Sep. 15th, 2012 08:32 pm
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That casting spoiler for this week's Doctor Who had completely passed me by.

I left a mess of squee all over Twitter.

You know, the episode was good and all (Matt Smith... so enjoyable 'cause he looks like he's having fun), but then there was casting spoiler.

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I enjoyed the new DW episode. Didn't enjoy the human-reproduction-is-scary trope, but did enjoy the Daleks-are-creepy affirmation. I'm interested to see how/if that End Twist (not that one, the other one) will get paid off later in the season, but I've lost so much time to speculating over TV show plots that I'm content to let the story be told.

It's a much less stressful way to watch television.

One of my colleagues went to school with (and acted in school plays with) Jenna-Louise Coleman, so that's cool too.

(That same colleague doesn't understand why so many people love Rory. Sheesh.)
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Some of s5 DW was on TV earlier today, and I cooed at the Ponds, so I figured since it's Saturday I should get cracking on s6.

Seeing as I've been spoiled for most of the season, all I can do is continue cooing at the Ponds and enjoy the ride.

(So far, I've only yelled at the TV a few times. Rory is still my favourite.)
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1. Still jetlagged. Awake and it's 4am. Grr.

2. Flying to VVC tomorrow (opposite of "grr"!). As I'm flying via TO I'm catching up with people on both sides of my flight.

3. Since I'm awake and it's 4am I've decided to catch a bit up on DW. The last thing I saw Matt Smith in was Christopher and His Kind (lots of near-complete nudity and man-on-man action): hello whiplash.

4. Now it's 6am and I've checked my email, uploaded pictures from Dublin, and watched "The Doctor's Wife". Ahhh, television. ♥ (...It's still not light out.)

ETA: and they just called pre-boarding for my gate! Next stop Midway, then the Loop, then O'Hare. Only two more transit methods to go!
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(via io9)

"I imagine after the 11th Doctor was put in the Pandorica, the villains broke out into a little celebratory dance."


The artist's flickr page.
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Monday: moving some stuff via future-flatmate's Mum's car to future-flatmate's house where future-flatmate's hired movers will move it back to the New Place on Thursday. Probably doing laundry?

Tuesday: getting keys for New Place; abusing friend-with-car's good nature to transport most of the rest of the remaining stuff to the New Place; meeting with my supervisor on campus at noon; work stewarding a French chanteuse's gig. Probably sleeping at the Old Place?

Wednesday: cleaning the Old Place; handing over keys to Old Place; cleaning New Place; buying bedding to fit; unpacking. Probably heading up to campus to bring home the box of dishes I stashed in my office five months ago?

Thursday: meeting future-but-technically-by-this-point-current-flatmate at the New Place with her movers and all her stuff and the bits of by stuff from Monday; rocking the Uncaged Monkeys tour in Birmingham (er, from the audience). Definitely having a pre-show drink to celebrate making it this far in my week.

Friday: taking delivery of my 100% necessary for research purposes brand new 37" LCD television sometime between dawn and 2pm*; celebrate; work stewarding the Hugh Laurie gig; come home to new flat, new sheets, new flatmate, new television, several hours' blissful unconsciousness.

*for an extra £20 I could've had them be more specific, but: £20!

Saturday: friend-from-undergrad may be in town for having wacky funtimes; 6:15pm date with BBC on my new television for watching the Doctor, Amy and Rory fight pirates. YES PLEASE.

As always, this is far more complicated than it should be.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Doctor Who. Give me 45 minutes of meta snark, pretty people and creepy aliens and I'm happy. More than happy. :D

Also, hey Torchwood: this was how you make a show "adult". Have grown-up people talking about grown-up things (fears, insecurities, love, loss, adventure, chronologically-improbable relationships, okay maybe not the last one) and then introduce a little nightmare fuel. You don't need people making out every five minutes. Most adults I know aren't making out every five minutes, and they have brains they use to think about Important Things in their lives.
Yes, TW will have to go to great lengths to impress me.

Is it next week yet?

(Though: 1) I was right, and they got Mark Sheppard to do an American accent, hah. 2) Got a little sad when the end card said the episode was a co-production with BBC America. Remember when they weren't sure about the series and needed the CBC's funding? *nostalgia*)

Right after finishing the episode I went back to listening to music and this was the first track up:

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ETA Watch the slow motion kitty video here, because the embed code doesn't seem to be working.


Today I discovered one of my colleagues is scared of cats. We thought he'd enjoy Ninja Cat before we learned this about him. True, Ninja Cat is freaky if you're not prone to finding cats adorable, what with the creeping forward when you're not looking and then freezing. He then went on a rant about the Weeping Angels from DW being the scariest things ever.

There was also discussion about if cats are smart or stupid. One cat-lover argued they're smart, but I countered that the best part of cats - aside from the obvious soft, warm and purring aspects - is their air of wounded dignity after doing something spectacularly ridiculous or stupid, and then pretending that nothing happened at all. They're funny because they think their smart, not because they are.

Cat lover was not impressed.

So we watched DW clips on YouTube because we could all agree that Weeping Angels are the scariest, creepiest things ever.
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This past summer, I snarked that the multicoloured Daleks from "Victory of the Daleks" was a marketing ploy. There's no reason why they need to have yet more colour combinations for Daleks, no reason beyond selling more toy Daleks.

And, just in time for Christmas, I am right: "Character Options have announced single releases of the Dalek Paradigm Action Figures, due out later this month". They can be yours for just £9.99! Each. They come in five crayola-bright colours. Collect them all!

If, like me, your toy Dalek needs are already met, you can spend that £9.99 on an Adipose stress ball squeezy toy thing. Or, if you're looking to spend a little less on a Dalek, you can go with the Dalek keyring flashlight, where the light emits from its, er, base. (Plus, you'll have a whole £2 left over for coffee since they keyring puts you back just £7.99.)

Right. Back to work. I have an abstract to write.
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Oh yes. I have internet again. It's not that I'm utterly addicted to my digital life (it kind of is). It's that I normally use the internet to stay connected to the people I care about. And I've moved to a different continent. So. *waves hands*

Even though it seemed (still sometimes seems) like the Android phone was a frivolous purchase, its mobile internet powers kept me connected for the past few weeks. ♥ Now that I have a real internet connection and a screen where I can type with more than my thumbs I expect the phone will be used for more phone-ish things (and Twitter*).

*Twitter is an excellent medium for lurky fangirls. It's also great for SMS-style communication that ignores network barriers. Two great tastes that taste great together.

When I opened this tab I had a lot more energy and brainpower and was planning to make a much longer post. We'll see how this goes. Pre-emptive cut, just in case I get going )

ALSO: I must re-rec a vid that was rec'd to me by the always-lovely and rec-ishly reliable [personal profile] serrico... Whole New Way by [livejournal.com profile] mresundance - whole lotta Holmes and Holmes fandom going on in this one, all set to a Scissor Sisters song. Very yes.

It reminds me I haven't watched Sherlock nearly enough (though enough to be a little weirded out by black cabs forever - which reminds me, I'm currently registered as an MPhil and after a year there will be an Upgrade Meeting to see if I can be Upgraded to a full PhD registration, and this is standard procedure. HOWEVER every time someone's mentioned this over the last few days, I immediately think OMGWTFCYBERMEN).
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I wrote this yesterday, but have to post today because we had no internet last night (I should be troubled at how horribly addicted I am to my digital life, but I'm not).

And so:

5x13, 'The Big Bang' )
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5x11, 'The Lodger' )

5x12, 'The Pandorica Opens' )

**Formatting fixed, and they just called the pre-boarding for my flight. Whee!
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5x08, 'The Hungry Earth' )

5x09, 'Cold Blood' )

5x10, 'Vincent and the Doctor' )

5x11, "The Lodger"

Will this one be like the Hitchcock film, where the homeowners are convinced their upstairs lodger is off killing people and there's mass hysteria? And triangles? When I watch the episode, I'm sure I'll find out. I'll get there. Soon.

And! The new episode of Sherlock is downloading, but very slowly. :(

If I wanted, I'm pretty sure I could find a download/stream of the movie where Benedict Cumberbatch plays Van Gogh, which would nicely tie my day's watching into a freakily tidy package. (Were I to do so, I'd refuse to re-watch the TV movie where John Simm played Van Gogh, because then we'd be back to my thesis.)
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(These guys are opening for MGMT right now, just fyi and all.)

ALSO! I'm going to finish DW today, but even though I'm only part of the way through, I want to say that this song would make a neat Amy vid:

(I want Amy to be dangerous. Not evil, mind. Just dangerous. But to find out I have to stop listening to Little Boots. :D)
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Another bunch of DW watching! Last night and this morning I re-watched nearly all of Long Way Down, which somehow put me in the mood for DW. Maybe it's the parts of DW that are like an insane travel documentary that are to blame?

5x03, 'Victory of the Daleks' )

5x04, 'The Time of the Angels' )

5x05, 'Flesh and Bone' )

5x06, 'The Vampires of Venice' )

5x07, 'Amy's Choice' )

Also: I still don't have my CAS letter, but I can count down to my defense! Because my topic is kind of "cool" - fan culture, Doctor Who, several pages about Queen and a Flight of the Conchords song - I suppose the defense will have to be somewhat fun. This is the difference between my thesis and a save-the-world one: mine is about something that fascinates me, and fascination is as good a reason as any to spend two years researching something.
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Okay! Last week I handed in my thesis (woo! ...old news!) and for months upon months I've been telling people: "I will not watch the newest Doctor Who until I finish, 'cause my thesis kind of has a lot of Doctor Who in it, even though the parts that are about DW are actually more about The Master" and by then whoever I'm talking to has gone glassy-eyed on me and I stop talking. Because it's not really all about DW, I just use DW as a convenient example that ate up like 40 pages. So there's that.


I finally watched the first episode with Matt Smith, after skipping all of the Tennant stuff after that bit with the bus in the desert, a point that should not surprise even the glassy-eyed among you.

And because I promised to, I kept Notepad open while I was watching (and hole-punching my various thesis drafts).

And without further preamble: DW 5x01: 'The Eleventh Hour' )

5x02: 'The Beast Below' )
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This is the perfect thing to watch while over-tired. One of the comments from the FB post I stole this from pointed out that this is probably what time travel looks like*.

*Not exactly what he said but I'm paraphrasing. *waves hands*
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I have now applied to four PhD programs!

In celebration, I'm taking a brain break with Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra:

(And no, I haven't seen the new stuff yet. *waves hand* Four more PhD applications and a GRE test and I'll watch it.)
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...but I durn forgot that there was new Doctor Who this weekend. In some form.

I'm in the middle of revising my MA Thesis proposal (I swear, the amount of paperwork that this program makes me do...) about why I should totally watch Saxon/The Master vids for my thesis, so I should probably have better DW radar. Uh. I have no excuse. Except for the excuse of "I'm too busy writing about old episodes to watch new ones"? IDK. Mafia Wars has replaced all my critical abilities with a clock-watching mania of digital bloodlust.

Speaking of being out of date, I'm rocking out to Prodigy. Yay 1997! (Oh hai next track: Nine Inch Nails from 1992? Yes please! Ug, some of these tracks have been on my computer since before Metallica got angry at Napster. Okay, back to work. No, really. *goes*)

ETA: I actually Accomplished Stuff today, you know. I finished a solid draft of something I'm going to send to a journal this week and it'll double as a writing sample for PhD apps. It's not just all Facebook games and Professor Layton on DS. Not all.


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