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Law & Order: UK works! I'm pleasantly surprised. I was going to watch anyway, because of - hello - Jamie Bamber and Freema Agyeman, but I'm happy to report that I'll happily go back for next week's episode.

It was good! There was pretty, there was rapid-fire snark, there was a decent plot. The wicket-fast pacing meant you had to pay attention, but I think that's a good thing.

And Jamie Bamber is really pretty.
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See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Funny or Die FTW.
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I watch far more television than I do movies, which makes my Twitter feed rather sparse. Instead of posting about the one movie I saw every month, I saved up for a few and now have something more substantial to post.

If I had to pick one movie from the list that I'd tell you to run out any rent/buy right now my god right now it would be The Fall. I only Twittered (Tweeted, I think?) about it once, but I've seen it five times in the past four weeks. I watched it for the fifth time with Teagan last night, and we agreed there is a lot of movie in that movie. (I also showed her my favourite science fiction film ever, La Jetée, which is now helpfully posted in its entirety on Youtube. It's a good mood-setter for The Fall, and a good short film in and of itself. [ profile] nevalent: you were asking about short films? That's one you must see.)

Epics, epic fails, and epic wins )
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Continuing from last month, here are June's movie reviews from my Twitter account. Enjoy!

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I think google may have created the best tool to access the internet. In their feed reader, they have this section of add-ons and goodies. In there, you can find this whatsit bookmark that's just called "Next >>". It's a bookmark to add to your bookmark toolbar. When clicked, it'll bring you to the page that's the next newest unread item in your subscribed feeds.

What makes this awesome (aside from the obvious - not having to access the Reader app in order to access your feeds) is in the effect of clicking this one thing and being taken to site after site of fresh content.

Essentially, you just click the thing and it makes more internet.

Or appears to. But that's really the same thing, eh? You don't have to hunt down the content, you have one button (now renamed "MOAR!") that brings it to you whenever you click there. And then suddenly: more internet. Like magic.

And the fun part is it's arranged with the newest item first and not grouped by blog/site so you never know what you're going to get. I just clicked from the Google Reader to a new fic from [ profile] sam_storyteller to an article at The New York Review of Books to news of a Chinese mine collapse. All with the one button!

Without having to go through your bookmarks or URL history or the Reader (or flist, if you've set it up). You click the thing and it makes more internet.

EDIT: the song to match this... *thumbs through mp3s* How about The Feeling, with "I Thought It Was Over"? I’m spinning in circles I can’t stop/ I thought it was over but it’s not.
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First I stole [ profile] philthe25th's idea to catalogue all the movies I've seen on Twitter, now I've stolen his idea of posting a month's worth of reviews on lj. The fun of the Twitter review is that you're limited to 140 characters. The fun of re-posting the reviews here is that I can expand on whatever snap judgment I'd made and say some more things (more coherent things, maybe) about the films.

I didn't see enough films to make this a best-of (maybe I should start reviewing/grading TV episodes?), but fair's fair: here's what I've been watching.

Iron Man (2008): 9/10. Light on the character-to-action ratio, but that's like faulting water for being wet. RDJr is a hero. Saw it 2x.

More: I've actually seen it 3.5 times by now, heh. )

EDIT: After only one entry, I've forgotten the one-song-per-post challenge I've set for myself. So: here's a Justin Timberlake/Ace of Base mashup ("Summer Love" with "Cruel Summer"). Good times.
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[ profile] thucyken told me about [ profile] ihasatardis, full of tasty Doctor Who macros. Like the ones with the cats, except this time there are killer robots and Time Lords.

This post killed me. Killed me ded. Best part is it's non-spoilery and you don't have to know anything about the series to get the funny. Most of them are riffs on that Invisible Sandwich thing. "Invisible Care Factor" is my fave, but you know... it's all good.
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"Born to Kill", by Matthew Good Band, vidded by [ profile] ringwench.
It's mostly a season 1 overview vid, but the vidder found all the epic, sweeping shots in the series (especially in eps towards the end) and married them to an epic, sweeping song. The result? Powerful work, and a feeling of crushing inevitability by the time she makes it to the last shot of the season. Not a happy vid, but a good vid. For a happy vid, try her SPN'd version of Weird Al's "Your Horoscope".


"I Ain't Scared of Lightning", vidded by [ profile] lithium_doll.
I go back and forth on loving Papa Winchester and thinking he's an ass (though mostly I think both at the same time). This short vid gives him a hero's exit. ♥
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An old interview with the Brothers Chaps, creators of

I was trying to find that odd Chinese music video that [ profile] aoshi, [ profile] meigahime and I found last Easter, but only ended up finding this: a hilarious lip-sync to the song, but not the video itself. These guys are hilarious. It's almost as good as the actual commercial video clip that was looking for. They're so cute!

OOh! Found the real video for "Fen Kai Lu Xing". WIN. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's a cover of "Black Black Heart" by someone in China. If you know the original, you have to watch this video because it MAKES NO SENSE. Well, it probably makes sense with however they've translated the song, but the original lyrics can't possibly make any sense. But then I was talking to my sister, and she thought that since "black" doesn't have the same cultural meaning in China as it does here the translation might be fairly accurate. All the rhetorical questions in the English version (ie. "Why would you offer more?") could be translated straight over, just losing the mocking, bitter tone of the original. If you haven't heard the song, here's a vid for Yami no Matsuei which isn't the zomg best vid ever made, but I like the song and I like Yami no Matsuei... and it highlights the bitterly angsty tone of the song far better than David Usher's music video.

While we're using David Usher songs to make vids, a Lo/Ve vid to "My Way Out". As Lo/Ve vids go, it's mostly just them making out a whole lot, and I still like that one to that Avril Lavigne song better mostly because it's all cute and shmoopy where this one is all FRAUGHT with ANGST. I post the link because it fits the theme, I heart Logan, and I heart the song (which has a really fun music video -- what I love about David Usher and his solo stuff is that the songs can be full of dark and mopey thoughts, but they always seem to have such a great time playing together that all the sadness in the songs is offset... it's like, "yeah, the world sucks, but we're all together so it's going to be okay").

Speaking of ABSOLUTE CRACK and people having way too much fun, it's all about Just Friends. I need to stop watching the "Jamie Smiles" music video DVD special feature thing. It probably makes more sense if you've seen the movie, but it's still a damn funny music video parody.

[ profile] xtinethepirate: George Lucas on the Colbert Report was slightly creepy. "George L." looked more than a little stunned and confused. But the lightsabre duel was funny, even if George himself demonstrated a horrific lack of a sense of humour.
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"The Plan" today was to make another attempt at finding "paid work" for the school year.

Unfortunately, by this point I've spent over three hours of my day downloading fanvids and it doesn't look like I'm slowing down. Last night, after [ profile] _shewalks sent me the link to this gorgeous vid, I found some craptacular Firefly ones.

This morning I've had more luck.

Some favourites:
Fix You, Star Wars, Obi-Wan/Anakin (mostly) - I love Obi-Wan. He tries so very hard and still fails. *tear*

Theories, Farscape, you know... that song, from that Buffy episode, with all the *singing*. And Farscape'd. It's cute, it's amusing, and John and Scorpy are in bunny suits. (Attn [ profile] aoshi: MUST TO FINISH THE FIRST SEASON, YOU.)

I'm Not A Virgin Anymore, Highlander. Scroll down on the page to find this vid. Seems what one does when one is an Immortal is simply wear lace and shag. Seriously funny.

That same vidder (Luminosity) also has up a fantastic X-Files vid, and a "Mr. Brightside" that does a wonderful job with the Buffy-Angel-Spike messiness.

United States of Spike, that "United States of Whatever" song, for Spike, with cute clip choices and quality editing.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand one last piece of *buh?*, for [ profile] thucyken, [ profile] _shewalks and [ profile] aoshi: Spaceballs set to the Firefly theme. Find it here, about halfway down the page.
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