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My goal to travel in the new year will be achieved, as it looks like I'll be in San Antonio over Easter for a conference. My department has apparently had success wringing the pounds out of the uni to pay for conference travel, so I might be able to have many of my costs offset. Hooray! (I probably won't be able to nip down to Mexico, though. Boo.) The cheapest flights look like a Delta-connecting-via-Atlanta nightmare, which I've sworn to never mess with again.

I don't know much about San Antonio except for something to do with the Alamo. (And I don't know much about the Alamo except for what I learned on DS9.) Also, there's a river and that's where the conference centre is. Right. I know two things about San Antonio.

Anyway - a Very Fannish New Years was a resounding success. We braved Friday-afternoon-holiday crowds to haul in food, tweaked [personal profile] serrico's entertainment technology set-up and proceeded to Watch Stuff.

Touching Evil was excellent (yet another brilliant-but-cancelled show), Misfits was not (though fun to mock, being full of unlikable characters), and Tower Prep charmed me with its pre-teen demographic earnestness (though fun to mock, being full of profoundly stupid characters). Nightwatching didn't go over so well because oblique art films aren't always what you're in the mood for (no matter how much naked Martin Freeman is on offer), but I maintain Death Race 2000 was totally worth watching.

We watched so much stuff. So much stuff did we watch. I've got to finish Touching Evil (the US version, and then start on the UK original), keep watching Community to see if it ever again reaches the height of its Christmas special, dig up more adorable Tower Prep, and temper my lust for a Kindle (so shiny, so very shiny).

Yuletide will have to wait - time is running short before I go back to England and I haven't even had time to start rec hunting. I have tagged the few that I read and adored, but beyond that... nada. (I can nibble at this corner of fandom when I'm back on my own time. It's my last week in Canada for who knows how long, so Yuletide will have to wait.)
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Watching Generation Kill is clearly more important than the dozen or so other vital tasks on my radar.


I have one sentence left in my SSHRC proposal, and I can hit send and worry about something else for a while (and that list, my friends, is not all that short).

I'll probably knock off that last sentence sometime in the next hour, and then I'll: watch another episode of Generation Kill, grab a quick shower, and finish packing.

I'll leave it here tomorrow when I'm at York, and I'll swing by here to grab it on the way to the airport, rather than taking it with me all day on a day when I have to do lots of running-around and handing-things-in.

And then, and then, and then: Vancouver, Thanksgiving, [ profile] thucyken and [ profile] firstgold, mountains and trees and sf filming locations. *glee*

My poor students. I'm supposed to prep them for their first test, and I'll be thinking: "Hey, I got my SSHRC and OGS crap handed in" and "VancouverVancouverVancouver!", and I'll keep spacing out thinking about Alexander Skarsgård like I did at dinner tonight (sorry, [ profile] firstgold!)... those poor students. Normally I'm all about the early cinema. This week, though, I got nothing for them. (To be fair, quite a lot of this weekend was taken up with quite big and serious things that are still are big and scary things. I mean, I still don't know if I'll need a new supervisor.)

ETA: Okay, so it was two sentences, but I'm right on schedule! YAY. I'm-a gonna print. And somehow get over the ridiculous superstition that all pieces of an application need to be printed all on the same paper. *rocks back and forth* It'll be fine, it'll be fine.
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Brain = broken.

I had my ass kicked heavily motivated but good today by my supervisor and a former prof: I now have nearly every book ever written on fandom to read by, oh, Tuesday (it feels like), and I have a shortlist of programs I'm applying to for that giant and scary PhD.

And the funding applications. Oy, the funding applications.

My competition will all be people like me. But all the other nerds might be better at time management, which is where I always need heavy motivation/ass-kicking. This is not the place to fret about all of that. This is the place to declare my intention of carpet-bombing these applications to as many places as I can... provided I can afford the application fees and can find people to write reference letters for me.

In less-stressful news, I really enjoyed Glee tonight. Big thumbs up.
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Supernatural 5x02: Roger! (huh.) What is he good for? Absolutely nothing. Say it again!

Also: Vampire Diaries continues to be bizarre. It's so good to see Castle back (*incoherent flails*)! And Merlin was great for all these reasons.
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Yesterday I could have done any number of productive things:
- working on my directed reading (this week: reading about vidding 1985-1992!)
- (re)reading the chapters I'll be teaching this Thursday (and come up with Questions Related to the Reading, ack)
- working over the presentation for the conference in November (I will make a powerpoint, but it will be a good powerpoint)
- grocery shopping (today's breakfast: old grapes and leftover Brie with a few crackers from last week... note to self: buy bread/eggs/milk/yogurt because Breakfast Is Important)

However, employing my superior decision-making skills, I elected to watch the first season of Six Feet Under. Continuously. Without a break. While working on other things, just none of the things on the list at the top of the post. I think mostly I was reading blogs.

Three cheers for a cut tag )
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Okay, [ profile] serrico, YOU WIN.

I watched an episode (the first episode) of Defying Gravity.

Here are three true things:
1. I'm genetically incapable of disliking Ron Livingston.
2. Dude, Daisy Adair in space? That's enough of a hook.
3. Despite myself, the unexpected Edwin made me make a :D-face.

The other true thing is that the show's unrelenting flashbacks aren't as annoying as I'd expected. The boss-characters with their serious!faces and their serious!secrets, running around being all serious was almost endearing. It's also pretty. Charming set design (it's interesting after watching Moon a few times), inoffensively lush camerawork, impossibly attractive cast... pretty. It's also strangely unpretentious, for all the eyebrow-raising and holding-of-secrets. I think (from one episode) everyone's having a bit of fun with this show, but not manic best-job-ever fun, just good solid fun. If that makes any sense. I don't really know if it makes any sense.

So, Defying Gravity, I'll stick around for a while. Damn you, [ profile] serrico!
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Yes, world, I just received my VividCon DVDs in the mail.

I haven't even removed the plastic on the DVD case, and I've already lost about 20 minutes reading the con program and geeking out.

BUT. I have things to do today. Things like (maybe) helping a friend set up at FanExpo and then (very likely) snagging Mary McDonnell's autograph (one for me, one for [ profile] nevalent). Things like finishing that article about Doctor Who for my Very First Article Published. Things like getting back to that embarrassingly-overdue paper about SPN and wincest vids.

When you work with pop culture, your to-do list starts at a baseline intersection of nerdy and awesome.
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True Blood is crack on wheels.

And every week, it keeps getting better.

Sam, Andy and Jason need to start an epic crime-fighting trio.

EDIT: [ profile] extrathursday asked what kind of wheels we're talking about here, and I replied: "40ft-wide, fiery screaming Catherine wheels".
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I had no idea True Blood was such a comedy.
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1. My love for Moonlight abides even a year after I'd last watched the show. I was thinking of buying the DVDs, but decided to hold out. [ profile] firstgold can tell you that I do, in fact, enjoy Moonlight enough to want proper DVDs.

2. The Spadina streetcar from Harbourfront will never be as fast and heading back to Union and taking the subway. Never.

3. If you trust in the power of your body to move with fluidity, you can get enough power to slice a man's throat with a business card. Improvised weapons for nerds also include breaking the arm off your glasses and using it as a two-ended pointy-hooky weapon.

Other awesome facts from today's Self Defence seminar - equal parts women's self defence and defence for professional personal security types, taught by a guy who's trained military dudes and the police in hand-to-hand - included:
- if you're being picked up/grabbed from the front, do a bitey-vampire number on the attacker's neck;
- don't worry about doing a fist when your open palm will to more damage to an ear; and
- if you move to kick a guy in the junk you can do a quick re-direct and stomp out his knee instead.

Yeah, I signed up for 10 more hours of instruction.


Jul. 16th, 2009 07:08 pm
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I spent the entire episode of this new season's premiere with this face: :D

It fills me with glee.
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Comments made whilst watching TW “Day Five” with the moderate application of a nice Trius Reisling (ETA and [personal profile] serrico, :D). Oh you know there are spoilers, foo. )
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Torchwood continues to be, in a word, lolarious.

In a few more words: this is the show they promised us when they told us about a "grown-up" spin-off of Doctor Who. This is the show they promised us, and after two seasons we're finally getting a cool, dark, adult, British science fiction show.

I never thought I'd say this, but damn, this is a good show.
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This new Torchwood season is lolarious.
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CTV's scheduling ploy worked, and tonight m'roommate and I watched The Listener mostly because it was on right after So You Think You Can Dance (and how about last night's fantastic crash test dummy routine, eh?)...

Right. The Listener. spoiler warning )
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I had never seen this blooper reel before:

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I've had a bad week.

Scratch that.

I've had a bad month.

I have four computers in my room - four! four computers! - and none of them is entirely functional. Two of them are completely dead, one of them I swear just sits there and mocks me and the fourth isn't of use when writing papers. All I want is a computer, at my desk, where I can write papers. Instead, I've got an adorably retro G3 PowerPC with only a Gmail Compose Message window as a word processor. I'm cursed. I've been joking that I'm all you need to defeat Skynet: just sit me down with it and within a few months the entire network will be bricked.

Then there's school. Don't even get me started.

In an attempt to Make The Pain Stop I've been absorbing as much Merlin fic as I can. Mostly because it's a show mostly about cheerful people being happy. The fic can be silly, it can be sweet, it can be creepy, it can do Heroes better than Heroes, and some of it? Some of it's not even slash.

It's been fun watching fandom drink the Merlin kool-aid, and I think - I think - for me the Merlin fandom has reached a crack-filled maturity. Why? I found my first Merlin zombie!AU.*

Aside from being hilarious, and mentions of zombie cows and zombie Tennyson (♥), Merlin says, "“I prefer laughing to crying,” and that right there is why I watched the show. It's a show with darkness (it's set in a world barely a generation out from genocide where difference is punishable by public execution, fer crissake) but it's never a terribly dark show. The class clown of fandoms, maybe. But there certainly aren't many shows where people laugh so much, and so guilelessly.

*There's got to be a model for mapping the length of time from a show's premiere to the first zombie!AU with a correlation to the level of crack on the show and in fandom.
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Ron Moore gives good show.


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