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Finally, I complete some work. Yeah, not a paper due back in March or May (the March due date is next on the docket), but at least it's another completion.

I'm thinking another few hours on the March-due one, then a day or two on the publication, then some serious flailing at the thing due in May.

With luck I'll have them all gone by Labour Day. Just in time for school to start again.
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There's a lot of cranberry in Canada. Cranberry juice, cranberry muffins, cranberry with other berries, cranberry alone (cranberry with turkey, nom nom nom). The few times I've been to the UK, there's been little or no cranberry products to be found - it's all black currant.

What's the deal? Other than regional availability, which doesn't hold much water with me 'cause I bought an avocado and Ceres juice from the corner store just now, and neither one of those are exactly native to the GTA. Is there any good reason? Or should I head back to the store and buy six more boxes of this excellent black currant tea and stop wishing for a more equitable cranberry to black currant ratio?

This post brought to you by this really excellent cup of black currant tea that I wish would last all evening.

ETA: I think I should add that a few years back Mum did a full-on rant about the absolute absence of cranberry-free muffins at Durham College. Damn near everything has cranberry in it. You want raspberry juice? It's got cranberry. Want a smoothie? Most of the time it's got cranberry. What set my Mum off was that she wanted a simple bran muffin (or oatmeal, or some other simple, kind muffin) and every variety available at that moment was either cranberry or cranberry/blueberry.

The other thing Canada needs to get on board with is the wacky trend of having juice at a convenience store that's made from actual juice, not flavoured sugar water. They're not even allowed to call it "juice". That FUZE crap? Has cream and soybean oil in it. Talk about a wacky aftertaste....
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You know what makes academic crunch time awesome?

A head cold.

I've got two things I really really need to get completed this weekend, and two other things I was hoping to make significant progress on, but I think I'm going to be lucky to get only one done (and it's the shortest one). This cold is doing the whole sinus congestion song and dance, but it's also actively sapping my ability to think. It's like my brain is actually seeping out through my nose.

Still. Last week I got 2.5 of my "Eleven Academic Things To Do In April" out of the way. One was already completed, leaving me 3.5 done and 7.5 still to do (I count a presentation + write-up as one thing, but I haven't done this write-up yet, so .5s abound). If I hadn't been hit by this cold last Thursday, I could have had the dangling .5 and another 1 done by this morning.

As it is, the sick-headache and the I-don't-understand-Foucault-okay?-nausea are making for a crappy way to spend the first nice weekend of the year. And I've still got that 1.5 open on my desk, and the stacks of library books all over my room are starting to stare accusingly at me. I haven't even looked at my epic research proposal, and that needs a full-on lit review.

I'm too sick to really be upset that my OGS app was waitlisted, that I haven't heard back from SSHRC and that every three days my two computers get to fight over which one gets to be my one working computer.

Monday I'm going to drop the class I was going to take in June. I need a vacation.

I... I think I need pictures of kittens or hot guys (or... hot guys with kittens?). Anyone got some eye-candy to share?

EDIT (12:30am): HAHHAHAH I DEFEAT YOU, QUANTITATIVE ASSIGNMENT. *emails assignment to prof*, *crosses another 1 unit off the List*
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Today, I burned the roof of my mouth on a deep-fried pickle.
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I've had a bad week.

Scratch that.

I've had a bad month.

I have four computers in my room - four! four computers! - and none of them is entirely functional. Two of them are completely dead, one of them I swear just sits there and mocks me and the fourth isn't of use when writing papers. All I want is a computer, at my desk, where I can write papers. Instead, I've got an adorably retro G3 PowerPC with only a Gmail Compose Message window as a word processor. I'm cursed. I've been joking that I'm all you need to defeat Skynet: just sit me down with it and within a few months the entire network will be bricked.

Then there's school. Don't even get me started.

In an attempt to Make The Pain Stop I've been absorbing as much Merlin fic as I can. Mostly because it's a show mostly about cheerful people being happy. The fic can be silly, it can be sweet, it can be creepy, it can do Heroes better than Heroes, and some of it? Some of it's not even slash.

It's been fun watching fandom drink the Merlin kool-aid, and I think - I think - for me the Merlin fandom has reached a crack-filled maturity. Why? I found my first Merlin zombie!AU.*

Aside from being hilarious, and mentions of zombie cows and zombie Tennyson (♥), Merlin says, "“I prefer laughing to crying,” and that right there is why I watched the show. It's a show with darkness (it's set in a world barely a generation out from genocide where difference is punishable by public execution, fer crissake) but it's never a terribly dark show. The class clown of fandoms, maybe. But there certainly aren't many shows where people laugh so much, and so guilelessly.

*There's got to be a model for mapping the length of time from a show's premiere to the first zombie!AU with a correlation to the level of crack on the show and in fandom.


Apr. 25th, 2007 04:29 pm
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Things causing stress: blah blah moving and term papers blah )

On the upside: of the term papers I turned in a while back has been graded. Even though it was a B paper, I still squeaked through with an A on the class. A very low A. One of those A grades that I'm tempted to dismiss as a pity A. But still: an A.

...from the previews, Heroes is going to have a fun and cracky end of the season. And babbling about this week's ep, '0.7'; including inappropriate SW giggles )


Mar. 29th, 2007 01:05 pm
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School is officially kicking my ass. I'm PMSing, grouchy and completely uninterested in finishing any schoolwork. Problem is, I still have everything left to finish. The one paper that is insanely overdue still isn't done (mostly because once it became Very Late, all urgency burned off it. BAH. Plus other things keep coming due and it's turned into my own personal reverse salient, the thing that's blocking my ability to advance triumphantly to GETTING THE FREAKING YEAR OVER.

I will take time off in April to sleep and vegetate. I just have to get these things done first. *flails*

*runs around in circles with hair on fire*

And the jocks at the next table keep beat-boxing. *sporks them* Jerks.

EDIT: now the jocks-at-the-next-table have rediscovered the comic potential of farts. *weeps*
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1. Left my Metropass on the bus. Goodbye $88 pass, hello a further $120 in tickets and weekly passes from now through until April. *HEADDESK*

2. Have officially pulled out of the donship competition. All of my instincts were screaming at me to run away, and I've finally listened. Housing situation suddenly clearer; also becoming clear is the need to work full-time over the summer for to make rent for the year. Spiffy. On the upside: [ profile] amyisyellow + [ profile] naturelf + cohabitation? = hijinks.

3. Because of stress caused by #1 and #2, have officially fallen oh-so-very behind in schoolwork. Also: when I come home in the evening, I can barely keep my eyes open, much less do schoolwork. Am more than mildly concerned.

4. Another early Saturday morning on campus for me this week, this time being the perky Fine Arts student rep at a special breakfast with the Associate Dean of my faculty and a posse of the best and brightest applicants to Fine Arts + their parents. Our mission? To woo these spiffykeen leaders of tomorrow to the York side, in order to have a bouquet of famous people who list York as their alma mater. My faculty, the business school and the law school are, like, internationally renowned for being our own shade of spiffy, so NO PRESSURE on lil' stress-zombie me to put on a smiling face. On the upside, I'm getting paid to have breakfast with these people.

5 (or #4b). Later in the day (11am) I'm going to hang out in a Q&A for Film Studies applicants with that professor I like so much and want to be my advisor for my thesis next year. Again. NO PRESSURE and woah having to really perform. It's not that I don't like my program or my school (I really do; love it to pieces, in fact - selling is easy when you believe in the product) but it's the having to perform when I'm so very tired. So very, very tired. Solution: lots of coffee at the breakfast.
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