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Last weekend's "buh?" was trying to figure out how on earth the used side of the scrap paper I'd used to print a ticket was for bus schedules for Chicago when I've never been to Chicago. (I'm open to guessing what this was about, but I'm pretty sure it's [ profile] thucyken's fault.)

This weekend's "buh?" was learning that, by "treasurer" of the GSA they also meant "secretary" who also "keeps the minutes of the meetings". This made yesterday's GSA meeting interesting. (Does anyone know how to keep minutes properly?)

Next weekend is Father's Day, which means family time, which means I'm sure there will be more. Family is always good for "buh?" moments.


Speaking of my family, I spoke to my grandmother this morning, and we talked about her recent trip to BC to visit my uncle in Victoria and my aunt up in the mountains. One of the days she was up in the mountains, my aunt took her out on a ferry ride across one of those gorgeous glacial lakes to what I guess is some kind of artist/artisan colony.

And my darling, 85-year-old grandmother geeked out at me (no kidding) because one of the artisans makes brooms, and is in fact the person who makes brooms for the Harry Potter movies. This wasn't just a case of her having heard of Harry Potter and repeating a young person's pop culture reference. No, she confessed to sending a gleeful postcard to her best friend about how cool it would be to have real working witches' brooms. I love my grandmother.
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[ profile] ksaldria posted this already, but it bears repeating: seems that Dumbledore is gay. Like for reals. JKR said so.


EDIT: In the "celebrities are just like us" file, it seems that famous people like to record themselves with their camera phones and post the short clips on YouTube. The YouYube user "buckshotwon" is named "adrian" and keeps posting goofy moments with Heroes cast. All his videos are worth checking out, because he puts music to them and everything's equal parts amusing and adorable. There's one hilariously tense and suspenseful minute-long mini-movie of Sendhil Ramamurthy choosing an apple at the craft table.

And on a pure cute-squee level, Pasdar's kids call Ventimiglia "Uncle Milo". Tee hee + awwwww....
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DONE! Five hours of being curled up in the corner of the kitchen, two mugs of tea (one mug slopped over the book, oops), several Twizlers and three cookies later... I finished the book.

My favourite part? When Lupin repeated the essence of my meta-post about what Harry represents. *ruffles Lupin's cute werewolf head* He's always been my favourite character.

Now I can go off and do something productive with the rest of my day. Win!

ETA: Spoilers in the comments. Whoops.

Had a moment to decompress, here be reactions. Spoilers, obviously )
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Kk – one last noodle about Harry Potter before the book comes out and (as I’m fond of saying) the possibilities for the canon ‘verse collapse into one reality.

Noodling! )


Today's submission for Best Thing Ever: The Reddings, with a song called "In My Pants". It's everything you'd think a funk/soul song called "In My Pants" would be, and more.
Full credit to Gotye, who posted this track on his blog.

ETA: early-90s-style Slytherin icon, 'cause I should probably have an HP-related icon given the circumstances.

ETA2: in HP7 I want Grindelwald, I want zombies and I want body-switching. Not polyjuice, but body-switching. That would be awesome.
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A while back, [ profile] piratefanatic prodded me to start watching this Brotherhood 2.0 site. Two brothers are taking a year and communicating only through video posts. It's a cool idea, and considering that the brothers in question are intelligent, well-spoken dudes with healthy senses of humour, it's an experiment that's pretty darn successful.

The other fun think about John and Hank Green is that they're huge nerds. How huge? Well... huge enough to write an awesome song about Harry Potter:

EDIT: The Doctor Who s3 finale, Last of the Time Lords )
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Order of the Phoenix makes a damn good movie. Something to fight for! )


book 7 thots )


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANd some completely unrelated music!

1. Ladybirds, "Oh No! The Unicorns Are Knife-Fighting Again". With a title like that, how can you not want to hear it?

2. IV Thieves, "Chase Me Off/Out". Lead singer is Nic Armstrong ("If We Can Escape, My Pretty"). If the first half doesn't catch you, please stick around for the second half. Trust me.

3. Arcade Fire, "Rebellion (Lies) (Tronik Youth Re-Edit)".

4. Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, "Talking In Code". The entire album is good; this isn't the best song. This is, however, a nice little tune.

5. The Feeling, "Helicopter". Their other stuff is pretty fluffy and poppy, but this one is a bit... stranger. It's the requisite "harder" song on a pop album, with distorted guitars in the second half and less flowery imagery. Hawksley Workman could cover this and do a fantastic job at it.
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As Colin, you are lively, friendly and inquisitive! Just make sure you don't get in people's way too much.

Ha! Ha! HA! I do go a bit insane wtih a digital camera, whenever I steal one from someone... I reject the Ravenclaw thing. :P
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1. [ profile] serrico came to visit the Hobbit Hole this weekend. Even though my body and soul were owned by The Bank for much of the weekend, I was able to partake of some of the antics. I doubt I'll ever recover from Once A Thief, and I need to see more. NOW.

2. "Elevator Love Letter" by Stars is such a great song.

3. Knitting update: 3 Ravenclaw, 1 G-dor & 1 Huffle completed. Slytherin will have to wait until the yarn comes from Herrschner's. I should probably warn The Landlord to expect a huge ball of yarn in the mail...

4. I still haven't figured out my schedule will be for next year. I'll get a better idea once I see if I get any transfer credit from my college diploma. *anticipates*
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