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But I managed an unexpected and accidental Good Hair Day, so I suppose I can't complain too much.

I've fallen in love with this little song. It's the kind of song that sneaks up behind you and before you know it, you've listened three times in a row. Stark and beautiful.

My new class is intense: 3 hours/day, 4 days/week for 3 consecutive weeks. 2 days down, 10 to go. It's not particularly heavy lifting (and we have to breeze by lots of stuff to pack it all in), so I think I'll survive. Plus, as it's a morning class, I can stick around on campus to do the next day's reading before coming home. Our prof is a sweet former grade 10 social studies teacher. [ profile] piratefanatic: I guessed his slight accent as Newfoundland! One of the other students asked if he was American, and I jumped in with my guess, explaining that while his short A's sounded a bit like Boston, the overall cadence sounded more northern. Then I did a dance of guessing-regional-accents.

It's been a long time since I spent this many hours up at the York campus.

In other news, it's possible I've had abstracts accepted to more conferences than I can actually afford to attend. But one of them is in the UK, in Cornwall, and I didn't grow up reading about King Arthur to not be really really tempted. But popping down to that part of the world for a few days is way easier when you don't live in North America.
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Captured on film: the elusive hipster goths. Perhaps they just watched too many Cure videos. Totally adorable, in an I-need-a-shave kind of way.

Listening to Through the Windowpane (their first album) got me through the tedium-slash-crazy-stress of last summer's Full Time Job. I wish they'd tour over here.
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Psychostick is funny. If the Arrogant Worms were less Canadian, 20-somethings and metalheads, they'd sound like Psychostick. Decide for yourself. I like "Why, Oh, Why" the best. "BEER" is good, too (their "Me Like Hockey", all caveman-like but then they scream the chorus, which goes "Beer is good! And stuff!"... there's totally a Dick Casablancas vid there somewhere). "Two-Ton Paperweight" is their "Horizon", but with more screaming and swearing and Satan.

Other great titles: "Return of The Death Burger", "I Hate Doing Laundry", "Largiloquent Dithyramb" and "Lizard Sphere X". And the last track? Is 20 minutes of outtakes!
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At last, the "long-awaited" (by someone, I'm sure) fanmix in celebration of everyone's favourite ghost-hunting brothers!

A Ride With My Best Friend: A Supernatural Brothers Mix
Winchester tunez! )

And because one fanmix isn't enough, here's another!

The Sarcastimix, a sarcastic hiatus EP. Warning, spoilers for Devil's Trap )
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After work yesterday (after it had stopped raining) I hopped a VIVA out to Markham to see the lovely [ profile] aoshi. We went shopping, watched the first half of Batman Begins and then passed out (we both had to be at work early this morning and we’d been at work all day already). Solid fun. We watched strange performances from those rock star audition shows. Dilana is scary, but “Lithium” is hard to screw up. I came home (as I always seem to whenever I visit her) with another three complete anime series to watch. Tonight [ profile] philthe25th and I have a VMars night planned, but we might go see Brick instead. I might be too tired to do much more than stare at a TV and knit, so we’ll have to see.

”Weekly )
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1. [ profile] serrico came to visit the Hobbit Hole this weekend. Even though my body and soul were owned by The Bank for much of the weekend, I was able to partake of some of the antics. I doubt I'll ever recover from Once A Thief, and I need to see more. NOW.

2. "Elevator Love Letter" by Stars is such a great song.

3. Knitting update: 3 Ravenclaw, 1 G-dor & 1 Huffle completed. Slytherin will have to wait until the yarn comes from Herrschner's. I should probably warn The Landlord to expect a huge ball of yarn in the mail...

4. I still haven't figured out my schedule will be for next year. I'll get a better idea once I see if I get any transfer credit from my college diploma. *anticipates*
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30 Seconds to Mars was several kinds of fun, even if I did end up going by myself. Yes, there's the fun of a shared Experience, but there's also a curious serenity when you strike out on your own and know that you are there alone in a crowd of people.

That, and you can dance like a mofo and know that no one knows you. I have bruises. My new shirt held up well. Read more... )
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Music post!

First, the first three tracks from the new Muse album: New Muse! )

Second, four tracks from Jed & Lucia, who are not Muse: Laid-back hippie-folk stuff! )

Third, that damn song from Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter that [ profile] aoshi (damn her) posted: 'Everybody Gets Laid' )

That accomplished, I'm going to install my shiny new hard drive (Yorkies take note: they're selling 200GB internal drives for $119 + tax at the campus computer store)!

Update: Install failed for two reasons: one, the master and slave bits on the ATA cable are in the wrong places and so I have to move the existing drive up one slot except the screw heads are all stripped; and two, I plugged things in anyway, but the dive isn't showing up. There was a little "oooh! new hardware!" bubble, but I can't seem to access the drive.

Help? I am going to have to find some way to cut the stripped screws, but that doesn't worry me as much as the no-drive thing.
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1. I've been in training with this Other Job for over a month now, and today was my first real day of work. Responsibility is exhausting. I'm ready to have a big nap, now.

2. I HAVE INTERWEB! I HAVE INTERWEB! I HAVE INTERWEB! Not only that, but it is *my* interweb in *my* name, and that makes me feel so much more independant and all-growed-up than anything else I've done/had/been so far. [ profile] thucyken gets back tomorrow night, at which point it will be *our* interweb. Until then... *bwahahaha* I be downloading. I be music posting. I have the power. And, since I have no life, I can the greatest geek-on because I can go online whenever I want for the first time EVAR.

3. Thanks to [ profile] aoshi's last music post, I'm listening to "Everybody Gets Laid" from Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Sigh.

4. Trying to make a new/better layout for this thing. Failing.

5. Got paid. Bought: Alien Quadrilogy, Buffy s2, Arrested Development s1 & s2, Yu Yu Hakusho eps 1-112. (See above, re: no life.)

6. After Thea's Movie Night of Doom, [ profile] _shewalks and I found The Stills, playing a free show downtown. They played a song she liked, so we called it a win.

7. My sister and I visited my Dad yesterday for Father's Day. We get along with him when we only see him every few months, so it was quite the pleasant afternoon.

EDIT: Military jobs meme )
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Man Man is a wonderful band. They sound like what would happen if TV On The Radio covered Tom Waits (or the other way around).

They have a concert coming up in June at the Silver Dollar. $10.50.

Songs: "Engwish Bwudd" // "I, Manface" -- the Jim Profit song (tm) // "Spider Cider" // "Van Helsing Boombox" // "Zebra"

**"Engwish Bwudd" is all that I could upload tonight. Check for the rest tomorrow. :D

EDIT: It's all up! Hasty music post done!
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