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Now that I'm all caught up on the Doctor Who, I can share two silly screencaps:

Or a DJ! Or a poster-boy for 1993 hair! There's nothing like a little wide-eyed optimism to get you going in the morning.

"Weeeell, you know how it is. You're just walking though a cemetery, wearing all white and minding your own business while you contemplate the vagaries of life, when you meet Johnny Depp there on a bench. I know, it happens to me all the time. ...What I'll never understand is why he always has that odd smell."
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The plans, you can read about them. You can read about the plans: now with more interactivity! )
The one certain thing out of all of this mess, though, is that Mum and I will for sure be going to England to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart on stage in Hamlet. Whether this is a vacation, separate and complete, or the two of us taking a week to do tourist things before I go up to school, it's a locked deal. Maybe we'll see it twice! Bwahahaaaa.
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The romantic comedy LA Without A Map stars David Tennant as an undertaker who talks to his Dead Man poster. He follows a woman to LA and, because it's a romantic comedy, finds the woman, loses the woman, meets Johnny Depp in a cemetery and eventually gets the girl.

Now. I'm pretty sure I wrote this film as fanfic back when I was 15. The film is utter, utter crap. It wasn't starring David Tennant, though... I'm fairly certain it was Benton Fraser. THE POINT: horrifically bad movie. Some dreadful lines. Not a believable character among the lot. Tennant is a good enough actor to actually carry the film - a hell of a thing to ask anyone, but he does it. Utter, complete crap.

But it was worth it for watching David Tennant and Johnny Depp together in a scene. My 15-year-old self and my now-self held hands and jumped around and squealed. Then my 15-year-old self slunk off to the basement to listen to The Tea Party and read The Vampire Lestat and I haven't seen her since.

LUCKILY, The Darjeeling Limited was an absolutely fan-fucking-tastic movie. It's a bit frightening how little fault I can find with a Wes Anderson film. They're pretty, they're stylistically ambitious, and they ooze indie cool. I confessed to my co-conspirator (after a full day of constant snow causing cancellations, closures and unplowed streets, the whole "walking to the movie theatre" affair had a slightly demented feel) that a part of me would love to be a character in a Wes Anderson film. I'm just unable to keep a straight face, tend to run on at the mouth a wee bit and possess no sense of style. But for that, ah... there I'd be. Deadpan, terse and chic.

So, score a big one for the predictably brilliant Darjeeling Limited and a grudging slow clap that dies out quickly for LA Without A Map.
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Way back in the early 90s, David Tennant was on a BBC Scotland show called Takin' Over The Asylum. It's about a disgraced alcoholic DJ who sets up shop in a mental hospital. Tennant plays one of the patients, and is brilliantly cast as a manic young man. (The DJ is played by the current DI Rebus, which is fun and strange.)

In this clip, Tennant's character explains why it's perfectly reasonable to offer a radio audience a trip in a time machine as a prize: he's a mental patient and therefore can't be expected to conform to the vagarities of time and space. He then jumps up on a window sill and starts howling at the moon. (hee).

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I'm not of the faith, but I'm enjoying the holiday 'cause we get it off from school. YAY! And also because Dee dragged us to her parents for a feat last night.

I'm spending the day sitting around because I've got the beginnings of a cold, and it feels like it could be one persistent bugger, too. I wonder if it's not a proper cold and just nine-ish months of stress, overwork and grouchiness sneaking in for one last walloping now that I've let my guard down and everything seems to be going all right.

The point: I'm kinda dopey today and am v. much enjoying the fact that I don't have to be lucid or interesting or participate in class discussions or stay awake in class.

(The soundtrack of the week: New York Dolls' "Subway Train" and John Vanderslice's "Time to Go". Iggy Pop's "TV Eye" is also getting honourable mention.)

My Music of the Avant-Garde professor has approved a paper on versions of "Tainted Love" - the Gloria Jones version, the Soft Cell cover and the sampled bits in "S.O.S." - and I should start typing raw thoughts on that this weekend, too. I should also resist calling the paper "Aspects of Tainted Love" because an Andrew Lloyd Webber reference is probably grounds for expulsion from a uni-level music class.

Academically, I also have to: list! )


I took that career meme that's all over my flist and it told me I should either be in arts & culture as an academic or enter politics as a professional minion. Silly computer! Tell me something I don't know!


Thanks to my boss's prowess, I've figured out how to download and save streamed video. I've also got a whatsit program that involved futzing with command lines that chews up .flv files and spits them out as .avi files. Bwahahaha. Take that, YouTube. I tested my new evil powers awesome abilities on David Tennant's Doctor Who video diary thing... and that's quite an interesting body of work, there. blah blah documentary theory blah blah new media blah )

ETA: I also seem to be able to download streamed audio from MySpace. BWAHHAHAHA. (Which I totally feel okay about, considering the Jive Kings' CD appears to be out of print and the version of "Summertime" they do with Measha Brueggergosman kicks serious ass and now I have my own copy! And thanks to sendspace, so do you! [here!])
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