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My BF shared this overture on FB the other day: it's now started my mornings a few days in a row.

It's like, IDEK, effervescent orchestral joy.

I'm going to wash dishes now and be joyous.

(Also, speaking of the BF: he's scheduled to work during this Six Nations Rugby whatsit, so I've used the power of the mighty DVR to record the games. This means I've now seen a handful of time-shifted rugby games. Ireland-Wales was the best, England-Scotland was fairly tame, and the pigeons on the field enjoyed France-Italy but I fell asleep. This weekend there are ~more games~ and maybe after watching them I'll stop seeing Strong Mad overlaid over every rugby player's face.)

((Also-also: the band I joined has another gig scheduled, but not until April. *whew*))

(((Also-also-also, return of the son of also: who's going to VVC this year? I'm in. I just haven't had a spare thought to think about it yet.)))
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So! I'm not in The Social Network fandom, and I've only seen the film once, but on the bus this afternoon I discovered that "Digital Hearts" by Howling Bells would make an awesome* Mark/Eduardo vid.

*vidded by someone able to resist filling the entire thing with Andrew Garfield's woobie face, ie not me

Exhibit A:

With the technology as metaphor, the broken heart, the "you're the ultimate lie/ you'd rather sell your soul than compromise/ Well I'm listening, there's nothing on"... <3

In other news, I survived Wednesday. Yesterday I bought a new jacket and then wandered across some fields beside some impressive ruins to get to a pub-in-a-converted-mill in order to have a quick drink in front of a roaring fire before heading up to campus to steward Last Year in Marienbad.*

*According to imdb for the US it was "at Marienbad" but the UK title is "in Marienbad". Thanks, ambiguous French prepositions.

In the cinema, the steward seat is at the very back and I missed a bunch of the subtitles because there were heads in the way. With a film like Marienbad it doesn't really matter (very pretty, no plot). It was interesting how strongly I wanted to fill in backstory and motivation (and how much the film reminded me of The Shining, as I said on Twitter, with the sinister hotels and problems with reality).

Today I returned the jacket (didn't quite fit, boo) and bought Arkham City (yay!).

HMV was asking less for the game than Game Station or anywhere else, plus was giving out free t-shirts when you bought a copy, and all purchases got double points. I'm sure the giant "WE'RE NOT IN FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY, NO REALLY IT'S ALL GOOD" signs will be delivered over the weekend. Thanks for my double points, but will they be in business long enough for me to redeem them?

And just now I picked up a licorice jelly bean in one hand and my earbud in the other and narrowly avoided shoving a jelly bean in my ear. HOORAY FRIDAY BRAIN.
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Yeah. The exchange starting at 3:30 of this clip? *grabs slashy tinhat* His voice totally cracks with emotion! *glee*
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I've had her on repeat for a while - so many catchy pop hooks! - but I'm not sick of her yet.
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(As for the original: make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world? Sheesh. I'd want someone with higher standards.)


Mum (from the other room, just after I posted this): Ha! I just wanted to see if you'd updated your blog...

Me: I updated this morning, too.

Mum (sounding very disappointed): Aw, but the Adele one is the best.

Me: I didn't say it was the best one, I said that I detest the original to this and that this cover is cute.

Mum: (slight grumbling persists)


This is the best one:

With covers you get out a lot of what you put in.
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My bedroom doesn't have a window.

(Bear with me, this makes sense.)

Instead, I have patio doors. This is lovely, except to get fresh air I have to open the door to the outside.

The other day I had the door open while in the living room. When I went back to my room to grab something this had appeared:


We don't have a cat. This is Not Our Cat.

Sorry for disturbing your nap, strange cat (That Isn't Ours).

Then, today, after leaving the door cracked a little bit (I do like my fresh air) Cat That Isn't Ours was again curled up on my bed:

I had to leave and my flatmate wasn't home, so the cat had to be evicted:

Cat was not happy.

I'm torn between finding it adorable, not really caring (except: cat hair everywhere), and wishing the cat would leave us alone already. Apparently it has the whole block wrapped around its cute little tabby paws. We think it belongs to next door. It's too clean, calm and well-fed to be a stray.

Also, while I'm posting pictures from my phone: a big can of Nourishment!
I prefer Sustenance, myself )
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Still alive - but busy. Was in Scotland for most of the last week. Was writing before that. Wrote most of a post about Third Star on a train somewhere in the Lake District, will post that soon. I have SO MUCH reading and writing to do over the next week. So much.

In fact, I should be dressed by now and heading toward the bus stop rather than still in my pjs, blogging.

I'll leave you with an ad that makes me laugh more every time I see it (and I see it a lot, because they play it with every screening at the cinema where I work):

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Sweet, light version of "Dog Days":

Rich, lush version of "Where is My Mind":

Also, I'm probably moving on May the 4th ( with you). Hooray!
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Versus the English one:

And the French one:

...I think the German one is closest to the movie I saw.
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ETA Watch the slow motion kitty video here, because the embed code doesn't seem to be working.


Today I discovered one of my colleagues is scared of cats. We thought he'd enjoy Ninja Cat before we learned this about him. True, Ninja Cat is freaky if you're not prone to finding cats adorable, what with the creeping forward when you're not looking and then freezing. He then went on a rant about the Weeping Angels from DW being the scariest things ever.

There was also discussion about if cats are smart or stupid. One cat-lover argued they're smart, but I countered that the best part of cats - aside from the obvious soft, warm and purring aspects - is their air of wounded dignity after doing something spectacularly ridiculous or stupid, and then pretending that nothing happened at all. They're funny because they think their smart, not because they are.

Cat lover was not impressed.

So we watched DW clips on YouTube because we could all agree that Weeping Angels are the scariest, creepiest things ever.
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Well, one song does. He's famous for licensing every track from Play, but there's one from an earlier album that's been showing up a lot in the last few weeks. It's called "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters", from his 1995 album Everything is Wrong.

By "a lot" I mean three times. From not having heard it in years to having it show up three times in two weeks seems statistically significant. Probably not actually that significant.

First, it showed up in the opening of the pilot episode of Touching Evil (US). (The end of that episode includes NIN's "The Day the Whole World Went Away". I think TE's music director went back in time and stole that one amazing mix tape from my high school locker... Yes, for most of high school I was pre-portable CD player but I'd make mix CDs of Napster-downloaded singles and then dub them onto tape so I could listen on the school bus, etc.)

The second and third times have been in the last few days, in BBC documentaries. Yesterday it showed up as incidental music in one of the parts of The Secret Life of the Motorway (v. interesting and enjoyable, was narrated by Philip Glenister, dates from 2007, and took well over two hours to include the clip from Hitchhiker's Guide re: why bypasses are built).

Just now it's appeared as the title song of The Brain: A Secret History (new this week, have just started watching, no opinion as yet but it looks to be about the history of experimental psychology so I might give it a miss).

(I haven't seen Heat, btw.)

ALSO: I don't care how much money Sony spends on marketing The Green Hornet. I do not want to see it. Kthnx.
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His version of "Poker Face" is also quite good, as is his take on "Let It Rock".

If your feelings on Ke$ha are like mine, you may not want to listen to his version of her stuff, but take a look at his notes on the video. He talks about the problem of the chorus's repeating F, but figures since the 2nd movement of Beethoven's 7th symphony makes a repeating note work he's okay to try it here.
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I will be buying a new computer after I move in October.

My choices are:
1. cheapish tower: with slots to plug in old drives, but is big and bulky, though might avoid buying DVD player

2. as above, but I build it myself: might be cheaper, might buy some components here, requires more planning

3. one of those "nettop PCs": is pretty much netbook guts in a tiny box, not as upgradable, will have to buy separate optical drive and/or DVD player.

I'm worried about space, but also am worried about over-taxing a smaller computer. The reason I want to get another machine is I don't want to use (well, to continue using) my netbook as my primary computer.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing this song is awesome, Y/Y?


Aug. 24th, 2010 12:48 pm
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I am taking a day post-thesis and pre-comma wrangling to slack off. (Hooray!)

To do so, I'm watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson talk about the universe. So far, this is my favourite clip:


Aug. 13th, 2010 09:01 pm
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When I post, I x-post to my lj ([ profile] naturelf) at the same time. I figured out how to automatically add a link-back footer on the lj posts, which is lovely. It would be even more lovely to be able to have a direct link going the other way (from dw forward to lj). Is that possible?

Also, thanks to Sherlock, I keep watching clips of Martin Freeman on The Office.

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(These guys are opening for MGMT right now, just fyi and all.)

ALSO! I'm going to finish DW today, but even though I'm only part of the way through, I want to say that this song would make a neat Amy vid:

(I want Amy to be dangerous. Not evil, mind. Just dangerous. But to find out I have to stop listening to Little Boots. :D)
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For comparison: the original track.

ETA (because I don't want to spam): I liked the first episode of Sherlock so much, I'm going to watch it again.

This trailer, though... makes it seem all action-packed and flashy, when the episode I saw was quieter, dryer and wittier. <3


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