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Twitter: So, about that new episode of QI...


Twitter: So, about those live appearances that Stephen Fry is doing next week at the Royal Albert Hall...

Me: *brain a-splody*

Me: *runs to computer*

Me: *google*


Mum: ...On what?


Mum: YES!

I guarantee my Thursday this week will have 100% more live Stephen Fry than your Thursday. Of all the weeks to be in London... \o/!


Aug. 23rd, 2010 06:45 pm
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*Commas need wrangling, but otherwise... I HAS AN MA!

And while the committee was deciding my fate, I checked my email: UKBA issued my visa!


Okay, nap time now.
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This is the perfect thing to watch while over-tired. One of the comments from the FB post I stole this from pointed out that this is probably what time travel looks like*.

*Not exactly what he said but I'm paraphrasing. *waves hands*
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In case you haven't seen it: the latest Star Trek vid to go viral.

The funny thing is, compared to some vids this one here is child's play. Funny, well-edited, cute, and tame. (It's also nice to see something like this in the mainstream that is playful and mild.)

And now to brave a rainstorm to go talk to my supervisor about my thesis on vidding. HA!
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I've been wasting time having fun with the Garfield Randomizer. Sometimes the panels make no sense, sometimes they're remarkably coherent, and other times they're just bizarre enough to be funny. Sometimes they're funny in a foreign-films-with-bad-subtitles way. Sometimes there's a magic donut.
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It's not Mother's Day (yet) but I want to share (today) an example of why my mother is fantastic:

She's helped me with my writing as far back as I can recall. I remember one year - I was probably in grade 10 or 11 - she and my dad were both editing a draft of mine and fought over comma placement. She still reads over my essays (when I get them done in time). From her, I've learned that a) editors are invaluable, and b) humour in editing is also very necessary.

This is a long lead-up to sharing a comment she made about my current paper-in-progress (about fan culture, what else?):
"In my day we had fan clubs, but they were still passive [and mostly just consisted of] sitting with your friend and reading mags or going to a concert and screaming. Vidding is like Fan Clubs on steroids."

Yeah I think she's right about that. ♥

(I will not share her snark about some of my more troublesome students, but be assured: there is wonderful snark. :D)
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I took a break from marking (ugh) today to see Cloud 9 with [ profile] firstgold and Mum, and a good time was had by all.

It's a weird show, but it was really well-presented. Certain monologues were turned into songs, which set the baseline for camp at an appropriate place. (Quite camp at times.)

The cast is full of (dare I say) some of the best of the local theatre scene, including people who are almost famous by Canadian arts-and-culture-scene standards. Some of them have even been on television. I mean, Ann-Marie MacDonald is probably most famous for having one of her novels picked for Oprah's book club. In this show, MacDonald plays a 9-year-old-boy in the first act, and the boy's mother in the second act (aged 25 years from the first act - and the mother was played by a man in the first act... it makes sense on stage, mostly.)

And because we're fiends for the Stratford Festival, I think we'd seen most or all of the cast in other works. That meant that at one point, we were watching a Lady Macbeth, the Anne of Green Gables (Meagan Follows!) and Aragorn (from the short-lived LOTR musical) all fail at having an orgy, while Hamlet/Brutus/Jack-slash-Ernest waits offstage in anticipation of a musical number.

Fangirling stage actors is so 1890s. :D
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The revised draft of the publication is off to the editor, hooray. Hopefully there won't be much more back and forth on this, and I can be satisfied with a job well done. (Or - a job done adequately to an agreed standard. Hee.)

The other good news is that the scholarship to the school who'd offered me a place came through; that's home rate tuition and maintenance expenses, and I just have to find the last third of the cash. Somewhere. I've heard back formally from Berkeley ("sorry, no offer; no money"), but no one else. I like this school and I'm 75% sure I'll take this offer but I'm going to wait a little longer to decide.

The funny part is the condition of the scholarship is that I participate in recruitment activities for the school while I'm there. That's how I paid for years three and four of my undergrad, so no big there.

In other news, I've been in Albuquerque since Sunday, and I'll be here through the week. It's an odd town, and there are tons of kinds of candy-with-chili. At the conference today they had apple slices dipped in chocolate on a stick as a snack. I always know I'm in the US when there's some kind of food on a stick on offer.
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I've sent in the first online application to a PhD program, and have three more ready to go once I double-check with my final referee that he'll write for me. That takes care of everything due up to Dec 8. Two of the next four (due Dec 14) are mostly done, and since I'm on a roll I can probably get the final four-or-six post-Christmas ones mostly together in the next little while. It would be harder if I was generating entirely new data for each app, but I'm not. There's very little variation between the schools.

I'm also coming to the realization that I really don't know much math anymore, and as such that part of the GRE won't be so hot. I don't have time to re-learn grade 12 math (I didn't do any in OAC) and I'm going for basic, basic skills. The verbal stuff is considerably easier.

In happier news: I'll probably get a new bed sometime around the middle of next month. With my sister moving to Mexico and all, I get to sponge off furniture they're not going to take with them. For the past (nearly) five years, I've been sleeping on a crappy futon. I'd bought it second-hand off of a friend when the Ontario Renaissance Fair closed. Yes, I've been sleeping on a bed meant for temporary on-site summer-weekends-only use. It's lumpy and uncomfortable and dips in the middle. It's almost out of my life.

Out of everything else, this is possibly the best news of the week.


Oct. 30th, 2009 07:24 pm
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I finally finished the last term paper! That means any and all due dates I have left to fail at are upcoming deadlines! YAY!

As I said to [ profile] extrathursday, I didn't know I could write 9000 words and not actually get to what I wanted to say. However. It's DONE. The analysis is shallow, the examples vague, and the theory is poorly integrated in amongst the frantic summarization of course themes that I vaguely remember from last April, and most importantly: it is finished.

Until I revisit it in a few months to be a chapter in my thesis, probably.
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Happy 9/9/09!

In the past few days I watched Bottle Shock (pretty, but incoherent) and Inglorious Basterds (indulgent, but permissibly so), had homemade lobster for the first time (tasty!), got the class schedule for the class I'm TAing (and got the confirmation I am TAing), had many good meals and evenings-out with diverse groups of friends and new acquaintances.... not bad for a week's application.

The rest of the month holds: teaching (yikes!), screenings of awesome movies for class, going to see Cirque du Soleil's new OVO show down at the portlands (bugs! bugs and eggs! acrobatic bugs and eggs!), various bbqs and meetings, a taping of The Hour (Jason Bateman, Jason Reitman and Terry Gilliam + Strombo, all in one room), and the newest event - thanks to a certain awesome someone - going to a film fest party at a rooftop bar at the Hyatt.

It's shaping up to be an interesting month (I'll have to plan something for my birthday in there, too - any ideas?), but the question I'm stuck on now is: what on earth does one wear to a party at the Hyatt with $600 bottles of champagne on the menu? If Coke sponsors a party, I think that's an immediate pass for wearing jeans, right?
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Yes, world, I just received my VividCon DVDs in the mail.

I haven't even removed the plastic on the DVD case, and I've already lost about 20 minutes reading the con program and geeking out.

BUT. I have things to do today. Things like (maybe) helping a friend set up at FanExpo and then (very likely) snagging Mary McDonnell's autograph (one for me, one for [ profile] nevalent). Things like finishing that article about Doctor Who for my Very First Article Published. Things like getting back to that embarrassingly-overdue paper about SPN and wincest vids.

When you work with pop culture, your to-do list starts at a baseline intersection of nerdy and awesome.
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Finally, I complete some work. Yeah, not a paper due back in March or May (the March due date is next on the docket), but at least it's another completion.

I'm thinking another few hours on the March-due one, then a day or two on the publication, then some serious flailing at the thing due in May.

With luck I'll have them all gone by Labour Day. Just in time for school to start again.
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Back to Stratford this weekend for a surprise cheap-ticket weekend. Saw Julius Caesar again (it makes even less sense than the first time) and Midsummer Night's Dream (F*CKING AWESOME). Dream has just started previews (it opens officially on the 21st), but it's 100% worth seeing and I need an excuse (any excuse) to go back. It's a really energetic production and everyone on stage was having fun with it (which is kind of usual for Stratford, but it's still so nice to see).

It was cool on its own, but it was even more neat to see Caesar and Dream back to back because of the casting crossover: Tom Rooney was good as Cassius and omg oh so good as a Brian Molko-ish Puck ( worked), and Geraint Wyn Davies was a fine Caesar and a fabulous Bottom (with a Welsh accent!). Oh, rep theatre.

I do hope they-at-Stratford film this year's production of Dream: I think it's too good to lose after this year. There are so many neat ideas and fun approaches and clever stagings in this production - and it all holds together, too. The acting is strong, the fogger is used as a prop on stage, and the curtain call is a full-company dance number.

\o/ GO SEE IT. It'll be on stage until the end of October. And take me with you when you go!
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Today started normal enough, but then by lunchtime I'd volunteered to help bring Jorge Cham (of Piled Higher and Deeper) to speak at our school.

Neat! \o/

I need to stop being interested in things, so I'll stop getting sidetracked from my own work and involved in stuff...
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Comments made whilst watching TW “Day Five” with the moderate application of a nice Trius Reisling (ETA and [personal profile] serrico, :D). Oh you know there are spoilers, foo. )
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I know three things about Albuquerque:
1. Bugs Bunny never takes a left there, and always gets lost;
2. Breaking Bad and In Plain Sight are set and shot there;
3. The Southwest Texas Pop Culture and American Culture Association are holding their annual conference there next February.

Seeing as I'll be visiting Albuquerque next February to give a paper at the SWTX PCA/ACA conference (...squee!), I'm sure I'll be learning more about Albuquerque. Like, where it is, exactly. Other than (*waves southish and westish*) thataway.

ETA: as [ profile] wicked_g reminds me, High School Musical is set in Albuquerque. HOWEVER: Imdb says it was shot in Utah. It's a Fauxbuquerque.
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Python 1: A few years back (*googles*... okay, by "few" I mean "back in 2000) Eric Idle came through Toronto with his Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python tour. After his show he hung around to do autographs, and my mum, my brother and I had a nice chat with him. It was awesome, except for the part where Mum joked that all my brother and I knew about sex, we'd learned from Monty Python and my brother (age 13) and I (age 15) died of embarassment.

Python 2: About three or four years ago, Terry Gilliam was in town to promote Tideland, and somehow Ryerson managed to convince him to tell horror stories about his truly tragic career to film students. My brother and I snuck into that, and spent a great afternoon watching as young, bright-eyed filmmakers were lovingly mocked by Gilliam for being crazy enough to want to be filmmakers. It was awesome, because my first proper film studies paper in high school was about Gilliam's movies.

Python 1 (again): Eric Idle premiered his oratorio based on Life of Brian at Luminato a few years back. Mum and I went with [profile] amyisyellow. A good time was had by all. It was awesome: very, very silly.

Python 3 (hopefully!): John Cleese is hosting the Britcom gala at Massey Hall for this year's Just for Laughs festival. My brother probably has to work, but Mum and I have resolved to do Something every month in Toronto, 'cause we're perfectly willing to drive out to Stratford and end up neglecting what's happening right here in this city. This shall be our Inaugural Something. It'll be awesome, because because the other comedians on the bill are: Mark Watson, Danny Bhoy, Gina Yashere, Jimmy Carr, Ross Noble, and Idiots of Ants.

...I ♥ Toronto. ^_^
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After a week of pure (exhausting) awesome - that I'd say peaked with giggle fits while watching a professional production of Julius Caesar* - the only sane response is to cuddle into bed for an extended period of time.

Which is awesome when you don't have to work the next day. (Eep!) But! Fun was had, sights were toured (touristed?), plays were watched and freakishly good weather was most enthusiastically enjoyed.

*Never take slashers to a sausage fest. And never feed them The Importance of Being Earnest as a matinee, either.


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