charloween: (you broke sir) over. I am exhausted. The best was the mega-Q&A with David Nykl, David Hewlett and surprise special guest Kate Hewlett. I haven't watched SGA since its second season, but that doesn't mean two hours of solid high-energy snark and laughs wasn't well appreciated. It was well, well appreciated. I hope the full video surfaces online somewhere. If you see a link, please point me there.

David Hewlett's punchy last-quarter comment, "We're getting to the point of the day where the answer is 'SANDWICH'", and Nykl's riff of only replying to questions "Cheeseburger", may well become my shorthand for "I'm tired, hungry and don't know the answer."

Otherwise, autographs were successfully collected from Claudia Black and Michael Hogan, panels were attended, stuff was purchased and somehow in the middle of it all watching TV was accomplished.

[ profile] serrico, [ profile] firstgold, [ profile] extrathursday, : *high five* We survived.

I'm going to sleep for a week.

ETA: [ profile] serrico has an excellent and comprehensive con report. Whenever we parted ways, I was usually sitting somewhere, being tired. :D

Fun is...

Nov. 4th, 2007 04:07 pm
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Fun is channeling Rodney McKay while writing grant applications. 

I haven't a hope in hell of getting my SSHRC on this year.  I'm applying as a New Scholar and since it's the same application and same pool of money for the tenured profs, it's a total Frostee-in-Hades situation.

Therefore, I'm having a bit of fun with the 1000-word "Why I'm fantastic and here's what I study" part of the form.  Tres amusant.  I just hope I don't sound like too much of an arrogant prick.
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1. This time tomorrow I will have finished all of this year's coursework. I'm not entirely sure how this will happen, given the mess these two papers are in. How in the 6 hours (more or less) that I have to finish them they'll end up even remotely readable is beyond me.

2. My chiropractor - Dr. Mackey - keeps referring to his colleague as "Dr. Elizabeth" because her last name is nigh unpronouncable. Every few weeks I'll make this mistake of reading SGA fic before heading for an appointment and end up giggling to myself in the waiting room.

3. I won't be watching Heroes tonight even if I didn't have these papers to finish. And with four of us on one internet connection, bittorrent is a mite twitchy. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll get a TV. I neeeeeds my Heroes. Le sigh.
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Pure genius: When Dean Met Bender by [ profile] glorfinniel, is a SPN crossover like no other. Why? Because it’s a crossover with Futurama, that’s why. Dean and Bender = BFF.

“Who the hell am I?” Dean managed to splutter, his own eyes wide. “Who – what - the hell are you?”

“I asked first, meatbag,” the robot replied casually, folding its mechanical arms.

Dean frowned. He’d recovered surprisingly quickly from the initial shock of finding a talking scrap of metal next to a load of trash (he was a hunter of the Supernatural after all…or maybe his drunkenness was impairing his rational thought) and was now plain pissed off that he’d been insulted. Or at least he was pretty sure that he had been. “Who’re you calling meatbag, metal ass?” Dean demanded, putting his hands on his hips.
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Here’s the thing. At [ profile] piratefanatic’s urging, I’ve been getting caught up on my SGA. The great thing about SGA is it’s so fluffy and consequenceless (there’s always that tidy reset button hanging around the corner) that I can watch a bajillion episodes in a row. I can’t do that for Battlestar or, like, Forever Knight (though for very different reasons).

The point: every episode of SGA I watch, I love Ronon more and more. Actually, after “Echoes”, he’s probably my favourite character on the show. He’s my SGA boyfriend (or John’s boyfriend, if John wasn’t a creepy fucking robot but that’s neither here nor there at this point). I like that they show us how strong the relationship (…romance??) between Ronon and Teyla has grown, and how it’s an entirely different kind of relationship than what Teyla and Ford had. Ford was the team’s little brother, and as sorry as I was to see him go, it works out a lot better to have the fourth member of the team being an equal, rather than a subordinate. I don’t mean just militarily, I mean in terms of how the group dynamic played out. Ford was simply too junior.

Ronon, Teal’c, Worf and those other guys, and what makes Ronon different (and awesome!) )
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1. Cupid is the fluffiest, most teeth-achingly cute, too smart, clever and funny for its own good by *half* show ever created. The dialogue is excellent, the acting is good and the concept *works*. I am 100% in love with the show. 100%.

If you haven't seen it, find it. Nothing I can say can oversell this show. Nothing.

2. Joe Flanigan shows up on Cupid and ovaries explode from the cute. He makes *silly faces* at a kid and generally walks around charming people but doesn't steal the show from the regular charcters. That's how good Cupid is. Captain Charm wanders in and doesn't shift the focus one bit.

3. There's an upcoming episode of SGA called "McKay and Mrs Miller".
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