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At work today I was asked to dig up an old page from our site (I failed - it SO does not exist, and I doubt it ever did, photographic proof to the contrary) but then I got distracted. One York page had a link labeled "Internet". Click that, and you get the whole internet. (It was a page of links to search engines... and google didn't exist yet.)

Sure, university websites from 10 years ago are hilarious. Even more hilarious are government sites. Check this out. The Government of Canada had something called GIFT... "The Government Information Finder Technology (GIFT) is an infrastructure that delivers a search and retrieval capability to Government data and information in its original format over different government sites and locations."

Also precious is the text from the government's main page: "Government of Canada Primary Internet Site (Canada Site) is the Internet electronic access point through which Internet users around the world can obtain information about Canada, its government and its services. Direct links are also provided from this site to government departments and agencies that have Internet facilities."

Oh, 1997. *pats 1997* Back when you were so starved for content you actually put in paragraphs about what the internet was?
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Hey, y’all. Long time, no see. How are things? What have I missed? I’ve been finishing my undergrad (woo! done!), working full-time and trying to adjust from Student to Worker.

News, news. I graduate in June, summa cum laude. I’m glad York gives out honours, ‘cause I like Latin words. Then it’s sticking around at York to do my MA, and from there... who knows? Got a bit jerked around on my thesis, so I’m not sure if I’ve still got a taste for the academic thing. A prof did tell me that Academic Life is kind of like religion: every now and again your faith gets tested.

Stole Phil’s idea for posting mini-movie reviews on Twitter. At the end of the month I’ll copy those here, or you can find me on Twitter and read them as the appear (not many there right now).

So far this month I’ve seen Iron Man twice and Speed Racer once. I may see Iron Man again soon, but not Speed Racer. Oh god no. Not for love or money.

Bought a DS, am addicted to the anagrams game.

My uncle had a massive stroke (at his brain stem) while on vacation here. They’ve since airambulence’d him back to BC, and he’s doing much better than he was.

I wrote this bit of propaganda-journalism. No byline, ‘cause it’s just the Voice of the University. But I took the pictures, too.

Because I do graphic design as well as propaganda-journalism, I’ve got Photoshop on my computer (at my desk... I have my own desk! And phone!)... and access to Photoshop + access to stock images + no brain on a Friday afternoon = putting the TARDIS on the beach. Check it out, eh )

In time I’ll get all caught up on tee vee. It’s the mission that [ profile] firstgold and I shall be attempting this weekend. How much tee vee can be watched in a single weekend? We shall find out. Stay tuned.
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The plans, you can read about them. You can read about the plans: now with more interactivity! )
The one certain thing out of all of this mess, though, is that Mum and I will for sure be going to England to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart on stage in Hamlet. Whether this is a vacation, separate and complete, or the two of us taking a week to do tourist things before I go up to school, it's a locked deal. Maybe we'll see it twice! Bwahahaaaa.
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Today was quite intense. Work stress, school stress, emotional lows and highs with minor panicky freak-outs at work tempered by acts of kindness and compliments.

My day, let me tell you about it! )

All in all it was the kind of day that made me shoot straight home, fall on my bed and turn up the Mountain Goats like WAY LOUD. Like FULL BLAST. Darnielle's angst is quite relaxing.

Flopping on my bed was super-important, though because I'M GONNA SEE THE MOUNTAIN GOATS IN CONCERT TONIGHT. Going with some of my favourite people, too. So I've gotta flop now because it's going to be a fun night. :D

...and Amy just came in to read me an amusing part of her cinematography textbook. Tee hee!

(Also? I haven't checked my flist in WEEKS. Argh!)
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Despite last night's fun, today I was just a little late (juuuuuuust a wee bit) for the fluffy do-gooding* of the day.

* what I'd call "volunteer work" on a resume

But. Even though I was moderately hung over and still a little high I made the Master of the College laugh, had the College's Academic Advisor (a professor) Entrust me with Responsibility and helped enact a practical demonstration of uni-level lecture note-taking. THEN I met with a professor, tawdled over to the Dean's Office to get briefed on and help direct guidelines for a mentorship discussion forum and THEN found [ profile] philthe25th to watch the first 3 episodes of s2 Life on Mars (during which both of us said at least twice "Gawd, I love this show."

It really is a good show, and I'm quite interested to see how the first series had one reason why Sam couldn't just pop himself back to reality and how this second series is providing its own reason. It's also quite lovely to see how Sam is growing closer and closer to the 1973 crowd. If/when he does get out of this, he's going to mourn for these new friends of his.

I've been helping with my College's Academic Orientation, but managed to get a lot of other stuff done while I was on campus. I grabbed my student loan (win!), got my Metropass, stopped in to see ppl at the Dean's office yesterday and ended up agreeing to introduce that discussion forum thing to a group of 90 mentors next Tuesday (and OH - neither the FFA nor I have any clue about how this thing is going to run); next Tuesday I'm also helping to facilitate a photo shoot at the York Day Information Fair for my job-that-I-get-paid-for, something I ironed out when I stopped in at my job on my three weeks off (just to say hi!)... which is where I met up with a coworker and we ended up getting pleasantly blitzed and incredibly drunk while watching the sun go down and the storm roll in.

*re-reads that sentence* Oh, yeah. Char: 1. Grammar: 0.

So, what have I been up to, other than that? Watching Doctor Who with [ profile] psychomax and then with [ profile] eyesmiling, puzzling over what the heck I'll be doing for that homework that's been assigned for the first day of class (but [ profile] vulgus is in the class with me! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! We can mock third-years together!), freaking out about how to apply to grad school (I get the process, it's getting off my arse to find the courage to do so) and... what else, what else? ...reading a biography of Phil Ochs and something called The Empire of the Steppes: A History of Central Asia. That's been it since Monday.

I think I just realized why I feel so knackered. (Note to self: stop watching BBC cop dramas set in the 1970s). (Note to self: Yes, Northern accents are amusing, but you have a Canadian one. Attempts at mimicry is an experiment that will end in tears.) (Note to self: grab screencaps from that scene in Breakfast on Pluto with the Dalek, the bomb and the IRA to prove to Phil that it actually does exist and that referencing it during that episode of Life on Mars was perfectly understandable.) ...I am quite sleepy, though. SIGH.

Also, when I met with Professor!Scott today, he told me he's teaching FILM 1400. When I told [ profile] philthe25th, we both laughed 'cause this means that [ profile] shady_lane is in his class. Tee hee. It's enough to make me want to drop in on some lectures. I think they'll get along famously.
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Today was Bring-Yer-Knit-Alien-Doll-To-Work-Day.

Not really. But I did bring my finished knit dalek with me for show and tell. I'd worked on it on my breaks, so everyone had seen it as a dalek-in-progress. A coworker lent me his camera and I took pictures! (click through for full-size pics)

Ta daaaah!

He sat on my monitor for most of the day, guarding the office (when he wasn't being used to play toss-the-alien). Also I look kind of weird in the picture. I blame the photographer, who wasn't me.

I took him over to the Fine Arts Dean's Office on my lunch to meet the bigger dalek that lives behind the photocopier. I think they got on well, with Brent (my dalek's name is Brent) plotting the destruction of all humans in retaliation for being turned into a cuddly football critter and not a fearsome Bringer of Doom.

The scale is a bit wacky on this 'cause my dalek is barely a foot tall, and the other one is quite a lot bigger.

I took a closer shot, too; it's now my desktop wallpaper on my computer at work. (But, you know, the full-sized version.)
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I'd really like today to be like yesterday, which was fun and just random enough. It was a welcome change of pace, a break in the numbing tedium of the Student Triad. (1. research paper, 2. avoid writing paper, 3. write paper and hand it in more-or-less on time). A day on the beach, beautiful scenery, no decisions to make, no brain-bits to think... followed by a few solid hours of procrastination and then off to a dark, red bar that played the House theme. I'd only been up since 6am, but [ profile] serrico had been going since 5:20 (ye gods!), so the dark was good. Come to think of it, I was the only cast member at the "cast party". Hee! It was an incredibly relaxing denoument for an unexpectedly pleasant day. Not that I didn't expect to have fun, but I didn't expect to enjoy myeslf quite that much.

I'm almost through that giant list of tasks to accomplish. There's just the one paper left, and I'm going to forgo the shame and embarrassment and take the prehistoric laptop with me to the new Starbucks around the corner to gte the monster written. But first I have to incorporate the paper-edits I made last night into the file and watch the movie again. But first I have to make more tea.

And reading Go Fug Yourself is not "making tea". I need a series of other-mes, that will write essays and do dishes and do my freakin' laundry and I'll just euthanize them when they start getting lippy.

...Man, I'm in a mean mood.

And of course instead of doing any of this, I read more fic. More SPN fic. VERY excellent SPN fic, called "Weaver", by [ profile] superbadgirl. It's gen, it's h/c, and it's Sam-centric. ([ profile] thucyken: Sam falls down a lot, acts all confused and lost and needs hugs.)

In work-related news, I finished researching/writing the January newletter, to go live mid-January. For anyone who's interested, the November newsletter is up. This coming week I'm going to: build the December newsletter, which'll be my first real encounter with html beyond lj and formatting; do more graphic design work on the shiny-pretty-omg-have-its-little-Apple-babies Mac Pro; and probably get a start on the February newsletter. And PA more filming and timecode the tapes afterwards. I keep thinking about what's coming up rather than what I have to do RIGHT NOW and I'm cold and my eyes are sore and I want to sleep all afternoon but I can't because I've got to watch freakin' The Passion of the Christ before it gets to be too much later so I can FINISH THE DAMN ESSAY and get to bed at a decent hour.

I think I'm finally getting that damn cold I've managed to dodge this entire term. I have a headache the size of Miami, and I'm feeling just as mean. As mean as Miami. Which I've always been frightened of.

ENOUGH. I'm off to reconcile cinematic theology with cinematic violence. Or something. *flails*

ETA: I can spell "November". NOT. *fails*
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Today's copy-editing concern: Koran versus Qur'an. According to the OED, the former predates the latter by about 150 years in the English language, with Qur'an coming into use at the height of British Imperalism, Orientalism, etc. On the other hand, Koran is less 'scholarly' (again, according to the OED).

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You know what sucks? Working as a bank teller.

Though, the word "wicket" is pretty fun. I am at my wicket. Please come to my wicket. The wicket is in between the other two wickets.


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