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Yesterday was very long. Today I'm making up for it by sitting around, eating leftover Chinese food and reading.

Next week I'm going to see Frankenstein at the National Theatre. My friend L hasn't been to London before, so we're going to take the afternoon to wander. I get to play slightly-more-familiar tour guide. I wanted to go back to the National Gallery and people-watch in Trafalgar Square. She wants to see that famous square thing, and the place with the pictures by the famous people. I think we're both going to be satisfied.

And this is the important part of my post in May we're going back because L bought us tickets to see Much Ado About Nothing. You know, the one with Catherine Tate and David Tennant as Beatrice and Benedick. *glee* L is excited to see Tennant, and I'm... well. I have great expectations re: the delivery of snarky exchanges.

For example: )
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I had a plan today to do a proper post about all the theatre I saw this week, just like I planned today to figure out what to put in my presentation for when I defend my thesis*, and also like I'd planned to go back to the ACD archive and find more awesome stuff about post-war Holmes fans... but instead I've been sitting under a tree in Queen's Park, shivering a bit in the cold**, enjoying being outside on a day that isn't humid, stealing wifi and noodling on the internet.

I like parks. I like parks in rage of steal-able wifi even more.

*Playing the vids, mumbling something about Van Gogh, and finishing off with jazz hands is sadly not an option.
**IDK, there's almost windchill today. One thing you can count on in Toronto, it's wind.

So, while I'm here and while I'm typing: Stratford! I saw: Kiss Me Kate again this past Sunday (with [ profile] firstgold!), The Tempest and As You Like It on Wednesday (with Mum and my brother) and we hung around Wednesday night so we three could catch Peter Pan yesterday afternoon. Words words words about words. And plays. Plays full of words. )
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Thank you, Mum, for that link.

So, I'm marking undergraduate essays this weekend: what are you doing?

Also, for you Stratford fans out there: their new site is up with next seasons' playbill info. I agree with what my mother said: there's nothing there I don't want to see. I like applying my fangirl powers towards a theatre company. It feels good. It's also really easy to get excited about a season where Christopher Plummer plays Prospero.
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Back to Stratford this weekend for a surprise cheap-ticket weekend. Saw Julius Caesar again (it makes even less sense than the first time) and Midsummer Night's Dream (F*CKING AWESOME). Dream has just started previews (it opens officially on the 21st), but it's 100% worth seeing and I need an excuse (any excuse) to go back. It's a really energetic production and everyone on stage was having fun with it (which is kind of usual for Stratford, but it's still so nice to see).

It was cool on its own, but it was even more neat to see Caesar and Dream back to back because of the casting crossover: Tom Rooney was good as Cassius and omg oh so good as a Brian Molko-ish Puck ( worked), and Geraint Wyn Davies was a fine Caesar and a fabulous Bottom (with a Welsh accent!). Oh, rep theatre.

I do hope they-at-Stratford film this year's production of Dream: I think it's too good to lose after this year. There are so many neat ideas and fun approaches and clever stagings in this production - and it all holds together, too. The acting is strong, the fogger is used as a prop on stage, and the curtain call is a full-company dance number.

\o/ GO SEE IT. It'll be on stage until the end of October. And take me with you when you go!
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After a week of pure (exhausting) awesome - that I'd say peaked with giggle fits while watching a professional production of Julius Caesar* - the only sane response is to cuddle into bed for an extended period of time.

Which is awesome when you don't have to work the next day. (Eep!) But! Fun was had, sights were toured (touristed?), plays were watched and freakishly good weather was most enthusiastically enjoyed.

*Never take slashers to a sausage fest. And never feed them The Importance of Being Earnest as a matinee, either.
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The plans, you can read about them. You can read about the plans: now with more interactivity! )
The one certain thing out of all of this mess, though, is that Mum and I will for sure be going to England to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart on stage in Hamlet. Whether this is a vacation, separate and complete, or the two of us taking a week to do tourist things before I go up to school, it's a locked deal. Maybe we'll see it twice! Bwahahaaaa.
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