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Oh yes. I have internet again. It's not that I'm utterly addicted to my digital life (it kind of is). It's that I normally use the internet to stay connected to the people I care about. And I've moved to a different continent. So. *waves hands*

Even though it seemed (still sometimes seems) like the Android phone was a frivolous purchase, its mobile internet powers kept me connected for the past few weeks. ♥ Now that I have a real internet connection and a screen where I can type with more than my thumbs I expect the phone will be used for more phone-ish things (and Twitter*).

*Twitter is an excellent medium for lurky fangirls. It's also great for SMS-style communication that ignores network barriers. Two great tastes that taste great together.

When I opened this tab I had a lot more energy and brainpower and was planning to make a much longer post. We'll see how this goes. Pre-emptive cut, just in case I get going )

ALSO: I must re-rec a vid that was rec'd to me by the always-lovely and rec-ishly reliable [personal profile] serrico... Whole New Way by [ profile] mresundance - whole lotta Holmes and Holmes fandom going on in this one, all set to a Scissor Sisters song. Very yes.

It reminds me I haven't watched Sherlock nearly enough (though enough to be a little weirded out by black cabs forever - which reminds me, I'm currently registered as an MPhil and after a year there will be an Upgrade Meeting to see if I can be Upgraded to a full PhD registration, and this is standard procedure. HOWEVER every time someone's mentioned this over the last few days, I immediately think OMGWTFCYBERMEN).
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Here in Ottawa, taking a few days away from Toronto and packing and moving to, you know, chill out. The last few weeks (months) have been a bit crazy and I know that I might not have much downtime before the middle of October, so... a friend had to be in Ottawa on business and I've tagged along.

The hotel charges for wifi (seriously, who still does that?) so I'm typing this Sunday night to post it Monday morning from a coffee shop (who'll understand my need for internet access). That's why I'm writing while watching the MTV video awards. It is a scary scary show. There are play-by-play commentators for music video awards. One of them is a scary shade of orange. MTV = scary )

Saturday afternoon [ profile] firstgold and I hit the ACD collection at the TRL for more fun reading 1940s fan writing on Sherlock Holmes in old issues of The Baker Street Journal. This time, I was more focused on seeing what I could find about Watson. Lots of contemporary pieces mention Rex Stout's (mostly-satirical) essay "Watson Was a Woman" and then take great pains to use canon and fan-spec to say how that cannot be so. More fun quotes/paragraphs below the cut. )
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Today I spent a pleasurable afternoon at the Toronto Reference Library, reading through issues of the Baker Street Journal dating from 1946 to 1948.

These are Sherlock Holmes fanzines from the 40s! Full of what today we'd call meta and fic* (and poetry! oh man: the poetry), all charmingly American and self-important about how much they love Sherlock Holmes.

*One of them had angels who'd formed their own fan club (sorry, their own Scion Society of the Baker Street Irregulars). The recently-dead Arthur Conan Doyle wins their annual fic pastiche contest. Fic from 1948, I kid you not.

And oh, they really loved Sherlock Holmes. It's all fairly tongue-in-cheek, at least I think it is, but still it's interesting to look at this early expression of organized fandom from what I know of present-day media fandom.

Here are three bits from Edgar W. Smith's 1946 editorial found in Vol 1, No 3 (p243-244):

"... Sherlock Holmes belongs to all the world. Like any other man who was ever lived, the very fact of his existence has put him, in the best and most broadest meaning of the term, securely in the public domain. And since he is, in consequence, the unalienable property of our minds and our affections, we feel a sense of wonderment and something close to pity in the presence of those unperceiving souls who would check us in our urge to think and talk and write about him as we please. For think and talk and write we well: there is no such thing, in ethics or in morals, as a copyright on reality."

On film adaptations: "We have writhed in open agony at the spectacle of our rugged Boswell transmogrified into the semblance of a doddering buffoon... We have resisted every temptation to modernize the scene in Baker street..."

"...we shall continue to take our Holmes and Watson straight [HA!], safe in the revelation of Canon as it is writ, and undeterred in our endeavors [sic] by the threats of men who know not what they do. Theirs is the world of make-believe. Our is the legend come to life."

Speaking of their "rugged Boswell", there is a fascination with Watson in these early issues. Rex Stout's "Watson Was A Woman" had been published by this point, so I betting that's why there's an entertaining push in these semi-serious essays to prove Watson's lady-killing status and masculine virility. If you haven't read Stout's piece, it's hilarious: it lists all the most charmingly domestic scenes in the books, and uses them to prove that "Watson" was in fact Holmes's wife.

I'm also a fan of Smith's line "the unalienable property of our minds and our affections".


Aug. 13th, 2010 09:01 pm
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When I post, I x-post to my lj ([ profile] naturelf) at the same time. I figured out how to automatically add a link-back footer on the lj posts, which is lovely. It would be even more lovely to be able to have a direct link going the other way (from dw forward to lj). Is that possible?

Also, thanks to Sherlock, I keep watching clips of Martin Freeman on The Office.

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First, icons! *points to icon*

[personal profile] xenakis made appropriate post-VividCon icons, and since I couldn't let well enough alone, I stole them and animated them:


(The reference/meme-starter: here.)

This afternoon [ profile] extrathursday came by and we watched at least an hour of vids. Possibly more. Probably more. Time goes by fast when watching vids. We watched hours of vids. But not all the vids.

To round out the evening, I watched the third episode of Sherlock:

Sherlock 1x03, 'The Great Game' )

Fun series! <3

ETA: It seems I'm back into making silly icons with pre-fab web tools. I have no Photoshop cred left...
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I've finally stopped moving after coming back from VividCon! (I might have been one of the only attendees who needed to take a boat for part of the trip, tee hee.)

I know I have a lot going on when I need to add "sleep for 12 hours, silly girl" to my to-do list. That being done, I can move on:


1. [ profile] serrico's VVC 2010 recs list pretty much overlaps with mine, so until I have something better to say I'll just point to what she said.

2. Inception fic! Between [ profile] inceptionfic, [ profile] inception_kink, and [ profile] piratefanatic's recs I'm having a great time. As always, I keep my delicious tags updated. Next: Sherlock!

3. Fandom aside, Inception makes me happy. Knowing that a Hollywood summer blockbuster can be so damn good all the while doing some new and interesting things all the while assuming its audience has a brain is something that should be treasured.

4. A call centre isn't really something to rec, but damn: if you ever need advice or information about emigrating to the UK, call that expensive WorldBridge help line ($3.20 CDN/minute) and save yourself oodles of stress. tl;dr, 'Pay money, find info not online, go home happy' )

5. Fresh peaches. Dad bought a box of fresh peaches the other day. I love fresh peaches.

ETA: OSAP (student loans) have re-assessed my application! Back when I first applied, they estimated I could receive a fair chunk of change. Now they say I can have less than half of that. Boo.

Also: am now saving up for awesome-sounding Bucharest-to-Budapest Danube cruise. Saving up for cruises is good because I'll never go on one (I get too seasick).
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Which is actually Three Things This Modern-Day Adaptation Includes That I Think Are Really Clever. But that's too long to fit in the subject line.

I've watched the first episode of Sherlock twice now, and I might go in for a third before the next episode airs. What can I say? I was a fan of Holmes and Watson before I knew what fandom was. Delivering a show like this that's just so good is like a gift. It's Holmesian Christmas, especially for someone (like me) who's totally into adaptations. There's lots (positive lots!) to say about the snappy dialogue, the casting choices, the acting, the costumes, but I go nuts for canon-compliance - so I'll stick to that. :D

There are a lot of creative ways this new series updates the premise of A Detective and A Doctor Solve Crimes. Things, like John Watson's empty blog. I wonder if he'll find more writing material once he starts hanging out with Sherlock, eh? But I want to point out a few that I though were especially neat:

Small spoilers, I suppose, but nothing that isn't in the trailer I posted yesterday )

Stray observation: Benedict Cumberbatch a) has an awesome name, b) does look a lot like Colin Morgan, but in this role he looks like a slightly less human Colin Morgan, c) has the perfect voice for those long ranty expositional monologues.

Stray observation #2: ♥ Martin Freeman ♥ This Watson might indeed like jam but this new Watson is too interesting to be defined solely by his opinions surrounding fruit preserves.

Okay, this is a teeny spoiler, but for character stuff )

I think it's pretty certain I'll watch this episode again before the new one airs. I am so happy to be done writing my thesis so that I can watch tee vee again!
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For comparison: the original track.

ETA (because I don't want to spam): I liked the first episode of Sherlock so much, I'm going to watch it again.

This trailer, though... makes it seem all action-packed and flashy, when the episode I saw was quieter, dryer and wittier. <3

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