my favourite clip:

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Okay! Last week I handed in my thesis (woo! ...old news!) and for months upon months I've been telling people: "I will not watch the newest Doctor Who until I finish, 'cause my thesis kind of has a lot of Doctor Who in it, even though the parts that are about DW are actually more about The Master" and by then whoever I'm talking to has gone glassy-eyed on me and I stop talking. Because it's not really all about DW, I just use DW as a convenient example that ate up like 40 pages. So there's that.


I finally watched the first episode with Matt Smith, after skipping all of the Tennant stuff after that bit with the bus in the desert, a point that should not surprise even the glassy-eyed among you.

And because I promised to, I kept Notepad open while I was watching (and hole-punching my various thesis drafts).

And without further preamble: DW 5x01: 'The Eleventh Hour' )

5x02: 'The Beast Below' )
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This is the perfect thing to watch while over-tired. One of the comments from the FB post I stole this from pointed out that this is probably what time travel looks like*.

*Not exactly what he said but I'm paraphrasing. *waves hands*
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I've been wasting time having fun with the Garfield Randomizer. Sometimes the panels make no sense, sometimes they're remarkably coherent, and other times they're just bizarre enough to be funny. Sometimes they're funny in a foreign-films-with-bad-subtitles way. Sometimes there's a magic donut.

Heck. Yes.

Apr. 22nd, 2010 08:15 am
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*clutches Cineplex gift certificates* I love movies.

A thought

Feb. 24th, 2010 12:54 pm
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This is short enough and trivial enough for Twitter or Facebook, but here's something that makes me happy: old bookmarks for the Hotmail login page (pre-Windows Live branding) that show up as "Free Hotmail".

It's like we need to start a letter-writing campaign to loose Hotmail from its criminal bondage, or something. A call to arms!

The public computer I'm using now has that bookmark. It pleases me.


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