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Monday: moving some stuff via future-flatmate's Mum's car to future-flatmate's house where future-flatmate's hired movers will move it back to the New Place on Thursday. Probably doing laundry?

Tuesday: getting keys for New Place; abusing friend-with-car's good nature to transport most of the rest of the remaining stuff to the New Place; meeting with my supervisor on campus at noon; work stewarding a French chanteuse's gig. Probably sleeping at the Old Place?

Wednesday: cleaning the Old Place; handing over keys to Old Place; cleaning New Place; buying bedding to fit; unpacking. Probably heading up to campus to bring home the box of dishes I stashed in my office five months ago?

Thursday: meeting future-but-technically-by-this-point-current-flatmate at the New Place with her movers and all her stuff and the bits of by stuff from Monday; rocking the Uncaged Monkeys tour in Birmingham (er, from the audience). Definitely having a pre-show drink to celebrate making it this far in my week.

Friday: taking delivery of my 100% necessary for research purposes brand new 37" LCD television sometime between dawn and 2pm*; celebrate; work stewarding the Hugh Laurie gig; come home to new flat, new sheets, new flatmate, new television, several hours' blissful unconsciousness.

*for an extra £20 I could've had them be more specific, but: £20!

Saturday: friend-from-undergrad may be in town for having wacky funtimes; 6:15pm date with BBC on my new television for watching the Doctor, Amy and Rory fight pirates. YES PLEASE.

As always, this is far more complicated than it should be.
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Things went moderately-to-spectacularly wrong with the internet today (long story) but the good news is that I have the perfect excuse to Not Take Responsibility after what I did today to try and fix it.

Why? I'll be in Canada. Hah.

Take that, Virgin Broadband. (For the record: after I'm through with this current contract, it'll take a lot for me to stay with the company. While the people I've dealt with have all been really friendly, the quality of the connection itself is shockingly bad. It seems like every three days I've had to reset the router. Whatever.)

I need to print some things, so I'm kicking around campus and avoiding heading over to where the printers are (two whole buildings away, boo). As I may have explained before, since my PhD supervisor is off having a baby sometime this week, I get an interim supervisor until mine is back in May/June. So to facilitate this transition, I'm going to leave a stack of papers and then disappear for four weeks. Interim Supervisor is coming back from her own mat leave next week, but I'll already be home then.

I also need to print off my travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance details. As much as my soul needs a proper snowstorm, I'd rather that snowstorm not strand me in Paris. While on the one hand there's Paris, on the other I'd be stranded.

Speaking of being in-between places, in my room right now I have three suitcases. One is coming with me on Friday, but the other two are going into storage tomorrow morning at - drumroll please - my new house. All the rest of my things are in my office. No really: I've moved into my office )

When I get back from the holidays, I'll be living a few blocks south of where I am now: in between the river and the canal, rather than simply north of the river. While I'm posting slightly crappy pictures from my phone, here's the river in question (taken a few mornings ago):

So, tomorrow: big day. Get up, hide a shelving unit (long story), move a gigantic suitcase and a teeny suitcase across town via bus (there will be lots of stairs - am moving into attic space of a 4-storey building), gather final suitcase and drag it to campus, check in online for my flights, drag fellow students to a screening of Hard Core Logo (or I'll watch it myself, damnit!), catch a bus to the train station, walk to B&B, set alarm for 5:30am (to catch the train to the airport).

And somewhere in there I'll eat and magic the internet back (the former being more likely than the latter of course).

Friday looks more straightforward: walk, train, airplane, connect in Paris, land in Toronto, and meet my Mum at the airport. I'll probably bawl with relief after the last few weeks of stress and insanity, but it'll be a stoic and rational bawling. I promise.
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I will be buying a new computer after I move in October.

My choices are:
1. cheapish tower: with slots to plug in old drives, but is big and bulky, though might avoid buying DVD player

2. as above, but I build it myself: might be cheaper, might buy some components here, requires more planning

3. one of those "nettop PCs": is pretty much netbook guts in a tiny box, not as upgradable, will have to buy separate optical drive and/or DVD player.

I'm worried about space, but also am worried about over-taxing a smaller computer. The reason I want to get another machine is I don't want to use (well, to continue using) my netbook as my primary computer.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing this song is awesome, Y/Y?

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Today is the day (one of the days) where I'm finally going to throw out 50-80% of what I moved from the apartment to my parents' place. I will be keeping some things (mostly coursework-related) and throwing out/setting-aside-to-give-away most other things. Very few things will make it into my suitcases/shipping boxes. (Books and DVDs are non-negotiable. I bought the complete Farscape once, and I don't plan on doing it again, kthnx.)

I just found a stack of old Canadian Cinematographer magazines. I took them downstairs to where my mother was working on her laptop. And this happened:

Me: "Hey Mum: are you interested in reading any of my old Canadian Cinematographer magazines?"

Mum: "...uh"

Me: *flips around stack, showing the top magazine with Paul Gross's face on it*

Mum: "Oooh, I'll certainly read that one!"

Last night we were watching Slings & Arrows and afterwards I convinced her to watch the first ep of Twitch City with me. She cackled when Callum Keith Rennie showed up (both times: two cackles). <3 my Ontario television. And my mother (which goes without saying).
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I've finally stopped moving after coming back from VividCon! (I might have been one of the only attendees who needed to take a boat for part of the trip, tee hee.)

I know I have a lot going on when I need to add "sleep for 12 hours, silly girl" to my to-do list. That being done, I can move on:


1. [ profile] serrico's VVC 2010 recs list pretty much overlaps with mine, so until I have something better to say I'll just point to what she said.

2. Inception fic! Between [ profile] inceptionfic, [ profile] inception_kink, and [ profile] piratefanatic's recs I'm having a great time. As always, I keep my delicious tags updated. Next: Sherlock!

3. Fandom aside, Inception makes me happy. Knowing that a Hollywood summer blockbuster can be so damn good all the while doing some new and interesting things all the while assuming its audience has a brain is something that should be treasured.

4. A call centre isn't really something to rec, but damn: if you ever need advice or information about emigrating to the UK, call that expensive WorldBridge help line ($3.20 CDN/minute) and save yourself oodles of stress. tl;dr, 'Pay money, find info not online, go home happy' )

5. Fresh peaches. Dad bought a box of fresh peaches the other day. I love fresh peaches.

ETA: OSAP (student loans) have re-assessed my application! Back when I first applied, they estimated I could receive a fair chunk of change. Now they say I can have less than half of that. Boo.

Also: am now saving up for awesome-sounding Bucharest-to-Budapest Danube cruise. Saving up for cruises is good because I'll never go on one (I get too seasick).
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I always kind of understood why those agencies exist to help people with immigration paperwork, but I'm in the middle of it myself and wow: this stuff is nuts.

I've managed to hack my way through all of this, but I can see how it would be so much easier to have someone on side who's done it all before and knows what's a special case, or exception, or normal everyday standard stuff.

Like, this one form asks what tuition and maintenance I still need to pay to the uni (ie: everything). But I don't know if I need to report how much my accommodation is going to cost. I'm not living in an on-campus res hall, but I'll be in a uni-managed off-campus house. I don't have a space on the form to say I am living in residence (and I only kind of am) but there is a place to say how much accommodation/maintenance I'll have to pay. Unfortunately, it's not entirely clear if this relates to my situation (uni-as-landlord) or to a totally different situation (where boarding fees are included in the total course costs).

That's just one box, hiding there in the middle of the fifth of six pages.

I think the right word for this is daunting.

Also: Inception was fun (science fiction heist film! with Acting!) and I would like to see it again.
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The directed reading, with its tidy allotments of work (one chapter, one summary, etc etc), is DONE. The summaries plus the summaries' summary (executive summary? overview? lit review draft?) total 32K words.

The thesis needs to be 30K.

That's what I'll start on, tomorrow. *cracks knuckles*

But now: I will get dressed and start shifting boxes to the front hall so Mum and I can have an easier time of it, dragging everything out to the car. I've been slowly moving out for the last month. (It's getting a bit ridiculous.)
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Over on DW, Donna Noble's worried about the bees. Luckily, York researchers are now doing their best to set up a global bee registry to find out where all the bees are and where they might be going. Good ol' bees.

James Patterson's newest book is apparently a huge pile of doo-doo. However, when anything is so very bad it can sometimes generate lots of amusement, as this blog proves. They've taken the last line from every chapter and listed them. I don't know if any given book would yield such entertaining results (though I'm sure you wouldn't get quite so many chapters ending with people screaming at the top of their lungs), but the juxtapositions you get with this one are hilarious. An excerpt from the list:

That just isn’t possible, but there he is.
He’s opening the door!
“Can you keep a secret?” he whispers.
We’ll be fine.
He puts his shades back on, nods, and then turns away.
Utter. Freakin’. Amazement.
And then I’m screaming at the top of my lungs.
“Do you think I can borrow some clothes?”
“Speak of the devil,” she says.
“Because you do now.”
“No,” he says, leaning in close. “That’d be your soul.”
“No one’s ever forced to dance, are they?”
If only Penley weren’t in the picture.

It makes a weird narrative sense. The complete listing has been rendered as a series of webcomics, starting here (just keep hitting Next). This one is my favourite.

Today I'm glad I don't live near Broadview anymore: last night a woman was waiting for a streetcar and some stranger ran up to her and stabbed her a bunch of times. Not fatally, but still... It's nice knowing I don't live there anymore.
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What I should be doing: finishing a paper that I could have got done today but clearly won't.

What I have been doing: watching extras on the Bon Cop Bad Cop DVD (there's a deleted scene with the woman who played Renee on Earth: Final Conflict!, and another where everyone's got a Tim Hortons cup... *snerk*), betaing [ profile] firstgold's remix challenge fic (which was very fun indeed), cleaning my room (threw out a lot of junk, packed some clothing)...

I really want to move to the new place but I know I have to wait. I know that I can't actually move until later in the month, but I could, like, start packing or something. I really don't want to live in this craphole of an apartment one second longer than I have to, but I also have to do this pile of schoolwork, and schoolwork should come first. First before packing. But dithering and whining is winning out over everything else. *flails*
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