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Today was full. Full of massive uni recruitment events and of [ profile] serrico. (The second half infinitely more interesting than the first, if I even need to clarify that point). It started at Far Too Early O'Clock (6:45am) and continued with a round of Getting Paid To Eat Breakfast. Then to a full slate of Tours and Acting Perky. It was a rainy and gloomy day, all the students (like me) are stressed past the point of functionality, which caused Forced!Enthusiasm, which then bled into Perky/TourGuide!Char and enabled full-on Babble!Mode. You know when you keep talking and talking and talking and you can't freaking shut up because the mouth is somehow divorced from the higher thought processes?

[ profile] serrico was kind enough to smile and nod for several hours as Babble!Mode wound down. (Also: it is terrifying to note that I actually do fannishly-flail in public. With arm-waving and stuff.) RL interaction and geek-talks are the perfect way to temper a hell-week.

Also: anything you order at The Real Jerk comes as a double. Just FYI if you're in the neighbourhood.


Youtube it up: an old clip of Jon Stewart and Ellen DeGeneres talking about Stewart's (then-)upcoming gig to host the Oscars. Where these two go, trouble follows.

Fauxtube it up: that really old Daily Show bit about a "new" reality show called Pitch. Stewart, Carrell and Colbert should be allowed to play together more often.

Fauxtube 2 (electric bugaloo): the Even Stevphen bit where Colbert learns about Halloween. *a-splodes*
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On the weekend, [ profile] _shewalks and I were talking about Heroes and about the Niki/Jessica thing. We figure that Jessica was Niki's older sister who had some kind of power of her own (projection or something like that), who managed to "jump" into her younger sister when she (Jessica) was about to be killed. Niki is therefore right in saying that Jessica is real. Which means that Niki's not crazy, she's just not dealing all that well with being possessed by her sister. It's pretty fucked up, but only marginally weirder than the other sibling relationships on the show.

Also: A few caps of Adrian Pasdar in Top Gun! I wonder how productive I'd be if the energy I pour into fangirling was directed towards more productive things, like SCHOOLWORK. Ah, me.

His first screen role, as a fighter pilot named Chipper. )

Chipper, wondering where Maverick got to. )

This is his *worried* face. )

*points to veeeeeery left side of the frame* There he is! )

No Chipper in this one, but it's still cute as all anything )

... and if you're watching the scene, Chipper's the guy who pats Maverick on the back when Mav's walking up to Ice. I couldn't get a grab of it, but all you see is his arm. Woo. This could totally be same continuity with Heroes, too, because Nathan is ex-military...

And I've found the next must-see (potentially) crappy 80s movie that I have to see: it's called Solarbabies, and features Jason Patric, Lukas Haas, Peter DeLuise and Adrian Pasdar. It's, like, set in the future or something? Oh! I found a plot summary: Heh. It's called *SOLARBABIES* ) Roller hockey, orbs of power, teenagers on the run from the stormtrooper minions of the despotic overlords of a parched Earth? Count me in! *runs off to*

While I'm posting screencaps, I'm going to post this one (again): Stephen Colbert's "On Notice" and "Fantasy" lists )
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Mad props to [ profile] guitarromantic for this one. Wheeee!

ETA: Checking in with Colbert, in which Colbert speaks in typos, making Stewart laugh so hard he has to cover his face.

Aaaaaand (because why write a paper when there's Colbert?) ample fodder for any Colbert/House crossovers. Now we know: (fake) Republican pundits on (fake) news shows prefer House over Grey's Anatomy, but Jackass makes him giggle. PLUS! PLUS he offers commentary on the "Sexyback" video. (Hee! He said "Sexyback"! Twice!)

Okay, more: The Word: Gays... I really should stop watching these in a computer lab.

Colbert's nominated for VH1's Big In 06 award-thing. "And you can vote as many times as you want. Huh." So? GO VOTE! Seems that after 5 times, you have to re-load the page after every vote.

Halloween and slutty costumes. Mocking mysogyny is fun.

Halloween: House of Horrors. Worth it for the ending.

Seriously. There are, like, barely 100 words on the page since I sat down here and started watching Colbert clips instead of doing homework.
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As if Stephen Colbert couldn't get any cooler -->

(mad props to [ profile] shady_lane for this one... ♥ for this, one of the only smiles I had today)
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Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness, HP/Colbert Report crossover.

quote )

[ profile] philthe25th? I dare you to read this.

EDIT: And then there's Betwixt Lórien and Rivendell, a LOTR story featuring Colbert.

quote )
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DDR update: I have a bead on a PS2, have bought dance pads from eBay and now all I need are the games. Any helpful hints on how/where to get cheapo old DDR games? Burning them doesn't seem entirely possible because modding the PS2 seems needlessly complicated. Not to mention illegal. You know. (Help Char play DDR!)

Last night was another York is U Movie Night, and we showed Superman Returns. Oooh, excited. Except not. I stuck my head in the theatre a few times while the movie was going on (I was selling snacks outside) and my favourite disconnected moment was Lex prancing around, crowing about "kryp-ton-ite" and kicking Superman but good (hee! ♥ Lex). And Superman was just lying there, being boring. And passive. A force being acted upon, and never acting, only reacting. With his rugged American good looks and soulless mild-cow eyes. The next time I peeked in, Superman was dead (and lighting defib. machines on fire from beyond the grave) and there really wasn't much of a difference from the first time I looked in, and he was standing in the middle of a crowd with the same expression on his face.

It's entirely possible that I could enjoy the movie if I watched it through from start to finish, but I have other things to do with my time than watch ol' Super-*Meh* make mildly-confused faces for three hours.

Why does Superman have to be so boring and dumb? Did his sense of humour just atrophy all of a sudden the first time he learned he could fly? Come to think of it, Nathan Petrelli is no chucklepuss himself... maybe flight feeds off the humour gene? Wolverine doesn't fly, and has been known to smirk. Spiderman doesn't really fly, just swings around, and he's about 5/10 on the make a joke/take a joke scale. Joker doesn't fly, and he's great fun at a party. Ditto Harley Quinn. Green Lantern seems to be the serious type, but I'm not as familiar with him. Maybe there's something in this?

ETA: Daily Show clips edited to "I Touch Myself". Fake news OTP! Whenever I send my mother something strange, she asks if I go looking for these things or if they find me. I SWEAR TO ALL THAT ONE MIGHT FIND HOLY they find me.
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I've switched lj clients! I'm now using Semagic (found through [ profile] ljwin32_sema), instead of the one I've been using since 2003. Oooh, this one lets me save drafts. Shiny!
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