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Someone wrote a Feminist Hulk/Old Spice Guy crossover.

"Hello, FEMINIST HULK. I observe that you are using lady-scented body wash."


"Wouldn't you like to smell like me?"


"Your tiny purple shorts hanging on the towel rack now hold tickets to the Sleater-Kinney reunion concert. And diamonds."


ETA: I should mention that I love the @feministhulk Twitter feed. (Feminist Hulk has apparently already read this fic so you should too!)

ETA 2: As my flist keeps exclaiming, [ profile] keewick's epic 9-minute Merlin/Arthur vid really is that good. Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything For Love" has never been so awesome.
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The best part about the whole Yuletide thing is scrolling through the list of fandoms and getting excited about finding a Sector General fic, years after the last time I'd even thought about that series.

Fandom! I am powerless before your capacity to make me happy about the smallest of things.
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I've had a bad week.

Scratch that.

I've had a bad month.

I have four computers in my room - four! four computers! - and none of them is entirely functional. Two of them are completely dead, one of them I swear just sits there and mocks me and the fourth isn't of use when writing papers. All I want is a computer, at my desk, where I can write papers. Instead, I've got an adorably retro G3 PowerPC with only a Gmail Compose Message window as a word processor. I'm cursed. I've been joking that I'm all you need to defeat Skynet: just sit me down with it and within a few months the entire network will be bricked.

Then there's school. Don't even get me started.

In an attempt to Make The Pain Stop I've been absorbing as much Merlin fic as I can. Mostly because it's a show mostly about cheerful people being happy. The fic can be silly, it can be sweet, it can be creepy, it can do Heroes better than Heroes, and some of it? Some of it's not even slash.

It's been fun watching fandom drink the Merlin kool-aid, and I think - I think - for me the Merlin fandom has reached a crack-filled maturity. Why? I found my first Merlin zombie!AU.*

Aside from being hilarious, and mentions of zombie cows and zombie Tennyson (♥), Merlin says, "“I prefer laughing to crying,” and that right there is why I watched the show. It's a show with darkness (it's set in a world barely a generation out from genocide where difference is punishable by public execution, fer crissake) but it's never a terribly dark show. The class clown of fandoms, maybe. But there certainly aren't many shows where people laugh so much, and so guilelessly.

*There's got to be a model for mapping the length of time from a show's premiere to the first zombie!AU with a correlation to the level of crack on the show and in fandom.
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SPN caused giggles, even if the show has become nothing more than excuses for injokes. (The weather's just like Canada, eh? *facepalm*) For all the injokes, however, every minute that Jared and Jensen weren't on screen were about ten times worse than the fake bad movie in the plot.

Speaking of Jared: cute facial expressions throughout.

Seriously. SPN's strength is in its two co-stars. I'm pretty sure they wrote this one to give the J&J Wonder Duo some time off, but it was to the detriment of the episode. There were cute touches, little flashes of awesome (walking into the sunset), but overall? Lackluster. Lackluster crack, which is probably even worse than just the regular kind. Without Sam and Dean much on screen, the episode ended up being mild and cute. Which, hello? SPN? You're about rock and guns and cars. You haven't earned this kind of self-referentiality. It's too cute.

What I liked about the episode is that it's irrefutably canon that Dean loves cracky low-budget horror movies. I always knew Dean was the cool brother.

1. When you're in the grocery store and you see a box labeled; Delectable organic Scottish biscuits, topped with a thin layer of organic chocolate... you kind of have to buy them. Just on principle. "Delectable organic Scottish biscuits", I ask you?!
2. From the ads, it looks like Hugh Jackman's character in Swordfish is the spiritual twin of Seamus Harper-from-Andromeda. Yes? No?
3. My new crossover OTP: Zoe/John Winchester. [ profile] vaznetti has written many parts in that 'verse; this is part one. HIGHLY recommended. (Set after Serenity, if there's anyone out there who hasn't seen it yet *koff* [ profile] piratefanatic.)
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Dust In The Wind, by [ profile] lyra_wing.
They are the gods of the open road and the hunt, of classic rock and stupid luck, of truck stops and greasy diners, of dollar beers and pool halls.

There aren't words to describe how much fun this fic is. The crossover works for the show, just working out from canon in a cool little tangent. The fic also works as a comment on fandom, on the fans' reactions to the show and on some fannish preoccupations and assumptions. Just... read it. You'll understand.

EDIT: play-by-play thoughts on the His Dark Materials preview-thing: Read more... )
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Yesterday was spectacularly unusual and also quite satisfying. There was a lot of day in the day. Read more... )

Edit: FIC REC: An Undying Passion for Cupcakes by [ profile] ignipes, Harry Potter AU.
Author's summary: This one is totally AU post-Voldie happily-ever-aftersunshine-and-toe-biting-tulips. I, uh, got a little carried away. Youknow, when you have a little idea, and it's cute like a clownfishdarting through the coral--and then it grows? Tentacles? Fangs?Seaweed dripping all over? The ancient rumbling of Cthulu risingthrough the waves? Yeah. That's what happened. ...and that says it all, really. Happy and touching, just a little hurty in parts and absolutely unfluffy.


Edit: dork moment )
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1. happy birthday to [ profile] evil__muffin!

2. it's all about Winchesters vs. Petrellis.

3. [ profile] hackthis recced some awesome Heroes fic.

4. [ profile] yuletide does, in fact, have a few Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stories. Some are utterly fantastic, if you're wondering. Which you may be. That one, under the link? Has the voices down pat.

5. Scrolling through [ profile] yuletide is dangerous because I see a Vorkosigan story called "The Long Con" and I get this need to know what would happen if Miles Vorkosigan and Sawyer-from-Lost ever ended up together on the wrong end of a pulse rifle in a backwater spaceport bar.

Edit: 6. This one goes in the "Internets have far too many corners" pile: That clip of Dr. House playing 'air piano' from the first season + Monty Python = there's really no way to accruately describe this clip. This one, however, nicely sums up an aspect of the House/Wilson dynamic.
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1. Got my copy of KATAMARI DAMACY in the mail when I got home from school. Have made three stars (74 cm) and Cancer (96 crabs). Which is awesome, because when I tried Cancer with [ profile] firstgold I barely made 8 crabs because I got stuck and discouraged and defeated by the mice.

2. Opened up th'email, found a shipping confirmation for Solarbabies in my inbox. *snerk*. Solarbabies. ....*anticipates*

3. Basingstoke. *hangs head* Andromeda fic. Drunken!Harper fic. *hangs head lower* Andromeda/Pitck Black crossover.

4. Laundry = happened. Socks = clean. Feet = happy. Therefore = WIN.

5. Michael and Dwight? ARE BRINGING SEXYBACK. *dies*
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Pure genius: When Dean Met Bender by [ profile] glorfinniel, is a SPN crossover like no other. Why? Because it’s a crossover with Futurama, that’s why. Dean and Bender = BFF.

“Who the hell am I?” Dean managed to splutter, his own eyes wide. “Who – what - the hell are you?”

“I asked first, meatbag,” the robot replied casually, folding its mechanical arms.

Dean frowned. He’d recovered surprisingly quickly from the initial shock of finding a talking scrap of metal next to a load of trash (he was a hunter of the Supernatural after all…or maybe his drunkenness was impairing his rational thought) and was now plain pissed off that he’d been insulted. Or at least he was pretty sure that he had been. “Who’re you calling meatbag, metal ass?” Dean demanded, putting his hands on his hips.
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I've been complaining about not being able to find good Heroes fic. But this... *this* is fantastic. :D

Petrelli's Eleven, by [ profile] hackthis. Heroes AU, In homage and lightly X-overed with Ocean's 11.

It's funny, it's breezy, and a good length (~5500 words)... and if I start on my favourite parts I'll be giving the whole fic away. Go! Read! *nudge nudge*

(Props to [ profile] underhand_glory for reminding me that [ profile] hackthis is awesome. WIN!)

EDIT: speaking of fic, I've updated [ profile] oh_shiny.
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Dear Heroes ficcers currently haunting

1. When did the "/" drop out of naming pairings? "MattAudrey" and "MohinderPeter" sound like scary hybrid robots hell-bent on world destruction. Or Frankencritters with too many limbs.
2. "Paire" is better than "PeterClaire". But it's still pretty dumb.
3. I doubt Nathan would ever think or utter, "Oh, yes. I was not a happy congressman."

No love,


(ps: ...maybe there is a decent tag amongst the drossiers elements, but just one tag isn't enough to redeem you. Not by a long shot.)

*Except when John Mayer writes it in his blog. Props to [ profile] _shewalks for that link!
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I've just spent an hour that I should have used for sleeping in a fruitless search for Heroes fic. Anyone know of any Heroes fic? At this point, I don't even care if it's *good* fic, just as long as it... fics.
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OMG. Victorian Winchesters?

It seems that there's a [ profile] x_strangeangels who's written a series of SPN stories set in Victorian England. It's called By Gaslight and I was sold when I was barely 100 words in, when I read this part:

Much to my chagrin, the coachman informed me that I would be joined by two new companions — a pair of brothers by name of Winchester. Deane Winchester, the eldest, was slightly rumpled in appearance — fromthe short brown hair to his poorly-starched collar and waistcoat — and was uncomfortable, I suspect, to be so attired; to my eternal vexation,he was not unhandsome.  In point of fact, Deane Winchester was asclean-shaven as his younger brother, Samuel.  Samuel Winchester looked exactly like the boys who attended father's classes at Oxford, completewith the longer hair parted exactly down the center of his head and a set of spectacles added to his scholarly appearance.

Not sure if I can buy the "Deane" part but ZOMG what an image... Sammy with glasses, both dressed up all pretty... *runs off to take a cold, cold shower*
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I'd really like today to be like yesterday, which was fun and just random enough. It was a welcome change of pace, a break in the numbing tedium of the Student Triad. (1. research paper, 2. avoid writing paper, 3. write paper and hand it in more-or-less on time). A day on the beach, beautiful scenery, no decisions to make, no brain-bits to think... followed by a few solid hours of procrastination and then off to a dark, red bar that played the House theme. I'd only been up since 6am, but [ profile] serrico had been going since 5:20 (ye gods!), so the dark was good. Come to think of it, I was the only cast member at the "cast party". Hee! It was an incredibly relaxing denoument for an unexpectedly pleasant day. Not that I didn't expect to have fun, but I didn't expect to enjoy myeslf quite that much.

I'm almost through that giant list of tasks to accomplish. There's just the one paper left, and I'm going to forgo the shame and embarrassment and take the prehistoric laptop with me to the new Starbucks around the corner to gte the monster written. But first I have to incorporate the paper-edits I made last night into the file and watch the movie again. But first I have to make more tea.

And reading Go Fug Yourself is not "making tea". I need a series of other-mes, that will write essays and do dishes and do my freakin' laundry and I'll just euthanize them when they start getting lippy.

...Man, I'm in a mean mood.

And of course instead of doing any of this, I read more fic. More SPN fic. VERY excellent SPN fic, called "Weaver", by [ profile] superbadgirl. It's gen, it's h/c, and it's Sam-centric. ([ profile] thucyken: Sam falls down a lot, acts all confused and lost and needs hugs.)

In work-related news, I finished researching/writing the January newletter, to go live mid-January. For anyone who's interested, the November newsletter is up. This coming week I'm going to: build the December newsletter, which'll be my first real encounter with html beyond lj and formatting; do more graphic design work on the shiny-pretty-omg-have-its-little-Apple-babies Mac Pro; and probably get a start on the February newsletter. And PA more filming and timecode the tapes afterwards. I keep thinking about what's coming up rather than what I have to do RIGHT NOW and I'm cold and my eyes are sore and I want to sleep all afternoon but I can't because I've got to watch freakin' The Passion of the Christ before it gets to be too much later so I can FINISH THE DAMN ESSAY and get to bed at a decent hour.

I think I'm finally getting that damn cold I've managed to dodge this entire term. I have a headache the size of Miami, and I'm feeling just as mean. As mean as Miami. Which I've always been frightened of.

ENOUGH. I'm off to reconcile cinematic theology with cinematic violence. Or something. *flails*

ETA: I can spell "November". NOT. *fails*
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It's That Time of year again. I may go insane or I may cry but I'm sure as hell not getting As this year.

I did make time to read another SPN fic, this time with Wee!chesters. Ten Going on Thirteen by [ profile] dodger_winslow. Gen, pre-series.

Most of the Wee!chester stuff I've come across doesn't have this same depth and subtlety, especially in writing the relationship between John and Dean. And John and Sam. And Sam and Dean. What I love so much about this is it makes John a tired single father, rather than a crusading hero heading straight for martyrdom, whose single-minded purpose shines so bright it blinds him from his boys.

You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you missed this one.

quote )

ETA: [ profile] dodger_winslow's got a great touch with the John-and-the-Wee!chesters: The Father I Should Be is great, too (just ignore the typos). "Dean can’t do the Sammy dance", indeed. INDEED.
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SPN/VMars xover fic.

edit: absolute crackfic, in which LOGAN'S SHIRTS TALK TO EACH OTHER. WTF.
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Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness, HP/Colbert Report crossover.

quote )

[ profile] philthe25th? I dare you to read this.

EDIT: And then there's Betwixt Lórien and Rivendell, a LOTR story featuring Colbert.

quote )
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Sky High is the best superhero movie ever, bar none. Plus, the DVD is worth picking up for the blooper reel, because Kurt Russell *giggles*. I kid you not. Honest-to-Pete giggles.

I finally (finally!) got around to watching this year's finale of CSI after [ profile] aoshi said it was good. And it was good. So very, very good. CSI babbles )

I found out that the MK Ultra (Vanderslice's early-90s power-pop band) website is still live, and they have all three albums available to download. I'm listening to him sing about something being machine washable. On some planet that might make sense, too! Hee! There's one called "Goodbye, Max!", too.

AAAAaaaaand, I might go to Japan later this month. For reals. :D


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