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Oh yes. I have internet again. It's not that I'm utterly addicted to my digital life (it kind of is). It's that I normally use the internet to stay connected to the people I care about. And I've moved to a different continent. So. *waves hands*

Even though it seemed (still sometimes seems) like the Android phone was a frivolous purchase, its mobile internet powers kept me connected for the past few weeks. ♥ Now that I have a real internet connection and a screen where I can type with more than my thumbs I expect the phone will be used for more phone-ish things (and Twitter*).

*Twitter is an excellent medium for lurky fangirls. It's also great for SMS-style communication that ignores network barriers. Two great tastes that taste great together.

When I opened this tab I had a lot more energy and brainpower and was planning to make a much longer post. We'll see how this goes. Pre-emptive cut, just in case I get going )

ALSO: I must re-rec a vid that was rec'd to me by the always-lovely and rec-ishly reliable [personal profile] serrico... Whole New Way by [ profile] mresundance - whole lotta Holmes and Holmes fandom going on in this one, all set to a Scissor Sisters song. Very yes.

It reminds me I haven't watched Sherlock nearly enough (though enough to be a little weirded out by black cabs forever - which reminds me, I'm currently registered as an MPhil and after a year there will be an Upgrade Meeting to see if I can be Upgraded to a full PhD registration, and this is standard procedure. HOWEVER every time someone's mentioned this over the last few days, I immediately think OMGWTFCYBERMEN).
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Someone wrote a Feminist Hulk/Old Spice Guy crossover.

"Hello, FEMINIST HULK. I observe that you are using lady-scented body wash."


"Wouldn't you like to smell like me?"


"Your tiny purple shorts hanging on the towel rack now hold tickets to the Sleater-Kinney reunion concert. And diamonds."


ETA: I should mention that I love the @feministhulk Twitter feed. (Feminist Hulk has apparently already read this fic so you should too!)

ETA 2: As my flist keeps exclaiming, [ profile] keewick's epic 9-minute Merlin/Arthur vid really is that good. Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love" has never been so awesome.
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I've finally stopped moving after coming back from VividCon! (I might have been one of the only attendees who needed to take a boat for part of the trip, tee hee.)

I know I have a lot going on when I need to add "sleep for 12 hours, silly girl" to my to-do list. That being done, I can move on:


1. [ profile] serrico's VVC 2010 recs list pretty much overlaps with mine, so until I have something better to say I'll just point to what she said.

2. Inception fic! Between [ profile] inceptionfic, [ profile] inception_kink, and [ profile] piratefanatic's recs I'm having a great time. As always, I keep my delicious tags updated. Next: Sherlock!

3. Fandom aside, Inception makes me happy. Knowing that a Hollywood summer blockbuster can be so damn good all the while doing some new and interesting things all the while assuming its audience has a brain is something that should be treasured.

4. A call centre isn't really something to rec, but damn: if you ever need advice or information about emigrating to the UK, call that expensive WorldBridge help line ($3.20 CDN/minute) and save yourself oodles of stress. tl;dr, 'Pay money, find info not online, go home happy' )

5. Fresh peaches. Dad bought a box of fresh peaches the other day. I love fresh peaches.

ETA: OSAP (student loans) have re-assessed my application! Back when I first applied, they estimated I could receive a fair chunk of change. Now they say I can have less than half of that. Boo.

Also: am now saving up for awesome-sounding Bucharest-to-Budapest Danube cruise. Saving up for cruises is good because I'll never go on one (I get too seasick).
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1. I was trying to explain to my research methods prof what a vid is (and therefore what my research proposal was all about), so I suggested I could send her a vid to explain what the eff I've been on about. The problem is, she only watches super-mainstream shows that only get vidded to super-depressing slow love songs. [ profile] firstgold and [ profile] piratefanatic searched for me while I was stuck computerless during the day, and after the three of us bent our best efforts all we could find was sappy stuff that's Not Good. I'm ever more firmly resolved to not watch Grey's Anatomy, let me tell you. Can anyone help? Are there any fun House vids? Are there Grey's Anatomy vids that aren't all about pretty people being tragically emo? Are there any vids for Desperate Housewives or Law and Order (not :UK) at all?

I can't go back to her with a wincest vid and say, "Sorry, your shows aren't cult enough for fandom to notice." There's a GA vid to "I Hear the Bells", a femmslashy GA one, and a Christmassy House one that aren't too fraught, but they're not exactly highlights of the genre.

2. I'd forgotten that Chi McBride was on House (which in hindsight is kind of hilarious) so watching first-season House vids is strange because what the heck is Emerson Cod doing at Princeton-Plainsboro?

3. What kind of an ebook is "in use" when you access it? If I was Stephen Colbert I'd put NetLibrary on notice, but I'm not so I don't think it would have the same effect.
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Step One: Find a classic music video (ie "Take On Me")

Step Two: Make with the say-what-you-see karaoke and replace all the lyrics with a description of what's on the screen ("I'm gonna beat you with my own pipe wrench")

Step Three:

EDIT: and there's pipe wrench fight merch. Heh.
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See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Funny or Die FTW.
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"Born to Kill", by Matthew Good Band, vidded by [ profile] ringwench.
It's mostly a season 1 overview vid, but the vidder found all the epic, sweeping shots in the series (especially in eps towards the end) and married them to an epic, sweeping song. The result? Powerful work, and a feeling of crushing inevitability by the time she makes it to the last shot of the season. Not a happy vid, but a good vid. For a happy vid, try her SPN'd version of Weird Al's "Your Horoscope".


"I Ain't Scared of Lightning", vidded by [ profile] lithium_doll.
I go back and forth on loving Papa Winchester and thinking he's an ass (though mostly I think both at the same time). This short vid gives him a hero's exit. ♥
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