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I need to share these bits from an undergrad paper I'm marking. Both excerpts are from the same paragraph (and I use "paragraph" in the most generous of ways):

"Sometimes the audience did not respond well to certain movies because it was overly funny for the immigrants at the time."


"Similarly, when trying to film a western movies, you required cowboy looking men. Therefore genres helped the production companies who only filmed werstern [sic] films to hire these cowboy looking men."
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9.5 hours on campus today. 5 meetings. It's good I've been doing this blogging thing for the better part of a decade because I don't think I'm up to any new tricks.

I think I might be going insane from all the York. I can't tell. I do know that I've inadvertently screwed over a student because no one in the department that hired me thought it proper to inform me that I have a mailbox in that department. I've been perfectly okay with using my actual mailbox, the one in my own program's space - in a different building on campus.

I guess that when I'm being Employee Me I have to exist in different physical spaces than when I'm being Student Me, and I can't just be a single person. (My pay stubs have been going to my program/student/older mailbox, and unmarked tests from this one student have been stacking up in this other heretofore unknown mailbox (that isn't even in one of the buildings where my students have their lecture or tutorial).

This is the reason I stuck around in Toronto for an MA at York: I learn all the new ways that you can get jerked around!
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...but I durn forgot that there was new Doctor Who this weekend. In some form.

I'm in the middle of revising my MA Thesis proposal (I swear, the amount of paperwork that this program makes me do...) about why I should totally watch Saxon/The Master vids for my thesis, so I should probably have better DW radar. Uh. I have no excuse. Except for the excuse of "I'm too busy writing about old episodes to watch new ones"? IDK. Mafia Wars has replaced all my critical abilities with a clock-watching mania of digital bloodlust.

Speaking of being out of date, I'm rocking out to Prodigy. Yay 1997! (Oh hai next track: Nine Inch Nails from 1992? Yes please! Ug, some of these tracks have been on my computer since before Metallica got angry at Napster. Okay, back to work. No, really. *goes*)

ETA: I actually Accomplished Stuff today, you know. I finished a solid draft of something I'm going to send to a journal this week and it'll double as a writing sample for PhD apps. It's not just all Facebook games and Professor Layton on DS. Not all.
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Friendly construction crews a few streets over decided the best way to ring in 7:30am was to make lots of noise.

I am not amused.


Jun. 18th, 2009 03:59 pm
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This morning I had a bunch of overdue library books. Now I have $170 in overdue fines!


ETA: I've also now handed in another paper, this one was due back in, uh, December. I should feel good about today (returned library books! finished and handed in a paper!) but on the other hand, it's really evidence of more fail than win.
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It might just be the font of the Reuters site that makes this look strange, but Microsoft may be ill-advised in its naming of its upcoming conference.

They're calling it "D: All Things Digital". Maybe I spend way too much online, but when I see "D:" it looks to me like a big frowny face, not that the conference is called (inexplicably) "D". I don't think a big frowny face is the reassuring image Microsoft wants to project.
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