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I figured out what weirds me out about John Barrowman, what the niggling little thing in my hind-brain was screaming about whenever I saw him.

He looks like Sheriff Lamb (Michael Muhney) from VMars. Not like brothers, maybe just distant cousins. It's in the eyebrows or forehead or chin or something. But the brash, arrogant, proud whack-job of a character that Muhney played it juuuuust enough like both Harkness and Barrowman's public persona that, I don't know, Muhney could play Harkness in an American remake (...that would be weird). Or could play Barrowman in a biopic. Or something. Or maybe because the recklessness of Harkness and the narcissism of Barrowman and the self-serving Lamb all run together in a messy mush of American beefcake squick. It might also be why Barrowman weirds me out do much, 'cause I expect him to tell someone to go visit the wizard.

Plus, they both do a similar head-turn-and-squint thing.

It's my hind-brain, it doesn't have to make sense.
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Pictures! )

Polaris is very different con to the FanExpo. It's smaller, less commercial, and tends to have an older crowd. More Klingons and fewer teen anime fans, that kind of thing. Being smaller and friendlier than some other cons, and staged in a hotel rather than a convention center, the big-name guests tend to wander the same halls as the peons who pay to be there.

It can get quite surreal, quite fast.

Sure, I was planning to get Jason Dohring's autograph, but then later when we passed each other in the hall the little voice in the back of my head is trying to process that Logan Echolls just nodded at me in the hall. And yeah, you see an actor doing a Q&A and autograph sessions, and they're live-and-in-person, but there's still a performer/audience split going on. It breaks down when you see Gareth David-Lloyd wandering past the Harvey's window on his way (you notice, because the line is long and not moving fast) to buy smokes at the Shell station across the street.

Didn't mean to get all philosophical. Yay! Con! Screenings! Attending three of Jim Butcher's appearances! Panels! There was one neat panel called "How To Get Fired From Torchwood", where every fireable offense was met with, "Yes, but they didn't fire the guy that kept a WMD in the basement". It was an interesting combination of being totally silly and mocking the lack of personal responsibility held by any of the characters. Oh, fandom.

The best part (for me) was running into old friends (sorry we missed each other, [ profile] hoskie), people I haven't seen in a long time that I used to work with at the renfaire here. Teagan got the whole con experience, from the hanging out in someone's hotel room, to the meeting actors and authors, to the people who take their nerdery far more seriously that I ever could/would be willing to show off in public... good times.

Four days until we leave for London! And Cardiff!
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For season 4, they're talking about taking the show in a "new direction" (again): Veronica Mars, FBI! *headdesk*
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SPN/VMars xover fic.

edit: absolute crackfic, in which LOGAN'S SHIRTS TALK TO EACH OTHER. WTF.
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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
naturelf goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as hipster pirate.
_shewalks tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
amyisyellow tricks you! You get a wet rag.
aoshi gives you 11 light green coffee-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
butterflyishida gives you 18 mottled green apple-flavoured gummy worms.
evil__muffin gives you 11 mottled green evil-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
philthe25th gives you 19 yellow vanilla-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
psychomax gives you 7 purple grape-flavoured nuggets.
shady_lane gives you 11 softly glowing passionfruit-flavoured nuggets.
thucyken tricks you! You get a wad of paper.
vans_angel gives you 6 purple banana-flavoured jawbreakers.
naturelf ends up with 83 pieces of candy, a broken balloon, a wet rag, and a wad of paper.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

...which is funny, because [ profile] thucyken did leave me with her half-ream of unused computer paper when she ditched me for another continent.

VMars: "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week" Why didn't I ever take sociology? )

SPN: "Everybody Loves A Clown" -Yeah, but *planes crash*. -And, apparently, clowns kill people! )

And according to the Star's TV listings (which I *don't* have bookmarked, stop looking at me) I can watch Lost at either 8 or 9 tonight. This means I can dither here for a while, put off the research proposal even longer *aaand* avoid doing tomorrow's readings. All because Lost is later than anticipated.
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After finishing the s1 finale, "Leave it to Beaver", my first thought was, "Oh GOD, I'm glad I have the second season downloaded and ready to go." I am so glad I don't have months of hiatus to wibble until more VMars. The told-you-so line starts here. Yes. I know. You told me. (sigh).

And now I'm running over the finale (and the entire season) in my mind and getting all emotional because HOLY BLUE CHRIST, Veronica Mars is an insanely good show. I'm sorry it took so long to get here, but I'm here and I join my voice to the chorus singing the praises of one fantastic show. YOU GOT ME. Also, bless the internet!

I just watched the last two episodes of the season back-to-back - and it was probably a mistake to not have that week-long buffer between the two eps - and I'm a bit destroyed. (Bad, bad show! You ate Char's brain!) Then I flailed at [ profile] thucyken and make eeeek noises.

Other than professing my undying love for all things VMars, the only commentary I can offer is that I want to snuggle Logan. In the keep/screw/punt game, Logan'd be around for a loooong time. I ♥ Logan! (Logan Logan Logan. And Harry Hamlin. And the rest of the show. *head a-splode with love*)

The long list of things I did this weekend is a very long list, so I'll leave it at: got the dress for Ian's wedding, spent time with my family, bought 8 new shirts, got together my costume for CN, made another scarf for the table (total: 7), finished knitting/quilting the blanket for Ian and Zanne's present (I took a picture!), hung out with and went for lunch with the usual suspects plus one from Ireland AND worked as a PA on a video (but that was Thursday, so technically not "weekend", but it was still cool). And finally got to see Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. And heard about this little piece of news. And I'm flying to Nova Scotia on Tuesday to have a little vacation and watch one of my oldest friends get married.

I'm so looking forward to when school starts again and I have some free time. :D


Jun. 25th, 2006 05:59 pm
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Quite possibly the strangest meme ever )

...& I've finished all three seasons of Arrested Development. I burned through the last season this weekend.* ♥. Next: VMars.

VMars, that is, and The Sweeney, a British cop show from the 70s, also referenced in an episode of Black Books- the one where Manny stays up all night, watches the DVD boxed set of The Sweeney and drinks espresso and ends up running around the city, impersonating a cop and carrying out the best damn interrogation that Inspector had ever seen... *sigh* Oh, the memories. I forget: it's never made quite clear who gave him the DVDs and the espresso machine for his birthday, is it? Which means: I must have been Bernard! Oh, Bernard.

I mentioned it yesterday, but I have to plug the "Nathan's my hero" clip again. Oh, Sean Maher. Oh, Nathan Fillion.

* Of course, now I've got in in my head I'll only watch DaVinci Code when and if there's a special director's cut with Ron Howard narrating the film.
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