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Over on DW, Donna Noble's worried about the bees. Luckily, York researchers are now doing their best to set up a global bee registry to find out where all the bees are and where they might be going. Good ol' bees.

James Patterson's newest book is apparently a huge pile of doo-doo. However, when anything is so very bad it can sometimes generate lots of amusement, as this blog proves. They've taken the last line from every chapter and listed them. I don't know if any given book would yield such entertaining results (though I'm sure you wouldn't get quite so many chapters ending with people screaming at the top of their lungs), but the juxtapositions you get with this one are hilarious. An excerpt from the list:

That just isn’t possible, but there he is.
He’s opening the door!
“Can you keep a secret?” he whispers.
We’ll be fine.
He puts his shades back on, nods, and then turns away.
Utter. Freakin’. Amazement.
And then I’m screaming at the top of my lungs.
“Do you think I can borrow some clothes?”
“Speak of the devil,” she says.
“Because you do now.”
“No,” he says, leaning in close. “That’d be your soul.”
“No one’s ever forced to dance, are they?”
If only Penley weren’t in the picture.

It makes a weird narrative sense. The complete listing has been rendered as a series of webcomics, starting here (just keep hitting Next). This one is my favourite.

Today I'm glad I don't live near Broadview anymore: last night a woman was waiting for a streetcar and some stranger ran up to her and stabbed her a bunch of times. Not fatally, but still... It's nice knowing I don't live there anymore.
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