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Supernatural 5x02: Roger! (huh.) What is he good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!

Also: Vampire Diaries continues to be bizarre. It's so good to see Castle back (*incoherent flails*)! And Merlin was great for all these reasons.
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"There's a light at the end of the tunnel!"
"Uh, that's
hellfire, Dean."
"..." *shrug*

Ah, Supernatural. How I've missed you. 'He's just, ah, polling the electorate...' )

ETA: that's not to say I totally hated the episode. I can find plenty to squee at/about, but only if I ignore the gaping, oozing flaws in the episode. (Or maybe I'm just expecting too much.)


Screenwriting today was awesome because while the professor was pontificating, [ profile] vulgus and I passed notes about how Sylar is HAWT. (Also dangerous was when I was going through one of those character-designer prompt sheets asking for backstory and I was filling it in for Dean Winchester. The "How does your character feel about death? What songs would he have played at his funeral?" section made me *snerk*, all the more so because I could hear Stephen Fry reading off all the questions. What can I say? The class can be dull, but I've still learned more than in 2nd year.)
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How is that not totally awesome?

All we need is news report about Hurricane Dean ravaging the coast. Tee hee.

Edit: from the Houston Chronicle. "Mexico declares yellow alert over Dean"; further down that same page, the headline is: "Urging tourists to flee, Mexico resorts on alert for Dean".

...which conjures the image of a 50-foot-tall Winchester, storming the land a la Godzilla.
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It's 2:15 in the morning.

A few hours ago, after realizing that even though it was bedtime and I have to work in the morning, I was STILL WIDE AWAKE.

So I watched "Smith and Jones". Martha > Rose. Ten with Martha > Ten with Rose (though not Nine with Rose). So, [ profile] serrico, I agree completely that Martha > pretty much everything. And then I watched "The Shakespeare Code". Still not sleepy. Watched "Gridlock". Still not sleepy. Still ♥-ing Martha. (Srsly, up against Martha, Rose is a wibbly blancmange woman. If Ten tried to give Martha that "I can sense all of creation and it makes me emo" speech from "Rose", she'd tell him to stop being all full of himself. Speaking of "Rose", I wonder if they filmed both eps in the same location; on the commentary they said the basement of the department store was shot in a hospital, so maybe?) Funny thing is, my face hurts after watching an episode of Doctor Who because I stare at the screen with a huge goofy grin on my face. More than good television, it's good television that knows it's good and isn't the least bit puffed up about it. Which makes it good and happy-making television. (Though beating up the Doctor in every episode? Gets old. As does DT's periodic overacting. But then, I'm judging the character from a human perspective and maybe aliens are a bit more flamboyant and flippant.)

I was saving this season, trying to streeeeeeetch it out as long as possible so as not to run through my Who stash too quickly. BUT THEN! THEN!! I obtained s1 DVDs. DVDs with lovely bouncy crunchy commentaries with ol' Russel T. himself being all giddy and such. (Just even the first few lines on his into to the DVD booklet heaped fuel on my fannish soul, stoking the flames of Who love higher and higher.) And if that wasn't enough, I stumbled upon the motherlode: a healthy mega-uber torrent with every. single. Tom Baker episode. Old skool crack! Low-budget old-skool crack! FIFTY GIGABYTES of crack! CRACK! And three of the series/arcs/whatevers were written by Douglas Adams. *flails* I is a happy me!

So the point is that I watched three of the most recent Doctor Who episodes in a row, and while I am looking forward to watching more, I decided to stop there because the blonde woman in the teaser for the next episode had precious hair and a grating accent and I thought maybe it was time to switch to something else because HELLO I'M STILL AWAKE. Even the possibility that DT would wear glasses for a scene wasn't enough to woo me. (And well may I be woo'd!)

So then, [ profile] firstgold will be happy to note, I grabbed the knitting and FINALLY watched "All Hell Breaks Loose". But only part one. 'Cause I think part two is on my other computer. But if I turn the other computer on it'll be admitting defeat and I will stay up all night watch television until it's time to go to work. But it was a really fun first half. Maybe "fun" isn't the right word. Better than average SPN, with interesting twists on Yellow-eyes' plan. And WTF Roadhouse? But at least I know that every makes it out, happy and healthy, right [ profile] firstgold, [ profile] xtinethepirate, [ profile] underhand_glory? RIGHT?! And also, Dean loves pie. Pie pie pie. I hope there's an outtake where he leans out the window and yells, "When come back, bring pie!"

It's now 2:45 in the morning, and I'm STILL awake. And now I'm hungry, too.
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Not seeing SPN tonight means I'm now 4 eps behind.

All I know is that the show will be back next year. (According to, anyway.)

I'm sure this episode left the boys happy and healthy. I'll get back to them, I will.

And it looks like VMars is done and gone, replaced by Reaper, about "a burnout who works for Satan as a bounty hunter, following the accidental sale of his soul to the cloven-hoofed one by his parents". Sweet.
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My apartment is half-packed, my two final term papers are half-written, the first series of the new Doctor Who is juuuust more than half-watched. Being in-between is troubling.

Many thanks, mad props and hugs to [ profile] amyisyellow and [ profile] philthe25th for helping move a portion of my belongings up to the new room. I have bought primer to cover the violent orange walls of the new room, but don't really know what colour to make it. I hate painting. It's tedious. However, when the walls are the most hideous shade of orange known to eyeballs, Steps Must Be Taken. Also: the milkshakes at the all-night diner at Bathurst and Dupont are awesome.

Traumatizing #1: The formerly sexy Trent Reznor shaved his head over a year ago and I just found out about it last night. On the new live DVD, he looks like Matthew Fox's pudgy uncle, which is just as appealing as it sounds (ie: not so much).

Traumatizing #2: Since, as established in the "Hollywood Babylon" episode of SPN, Gilmour Girls exists in the SPN-world, it means that there's an actor living somewhere in the SPN-world who looks one heck of a lot like Sam Winchester.

Traumatizing #3: Over on eBay, I'm bidding on yet another under-known 80s horror movie that's never been released on DVD. This one has Nazis vs monsters and Ian McKellen and Gabriel Bryne. [ profile] shady_lane may also wish to note that the screenplay was written by some dude named Michael Mann, and went into production just before that Miami Vice show I've heard so much about. *cackles* "Traumatizing" only because I'm probably going to talk someone on this flist into watching this movie with me. *cackles more*

EDIT: added some links to pix of pre- and post- baldified TR. *sigh*

EDIT 2: American accent meme from hoskie )
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SPN caused giggles, even if the show has become nothing more than excuses for injokes. (The weather's just like Canada, eh? *facepalm*) For all the injokes, however, every minute that Jared and Jensen weren't on screen were about ten times worse than the fake bad movie in the plot.

Speaking of Jared: cute facial expressions throughout.

Seriously. SPN's strength is in its two co-stars. I'm pretty sure they wrote this one to give the J&J Wonder Duo some time off, but it was to the detriment of the episode. There were cute touches, little flashes of awesome (walking into the sunset), but overall? Lackluster. Lackluster crack, which is probably even worse than just the regular kind. Without Sam and Dean much on screen, the episode ended up being mild and cute. Which, hello? SPN? You're about rock and guns and cars. You haven't earned this kind of self-referentiality. It's too cute.

What I liked about the episode is that it's irrefutably canon that Dean loves cracky low-budget horror movies. I always knew Dean was the cool brother.

1. When you're in the grocery store and you see a box labeled; Delectable organic Scottish biscuits, topped with a thin layer of organic chocolate... you kind of have to buy them. Just on principle. "Delectable organic Scottish biscuits", I ask you?!
2. From the ads, it looks like Hugh Jackman's character in Swordfish is the spiritual twin of Seamus Harper-from-Andromeda. Yes? No?
3. My new crossover OTP: Zoe/John Winchester. [ profile] vaznetti has written many parts in that 'verse; this is part one. HIGHLY recommended. (Set after Serenity, if there's anyone out there who hasn't seen it yet *koff* [ profile] piratefanatic.)
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Dust In The Wind, by [ profile] lyra_wing.
They are the gods of the open road and the hunt, of classic rock and stupid luck, of truck stops and greasy diners, of dollar beers and pool halls.

There aren't words to describe how much fun this fic is. The crossover works for the show, just working out from canon in a cool little tangent. The fic also works as a comment on fandom, on the fans' reactions to the show and on some fannish preoccupations and assumptions. Just... read it. You'll understand.

EDIT: play-by-play thoughts on the His Dark Materials preview-thing: Read more... )
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Yesterday had good parts: the Damned English Class is finally over, and Shannon-the-TA had our papers marked and back (and they were only handed in last week!). After the exam she bought us beer. After a few pitchers, I was telling the group about the paper I'm writing for my cultural studies class on that SPN fanvid that's done to "S.O.S." by Rihanna. I tell them about found footage films, and fandom, and slash. We're all pretty good friends by this point (see above, re: beer) so I pull out my laptop and show them the vid. (And also I didn't want them to think I was making this crack up.)

So we're barely underway when Shannon-the-TA points to the screen and says, "Hey, it's that Dean guy from that show!" Yes, yes it is. As the vid continues, they snicker at all the right moments and make appreciatively inarticulate murmurs about The Hot that is JA. It's always a bit strange showing slash vids to people not in fandom, so by this point I'm pretty happy about the reception this one's getting.

Then (about 3/4 of the way through the vid) Shannon-the-TA waves her hand impatiently and says, "Oh, Dean should just stick is tongue down the other guy's throat at be done with it!" Hee!

And that's what happened on my Friday.

Now I actually have to finish that paper (which is hard, because I keep wanting to go into fan-directions and I have to keep it within the bounds of the course), and the Incredibly, Unbelievably, Jesus Christ In A Taxi Very Late Paper (For Tuesday, Or ELSE)... and I'll only have three 10-pagers left to write! *headdesk*

(Also: [ profile] aoshi... what exactly did you tell Josh about me??)
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FOX's latest crack-fest attempt at pretending it's still got some cred in making dramas is Drive... in which a group of strangers who don't know each other and don't really interact over the epic scope of the show participate in some epic road race thing. The catch - they're not all in it voluntarily, which means the stakes are high and there are lives on the line . Omg. But all the characters have different reasons for participating which means there'll probably more flashbacks than you can swing a Lost fan at. There's going to be car chases. There's going to be Momnets of Introspection. There's some ridonculously huge cash payoff which may or may not exist. There's some shadowy conspiracy thing happening, too.

...sound a bit like Heroes, eh? Ensemble cast, season-long plot arc played out in bits each week, action sequences, heavy on the character development. Even FOX's promotional photography for the show just screams "HAY FOLKS WE WISH WE WERE NBC AND THOUGHT OF IT FIRST". Heroes meets The Amazing Race meets that Stephen King novel The Long Walk (except probably not good). It premieres April 15 (8pm, FOX), if you're interested.

Which begs the question: why do I even care? Well... it stars Nathan Fillion. And Tim Minear is one of the writers, so maybe it isn't going to be as bad as all that. Maybe it'll be a case of really wacky marketing, like when CityTV was telling us to watch SPN because "It's like The OC, but with ghosts", or "Like your worst nightmare, but with hot guys!" (But that is a rant for another day.) Speaking of Tim Minear, I was listening to a commentary track of his and he speaks just like Joss Whedon. Their vebal patterns (whatever it's called) are nearly identical; the way they put sentences together, how and when they pause... it's uncanny.

I'm not going to watch SPN tonight (though the idea of Sam gettin' sexed up is pretty appealing); schoolwork is kicking my ass, I'm getting lazier and lazier and I can watch SPN any time but my English TA needs this paper tomorrow. So. There it is. I'm also looking forward to/dreading the next SPN ep, where it looks like they're hauling out the meta crack and aping more bad late-season XF episodes... and the episode title is from a Kenneth Anger book. Kenneth Anger, the noted gay experimental filmmaker, whose Hollywood Babylon (1965) is an exploration of fandom in relation to Hollywood scandals, "perverse" sexualities (that is, "the gay"), and the metatextual relationship of the fan to the product.

Kenneth Anger also had a thing for Aleister Crowley, was buddies with Anton LaVey (hee!), made a film called Invocation of My Demon Brother, and liked playing with supernatural/satanist imagery in his films. I saw some of his work last year. I don't think anyone's ever argued for SPN's subtlety, but this just takes the cake. If these references are intentional, that is.

I'm not sure whether to applaud the cleverness of the writers or cry little tears that the show is riffing off itself already. They've got a solid enough canon, yeah, but why are you turning inward (again) when you could be telling solid ghost stories? It took XF seven years to get to this level of cracky self-referentiality, but I guess the SPN fandom is large and rabid enough that they (okay, "we") must have hurried things along a bit. (Hollywood Babylon is also probably where Green Day got the line "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", but that's a whole other kettle of squee.)

Sigh. My education means I can *headdesk* about a whole other level of references. I should also stop reading SPN spoilers and get back to writing that paper about 1950s Hollywood. I'm also starting to wonder if anyone on the SPN staff has seen Anger's work, or if they just grabbed the title... BAH. This is so not worth thinking about.
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Sam to Dean: "Don't... don't sugar coat it for her." SPN, 'Roadkill' )

Det. Raines to cemetary worker: (on who Raines was speaking to) “The dead. They hunger for human brains. The feasting will begin at sundown.” Raines... the show that will get me through the Heroes hiatus )
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1. happy birthday to [ profile] evil__muffin!

2. it's all about Winchesters vs. Petrellis.

3. [ profile] hackthis recced some awesome Heroes fic.

4. [ profile] yuletide does, in fact, have a few Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stories. Some are utterly fantastic, if you're wondering. Which you may be. That one, under the link? Has the voices down pat.

5. Scrolling through [ profile] yuletide is dangerous because I see a Vorkosigan story called "The Long Con" and I get this need to know what would happen if Miles Vorkosigan and Sawyer-from-Lost ever ended up together on the wrong end of a pulse rifle in a backwater spaceport bar.

Edit: 6. This one goes in the "Internets have far too many corners" pile: That clip of Dr. House playing 'air piano' from the first season + Monty Python = there's really no way to accruately describe this clip. This one, however, nicely sums up an aspect of the House/Wilson dynamic.
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The other day, Alex and I were talking about Chinese zodiac (we're both rats) and the way the Thems have tied in elements to the zodiac. I brought it up because my little brother is a fire rabbit and that's just too hilarious. All I can see is that killer bunny from the end of Holy Grail, but 40 feet tall and spitting fire. (I'm a wood rat, which is a good and sensible animal to be born under.)

So the only right thing to do would be to check what Sam and Dean are, right *cha-cha-cha wiki-fu*

Dean = earth horse (he should feel lucky, he missed being an earth sheep by a mere three days)
Sam = water pig (which is apparently very lucky, because pigs are supposed to be very lucky... but then I think "ha ha, KAGURA and yeah, it's *perfect*. Last night's uber-snuggle (tm) was totally a Kagura move.)

Who else can I find? )
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"Who would vote for that?" (sez Jensen Ackles)... The hottest brothers on TV.

I was wondering the other day if the marked increase in brother stories was some kind of way to feature dudes-together and/or boddy-cop stories without having to worry overmuch about justiying the homosocial space (ie instead of forcing love interests, wives or girlfriends on the heroes). (Speaking of Heroes, according to the promos, it looks like Peter remembers some of the powers he picked up from Sylar. And has rage issues. *anticipates*)

But then I was also wondering about the possible connections between Victoriana, Edwardian graphic design and 60s psychadaelia, so maybe I should stop spending all day in the library. (Speaking of which, today I found an interesting book about disaster movies, which explained how traditional disaster movies have ensemble casts so you can play the "who survives" game, but 80s disaster movies are action-disaster movies with a smaller cast and a hero-villain split.)

ETA TV stuff

The best part of The Office was the visual quotation of Nosferatu. The best part of Supernatural was how the previouslies consisted entirely of snark. It was totally the "we're having way too much fun on set" episode. It's like they decided to "homage" all the crackiest X-Files episodes (and once again, Dean = Mulder and Sam = Scully) and crossed their fingers that Ackles and Padalecki could turn out performances to carry the episode. Lucky for them, they pulled it off.

They really do have too much fun on that show. (And what the hell was with the show turning into a Buffy ep for two minutes there at the end?)

Win #1: Wrestling for the money clip. LOVED Dean whipping the clip out of Sam's reach. Sam may be bigger, but Dean's quicker. And then they rolled about together on the bed.

Win #2: The Padalecki hair flip. That's the one thing about the New Hair. We've got a 7-foot-tall mutant psychic demon hunter who flips his hair. Emo-empath Petrelli I can understand doing the flip, but ol'Sammy? I know he's the sensitive one, but really. (Speaking of Heroes, according to the shows, Dean and Peter are like the same age.)

Also?: Hell is a Winchester car trip. Bobby needs to show up more often. Bobby and Claude from Heroes should get together and tell war stories about the prima donna-y dopes they have to work with. Papa Winchester is so forgiven for being a hard-ass if that's what the boys were like as moody teenagers.
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So we're sitting in the Communications meeting this morning, and Priyanka leans over and whispers "Did you notice that Dean's got a Chocolate phone?" (It's fun working with another SPN fan, because we can fangirl the show together and annoy our coworkers with concentrated squee.)


I keep leaning over and asking if she's sure that she doesn't want to be spoiled.


I had some bad Heroes thoughts on the subway this morning.

1. taking Peter skeet shooting would be fun because he could be the skeet.

2. cut for length )
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Talk about one of those days/weeks. When I got home from dinner with [ profile] amyisyellow at 8:45 I was planning to read for a while, take a shower and head to bed.

Because I ENTIRELY FORGOT that today was Thursday and ALSO FORGOT that Thursday means SUPERNATURAL and also forgot about all the spoilers I've read about tonight's episode.

I mean... what was I thinking?!


SPN 2x14 )
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Before and after tonight’s SPN, I was watching Malcolm X . It’s too long to screen in lecture (though I can’t really see why not, because we took multiple lectures to watch some of the other films); I’ve got it from the library. It’s a very atmospheric film. Denzel is awesome. Tee hee on the prison shower scene, and you wouldn’t think it, but he does an adorable pouty-face. The score was making me laugh a little. It’s a pretty odd sensation knowing that the film wasn’t meant for white-girl me. The issues they’re talking about are relevant to me in an abstract social-history sense, but not on a deeper personal level.

Supernatural 1x13 )
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$50 says the first half of tonight's Supernatural was adapted from an unused X-Files script.

There were lots of great lines ("It's NOT a MANDROID!" and Dean's "You got that part right" to the bit about Sam being the Bonnie to Dean's Clyde), and great acting, and LOTS of Dean, but the best part was wondering how the hell they were going to end it. As soon as I saw Sammy take out those SWAT guys, though... I was so hoping they'd do yet another Star Wars homage with Sammy dressed as a SWAT guy going to rescue Dean. ...which would make Dean the Leia of the situation. Ewwwwwwww. Seriously, though. That, along with the *hand wave* "There are no mandroids" bit where Padalecki managed to channel both Alec Guiness *and* MIB-David Duchovny in that Jose Chung X-Files ep (Dean's right, Sammy does make a good Fed) was, like, the billionth SW reference in the show.

On top of all that, the entire ep had this really weird vibe, which worked for the aiiie-wtf atmosphere. It was all slightly off. I'm guessing that's what they wanted. So. Win.

...I'd wondered why I couldn't find any spoilers for next week's SPN. Now I know. The one in two weeks sounds crazy if they can keep continuity from this one. *anticipates*
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Today was utterly fantastic. I wouldn't have thought it'd end up this way, but I'm not complaining. (No sir!) Read more... )

AND what's probably the BEST part of today... when I got home, my copy of My Best Friend is a Vampire was nestled in the mailbox! I bought it at about 10am *last Friday* which means it took exactly *one week* to get it. I wasn't expecting to see it until Valentines at the very earliest, but seldom have I been happier to be wrong! And the video box is in great condition, too. MADE. OF. AWESOME. Now to find out how to get it transferred to DVD...

ETA: cut for length. Whoops!


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