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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Doctor Who. Give me 45 minutes of meta snark, pretty people and creepy aliens and I'm happy. More than happy. :D

Also, hey Torchwood: this was how you make a show "adult". Have grown-up people talking about grown-up things (fears, insecurities, love, loss, adventure, chronologically-improbable relationships, okay maybe not the last one) and then introduce a little nightmare fuel. You don't need people making out every five minutes. Most adults I know aren't making out every five minutes, and they have brains they use to think about Important Things in their lives.
Yes, TW will have to go to great lengths to impress me.

Is it next week yet?

(Though: 1) I was right, and they got Mark Sheppard to do an American accent, hah. 2) Got a little sad when the end card said the episode was a co-production with BBC America. Remember when they weren't sure about the series and needed the CBC's funding? *nostalgia*)

Right after finishing the episode I went back to listening to music and this was the first track up:

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Sweet, light version of "Dog Days":

Rich, lush version of "Where is My Mind":

Also, I'm probably moving on May the 4th ( with you). Hooray!
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(These guys are opening for MGMT right now, just fyi and all.)

ALSO! I'm going to finish DW today, but even though I'm only part of the way through, I want to say that this song would make a neat Amy vid:

(I want Amy to be dangerous. Not evil, mind. Just dangerous. But to find out I have to stop listening to Little Boots. :D)
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Found via ecogeek on Twitter.
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Step One: Find a classic music video (ie "Take On Me")

Step Two: Make with the say-what-you-see karaoke and replace all the lyrics with a description of what's on the screen ("I'm gonna beat you with my own pipe wrench")

Step Three:

EDIT: and there's pipe wrench fight merch. Heh.
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Captured on film: the elusive hipster goths. Perhaps they just watched too many Cure videos. Totally adorable, in an I-need-a-shave kind of way.

Listening to Through the Windowpane (their first album) got me through the tedium-slash-crazy-stress of last summer's Full Time Job. I wish they'd tour over here.
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You know how some (most) dance hits are performed by gimmicky pop tarts with no real talent? Watch this video and tell me if your opinion of Lady GaGa changes.

John Sakamoto (in his Anti-Hit List column for the Toronto Star) said this about it: "Hearing this throbbing dance-floor hit transformed into something you might expect to hear in rehearsals for a Broadway musical simply proves just how much more there is to this performer than great singles and witty videos".

And for the sake of comparison, the original song:

EDIT: the acoustic version is now on sale at iTunes - I guess the popularity of "Poker Face" a la cabaret was such that they found they could make a buck. Win!
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...for many reasons. But mostly for the fact they've been a band for 20+ years and still make each other giggle on stage.

More! )
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And it's a very happy birthday to [ profile] piratefanatic.

Have a Guillemots video!

Hope your day is awesome. :D
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One quick thing about yesterday's election: it's easy to continue in power when your opponent is an absolute moron.

Just saying, is all. For some unknown reason, the Conservative leader decided to make the biggest issue in the election something entirely bizarre, to the detriment of all other issues. John Tory wanted to extend public money to all religious schools. Uh, no. Because of that, and because his campaign was run with the underlying message "if you don't vote for us you're a bigger idiot than we thought, you idiot", Tory lost in his own riding. By nearly 5000 votes. Running against the current Liberal Education Minister. HA. HAHAHHA.

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, asshat. Run a campaign where you sneer at your opponents and then fight for something that no one thinks is a good idea (don't get me started on the schools thing)... and the CBC morning show keeps snickering at him for losing his riding and reminding us of all his other political failures. HA. HAHHAHAAAA.

Also. According to the radio, barely more than 50% of the eligible voters turned out. I find it pretty damn irresponsible for anyone to decide not to vote because they don't care; just because you don't vote doesn't mean the decisions made by politicians won't affect you. Tuition. Health care. Public transit. All these things are run by taxes and *surprise* the people who make decisions about how to use these taxes are the people we elect.

Sometimes the choices are depressing, but there were seven people on my riding's ballot - running the gamut from scary Ayn Rand objectivists to snuggly tree-huggers. Surely even for the most disgruntled voters there's someone there worthy of your X. If you want to make a statement, show up and spoil your ballot. The point is to show up. If you can't be bothered to get even a half-assed grasp on who's running and participate in the system then you deserve crowded broken buses, crushingly high tuition and no family doctor.

And yes all the major candidates sound the same. Yes the issues spoken of in the election were mostly irrelevant. Yes the marketing surrounding the electoral reform referendum was worse than terrible. However, I spent my afternoon researching, made a choice and voted because I care about my city.

IN OTHER NEWS: The first RIAA file-sharing case went to trial, and the nasty criminal? A Native woman who's a single mother, making $36K/year. Of all the possible defendants, it had to be her. Wired, linked above, says:

The RIAA, after all, is the guardian of an industry so antiquated and oppressive that having sympathy for these guys is a little like feeling sorry for a Georgia slaveholder after watching Sherman's troops fire his mansion and scatter his livestock.

The column goes on to laud Radiohead for offering their music direct to audiences for nearly free, and reports that the vast majority of downloaders are paying Radiohead market value for their music. I paid a little less than that, but more than a penny. (And the album? Not bad at all!)
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Most normal people, when faced with the first day of classes, would attend their one class, hang around the ol' hang-around spots to see old friends and then retire gently to a pub for some celebratory beer.

But not me. Oh, no. Epic 14-hour day! )


The radio's playing Pavarotti's version of "Nessun Dorma". And now I'm crying. On the one hand, he lived a full and varied life (good thing) but on the other, it's a shame he hadn't been able to perform for quite some time... and as a selfish fan of the arts, it's so sad to have lost such a passionate and charismatic singer. He'll be missed.
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Dear Goo Goo Dolls,

Re:'s giant computer brain and the mysteries of the internet.

I haven't listened to you in years. Since, perhaps, 2001. However. You soft-rock my world.



\m/ ^_^ \m/ <-- rocking out, ASCII-style

*ducks inevitable tomatoes from [ profile] shady_lane*
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I'm tired, I'm hella late for work and I stared at the ear plugs package for a good ten seconds before my brain stopped seeing "Sugar Pigs" on the label instead of "Ear Plugs".

... maybe I should just stay home today.

ETA: Death Cab for Cutie is playing Massey Hall this Halloween! (And the 30th, too.) It's a bit expensive (like, $35) but, but, BUT the opening act is Ted Leo and the Pharmacists!

Let's get our emo on! *dances, but slowly...*
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1. [ profile] serrico came to visit the Hobbit Hole this weekend. Even though my body and soul were owned by The Bank for much of the weekend, I was able to partake of some of the antics. I doubt I'll ever recover from Once A Thief, and I need to see more. NOW.

2. "Elevator Love Letter" by Stars is such a great song.

3. Knitting update: 3 Ravenclaw, 1 G-dor & 1 Huffle completed. Slytherin will have to wait until the yarn comes from Herrschner's. I should probably warn The Landlord to expect a huge ball of yarn in the mail...

4. I still haven't figured out my schedule will be for next year. I'll get a better idea once I see if I get any transfer credit from my college diploma. *anticipates*
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