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I am at VividCon! The weather's been cool and rainy, making me very happy indeed I got some sun when I could in Toronto.

The programme makes this weekend sound like it'll be excellent. I've already been to the Mystery Vids room party and watched a pile of good vids that were new to me.

Now to bed. Sweet, sweet bed.
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Post-VVC, post-Ireland and post-[personal profile] firstgold visiting, I've been catching up on my sleep. 10 hours last night, 14 hours the night before (that one was supposed to be an after-dinner nap, whoops). It feels good.

I can't really improve upon [personal profile] serrico's account of/response to VVC 2011 (except where my own experience with customs was a lot of bored faces and not so many good stories*), meeting most of the same people (*waves* hello people!), and watching most of the same vids. This vidshow (Setting: It's Where You Are) was my favourite of the con, because each vid gave me such a complete world to fall into. Unexpectedly powerful vidshow. <3

*Well, I did try to be helpful and suggest a fellow passenger should wait by the plane to pick up her bag because of how Porter does checked bags and carry-ons: she'd been bothering the security guy and I tried to explain Porter's two-kinds-of-checked-baggage. She responded huffily that the security guy told her she could pick up checked bags after security so I should shut up (fair enough: I did, and didn't hint she was asking him the wrong questions). Going through customs is dull so I watched her bother the other passengers and staff with the "WHERE ARE MY BAGS D: D:" question before someone else explained the two-kinds-of-checked-baggage you-should've-waited-by-the-plane situation. While in line for the customs check. *throws up hands*

I do hope I can make it next year, but I have a wedding to attend (and possibly/probably officiate at) in upstate New York at the end of September next year. We'll see how much of this current trip I can claim as being a research expense, and if I can afford two transatlantic flights next summer. I would really miss Club Vivid if I don't make it next year.

All my academic stuff will have to go on hold until Monday. I am having a glorious time in the heat and the sun here at my parents' house and I intend to spend the rest of the week relaxing.

Last night I got myself a Kindle as an early birthday present from my family (you know, 6 weeks early). After looking at the available options - the Nook not being an option for anyone living outside the US - the Kindle does seem to be the best for what I want out of an ereader.

We got all excited at the idea of $50 off an ad-supported 3G Kindle (which also, it turns out, is only available in the US), and ended up driving down to Staples for a 3G Kindle that was no more expensive as buying it online after all the customs and duties and foreign-currency credit card charges and shipping, etc etc. The 3G version turned out to be a good choice because I still can't get the darn thing to connect to my parents' wifi network.

Everything I want to sync seems to sync fine (barring the home wifi issue), my thumbs are long enough to manage the teeny keyboard without problems (or possibly I'm also used to awkward keyboards on mobile devices), Calibre was a breeze to set up and use (to convert ALL THE PDFs), and downloading from A03 works fine, too. \o/

After I stop playing with this new toy I'll post my Ireland pictures, and you can marvel at the Cylon bridge, the Guinness museum/beerapalooza, and the unexpected Dublin branch of Tim Hortons.
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I know this year will be defined by #catbaby, but the highlight for me was the Setting vidshow.

This year I was also less scared of everyone and had more conversations with vidders I respect.

Yup. Good times, must return.


Mar. 23rd, 2011 02:39 pm
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I'm going to VividCon this summer!

This also means I'll be in Ontario for a good deal of August. Stratford trips, patio dates and hiding from humidity now booking.

Also, er... who needs a con roommie? :D?
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First, icons! *points to icon*

[personal profile] xenakis made appropriate post-VividCon icons, and since I couldn't let well enough alone, I stole them and animated them:


(The reference/meme-starter: here.)

This afternoon [ profile] extrathursday came by and we watched at least an hour of vids. Possibly more. Probably more. Time goes by fast when watching vids. We watched hours of vids. But not all the vids.

To round out the evening, I watched the third episode of Sherlock:

Sherlock 1x03, 'The Great Game' )

Fun series! <3

ETA: It seems I'm back into making silly icons with pre-fab web tools. I have no Photoshop cred left...
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I've finally stopped moving after coming back from VividCon! (I might have been one of the only attendees who needed to take a boat for part of the trip, tee hee.)

I know I have a lot going on when I need to add "sleep for 12 hours, silly girl" to my to-do list. That being done, I can move on:


1. [ profile] serrico's VVC 2010 recs list pretty much overlaps with mine, so until I have something better to say I'll just point to what she said.

2. Inception fic! Between [ profile] inceptionfic, [ profile] inception_kink, and [ profile] piratefanatic's recs I'm having a great time. As always, I keep my delicious tags updated. Next: Sherlock!

3. Fandom aside, Inception makes me happy. Knowing that a Hollywood summer blockbuster can be so damn good all the while doing some new and interesting things all the while assuming its audience has a brain is something that should be treasured.

4. A call centre isn't really something to rec, but damn: if you ever need advice or information about emigrating to the UK, call that expensive WorldBridge help line ($3.20 CDN/minute) and save yourself oodles of stress. tl;dr, 'Pay money, find info not online, go home happy' )

5. Fresh peaches. Dad bought a box of fresh peaches the other day. I love fresh peaches.

ETA: OSAP (student loans) have re-assessed my application! Back when I first applied, they estimated I could receive a fair chunk of change. Now they say I can have less than half of that. Boo.

Also: am now saving up for awesome-sounding Bucharest-to-Budapest Danube cruise. Saving up for cruises is good because I'll never go on one (I get too seasick).
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I bet that in the next few days I'll be able to post something coherent about my first VividCon, but for now: so many vids. So many really good vids.

Also, I didn't change the system time on my computer so I'm posting in the future.
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After Club Vivid, I can report that fandom likes:

- Julie Andrews
- Adam Lambert
- Bruce Campbell

...and glowsticks.
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Today I will be:

- taking a private car to the GO Train
- taking the GO (commuter rail) to Union
- catching the airport shuttle (bus) to the ferry docks
- taking a ferry (boat) to the island airport
- catching a small commuter jet (airplane!) to Chicago
- riding both above-ground and underground sections of the L (subway/light rail)
- walking from the L stop to the hotel...

I just need to work in a horse-and-buggy or hovercraft ride. I don't think I have enough forms of transportation in my day.
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