Jun. 19th, 2008 12:42 pm
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My abstract got accepted to the Whoniverse Conference!

I'm on the technology panel, which rocks.

This means I'm a) officially an A-1 nerd and b) officially an academic!  I might also be c) officially insane, because the conference is in Cardiff.  But I'm also d) looking for flights to Wales, and they're not that pricy.

I've got months and months to prepare, and to figure out what the heck one does when one presents* at a conference ([personal profile] thucyken , [profile] piratefanatic : expect many emails), and plan another day of standing in line at the RSC to buy tickets to see David Tennant in Love's Labours Lost on the tail-end of its run.  Hey, a girl can dream.

[profile] whoniverse_conf  has updates about the conference.

I'm going to run around and tell everyone at the office now.  :D

*about the convergence of avant-garde and commercial forms of electronic music in the early days of the medium; more accurately the way the work of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop (peopled by innovators and then-cutting-edge sound artists) reached a large audience through being the ambient noise and background music of classic Doctor Who episodes...
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I think google may have created the best tool to access the internet. In their feed reader, they have this section of add-ons and goodies. In there, you can find this whatsit bookmark that's just called "Next >>". It's a bookmark to add to your bookmark toolbar. When clicked, it'll bring you to the page that's the next newest unread item in your subscribed feeds.

What makes this awesome (aside from the obvious - not having to access the Reader app in order to access your feeds) is in the effect of clicking this one thing and being taken to site after site of fresh content.

Essentially, you just click the thing and it makes more internet.

Or appears to. But that's really the same thing, eh? You don't have to hunt down the content, you have one button (now renamed "MOAR!") that brings it to you whenever you click there. And then suddenly: more internet. Like magic.

And the fun part is it's arranged with the newest item first and not grouped by blog/site so you never know what you're going to get. I just clicked from the Google Reader to a new fic from [livejournal.com profile] sam_storyteller to an article at The New York Review of Books to news of a Chinese mine collapse. All with the one button!

Without having to go through your bookmarks or URL history or the Reader (or flist, if you've set it up). You click the thing and it makes more internet.

EDIT: the song to match this... *thumbs through mp3s* How about The Feeling, with "I Thought It Was Over"? I’m spinning in circles I can’t stop/ I thought it was over but it’s not.
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Gareth David-Lloyd is going to be at Polaris/Toronto Trek.

The one consistently good part of Torchwood! At Toronto Trek!

And irony of ironies, the very weekend after TT I've got plans to be in Cardiff...
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Most normal people, when faced with the first day of classes, would attend their one class, hang around the ol' hang-around spots to see old friends and then retire gently to a pub for some celebratory beer.

But not me. Oh, no. Epic 14-hour day! )


The radio's playing Pavarotti's version of "Nessun Dorma". And now I'm crying. On the one hand, he lived a full and varied life (good thing) but on the other, it's a shame he hadn't been able to perform for quite some time... and as a selfish fan of the arts, it's so sad to have lost such a passionate and charismatic singer. He'll be missed.
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I'd really like today to be like yesterday, which was fun and just random enough. It was a welcome change of pace, a break in the numbing tedium of the Student Triad. (1. research paper, 2. avoid writing paper, 3. write paper and hand it in more-or-less on time). A day on the beach, beautiful scenery, no decisions to make, no brain-bits to think... followed by a few solid hours of procrastination and then off to a dark, red bar that played the House theme. I'd only been up since 6am, but [livejournal.com profile] serrico had been going since 5:20 (ye gods!), so the dark was good. Come to think of it, I was the only cast member at the "cast party". Hee! It was an incredibly relaxing denoument for an unexpectedly pleasant day. Not that I didn't expect to have fun, but I didn't expect to enjoy myeslf quite that much.

I'm almost through that giant list of tasks to accomplish. There's just the one paper left, and I'm going to forgo the shame and embarrassment and take the prehistoric laptop with me to the new Starbucks around the corner to gte the monster written. But first I have to incorporate the paper-edits I made last night into the file and watch the movie again. But first I have to make more tea.

And reading Go Fug Yourself is not "making tea". I need a series of other-mes, that will write essays and do dishes and do my freakin' laundry and I'll just euthanize them when they start getting lippy.

...Man, I'm in a mean mood.

And of course instead of doing any of this, I read more fic. More SPN fic. VERY excellent SPN fic, called "Weaver", by [livejournal.com profile] superbadgirl. It's gen, it's h/c, and it's Sam-centric. ([livejournal.com profile] thucyken: Sam falls down a lot, acts all confused and lost and needs hugs.)

In work-related news, I finished researching/writing the January newletter, to go live mid-January. For anyone who's interested, the November newsletter is up. This coming week I'm going to: build the December newsletter, which'll be my first real encounter with html beyond lj and formatting; do more graphic design work on the shiny-pretty-omg-have-its-little-Apple-babies Mac Pro; and probably get a start on the February newsletter. And PA more filming and timecode the tapes afterwards. I keep thinking about what's coming up rather than what I have to do RIGHT NOW and I'm cold and my eyes are sore and I want to sleep all afternoon but I can't because I've got to watch freakin' The Passion of the Christ before it gets to be too much later so I can FINISH THE DAMN ESSAY and get to bed at a decent hour.

I think I'm finally getting that damn cold I've managed to dodge this entire term. I have a headache the size of Miami, and I'm feeling just as mean. As mean as Miami. Which I've always been frightened of.

ENOUGH. I'm off to reconcile cinematic theology with cinematic violence. Or something. *flails*

ETA: I can spell "November". NOT. *fails*
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I know I'll keep saying this, but SOON I'm sure my life will settle down, and I'll have more time to keep in touch with people, read my flist and generally be a good little citizen of the intarwebs. Maybe I'll even finish-and-post one of those crossovers I started in February. And if pigs could fly, I wouldn't need a bus pass because I could ride a pig to school!

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