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Comments made whilst watching TW “Day Five” with the moderate application of a nice Trius Reisling (ETA and [personal profile] serrico, :D). Oh you know there are spoilers, foo. )
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Torchwood continues to be, in a word, lolarious.

In a few more words: this is the show they promised us when they told us about a "grown-up" spin-off of Doctor Who. This is the show they promised us, and after two seasons we're finally getting a cool, dark, adult, British science fiction show.

I never thought I'd say this, but damn, this is a good show.
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This new Torchwood season is lolarious.
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As promised, here are some more pictures from the trip to Wales. I'm home now, and I think I might be on Eastern Time again. Maybe. It sucks that I'm not in Denmark right now as the original plan had it, but you know, maybe next time. (sigh)

Pictures! )

The flight home was entertaining. I was sitting with two guys (both in their mid-30s) who're both travelling because of job interviews. The British guy was moving to Canada to be with his wife, and had a job interview or two lined up for when he arrived. The other guy, a Canadian, had been at an interview in the UK somewhere. The thing was, the British guy totally had his shit together and the Canadian guy was well on his way to being a whiny loser. He wasn't a full-on complainer just yet, but he was getting there.

As for the food, well... Air Transat's "hot meal" is a President's Choice tv dinner. If you're into that, cool, but if you're expecting food, then you'll be disappointed. It wasn't totally inedible, but I've had better meals in my life. The movies (that I didn't watch because the earphone jack was broken) were: Get Smart and something I slept through on the way over, with Hancock and The Incredible Hulk on the way back. The Incredible Hulk is hilarious on mute, or rather, when the soundtrack is the folk-rock, indie cool and classic metal on your unPod. Some of the green screen looked really bad even on the crappy tiny airplane televisions. Hancock I might go back and watch properly, instead of sleeping through it and watching the rest without sound - but I still can't look at Jason Bateman without thinking "Michael Bluth", which could be a problem.

The flight was good, though. The worst I've ever been on was a terrifying trip from Atlanta to Asheville where even the scary tattooed biker guys thought we were going to crash and die. Air Transat's not spectacular, but they get you where you're going with a minimum of fuss. The strangest thing was that it totally feels natural now. This year I've taken more flights than in the past ten years, combined. It's all rather old hat. I feel so grown-up. :D

Also, back in July and with this trip both, the customs guys at Pearson were super-interested in what I was studying, where I was studying it, making me prove I was a real student, etc. Nothing major, and nothing to complain about, but it's still funny. The complainer from the plane found me again at the baggage return, and complained about the last time he flew into Pearson the baggage handlers dented his luggage. I probably could have cared less. Then he went on about how the customs folk figured that he's dealing drugs and so he always gets hassled. By this time I really don't want to hear him say anything more. So imagine my glee when he gets pulled off for a full search just before we make it out of the customs maze. Karma for being tedious, I tell you.

I bought the Long Way Round book at the Cardiff train station, which means I had to start downloading the series (and the sequel) as soon as I got home. It's quite adorable, and far better than I thought it would be. I also bought-and-read Pratchett's Nation on the way back. Such a good book. No words to describe. Just: good book.

Edit: swapped in the proper photo for a repeat.
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After months of anticipation, my first academic conference has come and gone. I'm still in the UK (at Gatwick), but the crazy Japanese-style capsule hotel I'm staying at has free wifi, so I can update! And be cowed by the state of my inbox. The important thing is that my paper was well-received by most of the people there. I don't feel like I wasted my time or money, I met some fun people, learned stuff and got to spend nearly two whole days alone at the end of it all (a needed people-buffer).

I'll say one thing for a Doctor Who conference... it's probably the only place where you'll hear a paper on the Lacanian construction of the self, go on a tea break, and then trade fic recs with one of the writers on Doctor Who. The entire week has been surreal but mostly awesome. One highlight was the paper that more-or-less mathematically proved that Torchwood was fandom crack... there was a picture of a half-naked Methos involved. [ profile] thucyken, you should have been there. There were charts!

One revelation was that audience studies is a lot further along than I'd been led to believe. It's very exciting.

The horrible part, though, is that after four straight days of talking about Torchwood means that now I want to go back and watch it again. Even after everyone there agreed that it's a bad, bad show.

I'm off to another conference again in a few weeks, though not presenting this time. And it looks like I'll be getting some cash up fron tfor that, which will be a nice change. What with this conference, that conference and house-sitting for my sister, I don't think I'm going to be home much before January.

Pictures! )
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Gareth David-Lloyd is going to be at Polaris/Toronto Trek.

The one consistently good part of Torchwood! At Toronto Trek!

And irony of ironies, the very weekend after TT I've got plans to be in Cardiff...
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Today I 1) handed in another (gawd, hopefully the last) award application, 2) stumbled through the day with a bad cold, 3) had my grad photos taken, 4) put in six hours at the office (mostly stunned b/c of the bad cold) where we 5) discovered that the girl who quit unexpectedly in January left only hard copies of the most critical work she was doing (and work I have to complete) and not digital copies on the shared server AND 6) I also gave a presentation to my boss and her boss (women with titles like "Director" and "Senior Director").

There was also a huge fire downtown that ate a bunch of Queen West between Bathurst and Augusta, which is more than a little scary, seeing as it almost ate a friend's place of employment.

The presentation also had a report (which I completed this morning): how nerve-wracking is it to give a presentation to the Senior Director and watch her make notes on it, knowing that what you're saying is the research that's going to inform a presentation the boss and the boss's boss are going to be giving to a provincial forum... while aware that most of the research and report was completed while rather loopy from said cold. Answer: fairly nerve-wracking. But it's done! And they made some happy noises when I said some things. YAY!

That means my two extra research projects are done, and it's time to finish my normal coursework and the other original two research projects that I'm doing for, you know, proper academic credit and not bookstore gift certificates. (How you know I'm stil a student: my overtime is paid in books. Yummy! Books!)

I've downloaded Torchwood, but I think I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow evening to watch it, because I have this paper on Taming of the Shrew that's due tomorrow.

I will say this: the episode synopsis for this week's TW is effing hilarious, 'cause I choose to believe that it means Owen is now King of the Weevels and that it's all Jack's fault. I mean, I know it probably isn't that, but it would be so fantastic, eh? He'd be like one of those child-kings that everyone pats on the head and calls "little buddy... ermwhoopsImean Your Highness." The Owen would pout a lot and listen to The Supremes song "Love is Here (And Now You're Gone)" and mope about Diane. I think that's how he spent his time between s1 and s2, but that's a total other story.

I really, really have to finish that paper on Taming of the Shrew.
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Torchwood, "Reset": The flag should have gone up when Owen agreed to go on a date with Tosh.


Other than that, [ profile] piratefanatic and I agree that Ianto is adorable. (I also have this theory involving Ianto's fondness for tasers and Jack wanting a uniform for Ianto to wear.)

That's all that shall be said about that episode.
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Torchwood, "Adam": Apparently, it is all about Jack.

Owen was adorable. Ianto got cuddled, quite a bit. I still want to slap whoever's making the camera ops do those dumb shots (the CCTV just happened to zoom at the right moment, oh did it?!), and really want to slap Barrowman. Like, a lot. Nothing he does is believable.
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Fun is being home alone when the blizzard outside starts thundering and lightening-ing.

*prods Torchwood download* GO FASTER!

EDIT: Download complete. 1) Jack was wearing a fob watch. 2) Ianto: "We could release a single..." 3) Gwen yelling at people = awesome. 4) "Team meeting" = awesome. 5) Jack's sekkrit wuv for Gwen? Uh, no?
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1. The Ianto!Pounce is my new favourite Ianto move. 2-5 behind the cut )
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Oh, Torchwood. Whatever mojo got worked on you in your year-long hiatus, damn it worked well.

Ianto's personality is developing nicely (the cheeky bastard!). Beth's drawer number was 007 (heh!). And the plot? A decent plot, at that. I'm actually enjoying scenes with Gwen and Jack, 'cause they've got the bleeding heart/heartless routine worked out, and it seems natural to the characters now. I think even the music is better this season.

Well done, show! Well done indeed.
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While waiting for laundry to wash*, I have been browsing ringtones to download. I have decided that Matthew Good Band songs make fun ringtones. I mean, "Hello Time Bomb"? With the ticking and the mentions of roller-skatin' Satan.... Gold.

Plus, even 10+ years down the line, the video still cracks me up: video behind the cut )

Ooooh, now that I'm on youtube, I wonder if anyone's posted the video for Moist's song "Push". I really like that video.


Nope, but there is an amusingly dated full-of-hair live version: video behind the cut )
Man, I love that song.

*and for the new season of Torchwood to show up for download (...waaaaant).

ETA: And now it's downloading! Captain Jack! Ianto! Special Stunt-cast Guest Actor to Draw In Viewers! Yessssss...

ETA 2: Downloaded and watched. It was... typical Torchwood, but lovably so )

And [ profile] serrico, looks like those kinks are still very present. Orgy this, handcuffs that, poodle-fancying the other thing.
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Knit-a-dalek update: I've created a monster... BWAHAHHAHA! *plays with monster* )

Tee vee-watching update: Jekyll! )

One last thing: the Buffy season 8 comics? Pure gold. I want more, now. Too bad it's Canada Day and the comic book stores are closed. :(

EDIT: I have about 7300 songs on my computer. Sometimes, I toss 'em all on a playlist and hit shuffle. Sometimes, odd things pop up, things I forgot I had. Things like some really happy dude singing "Highway to Hell" in, like, Swedish or some other Scandinavian language.
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1. For a covert ops group, that is anything but covert, why was Tosh so surprised when Mary knew what Torchwood was?

2. How many bars are there in Cardiff, and do any of them play anything else than Snow Patrol? And why to all the clubs play metal?

3. Just how many things can you do with a stopwatch? Srsly. Other than "timing things"... I'm stumped.

4. If you get hit by a car, how do you get the car's paint under your fingernails?


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