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Made from mystery eBay cotton and this pattern: Omelet shawl.
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Hello internet, I'm back from watching Fringe (one season down, three to go!) and knitting.

Most recent finished project is Knitty mag's "Bigger on the Inside":

Look! TARDISes!

The wool is a beautiful rich blue - looks great in person but there's been so little sun lately it's hard to get a good picture. Here's an in-progress shot (taken while sitting under a tree in a park, after seeing Christopher Eccleston in Antigone at the National Theatre, eh). It really is a beautiful blue colour )

The wool's from, which has become my absolute favourite string shop. The TARDIS scarf is the second project I've made with his stuff (this is the first, and I'm in the middle of a third. I'm itching to order more from him, but I've already signed up for the next sushi-roll shawl club kit whatsit so I must have patience. Plus, I'm technically back to work on Monday. My days can no longer be filled with knitting, Fringe and Avengers AUs. *le sad*
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Still working the edging, might have it done this weekend if I get some TV knitting time.

That pic doesn't give a good sense of scale, so I called my flatmate over (just as the camera battery died). I said I needed to borrow her arm for a moment. She wants everyone to know she has smallish hands.

It's the same pattern as this, only with heavier yarn, bigger needles and a bit less swearing involved in the crafting. (though I did get called out for muttering at the edging while at the pub on Tuesday.)
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From this pattern. (They look much tidier now that the ends are woven in.)
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I started knitting this shawl just before Easter, as airplane knitting for my trip to Texas.

Earlier this week I finally finished casting off. The hard part was done, it just left... blocking. Duh duh duuun.

Blocking is how you take something that looks like this:

Or, more charitably, like this:

And turn it into this:

So yes, blocking makes a big difference for lace. It's like ironing out wrinkles in a crumpled-up handkerchief and discovering you've got a blanket. The gauge for this project was a little off, which means I've got even more stretch in blocking than I'd expected.

Warning, artistic close-ups )

After I got home from work, after about eight hours' drying time, the shawl was ready to be unpinned. And draped around a convenient arty wire mannequin dress-form thing, of course. (Lacy superhero cape!)

I will never use such fine yarn again. I appreciate the effect, but it was tedious and difficult to keep consistent tension with something so fussy.

I'm at the start of making a bigger, heavier version (aran weight, 5.5mm needles; this was 2-ply yarn on 3.75mm) to use as a throw. I've changed the way I knit (an even faster continental style that I was shown a few months ago) and that might help with some of the tension issues.
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I did knit this:

(from this pattern)

I know that washcloths are supposed to be beginners' stuff - testing out increases and decreases, practicing tension - but I skipped that stage and went right to knitting Daleks and lace. So, armed with 4mm needles and some bright cotton* and a search engine, I went looking for interesting patterns. I think I did pretty well. Maybe next I'll try a starfish.

*The shop I bought this from claimed it was aran-weight. Ravelry agrees. It's the thinnest, most DK-weight aran I've ever seen. Just saying.

I've said many times that I knit because it's such a relief to have a project where you know when you're done and can correct mistakes along the way. Or at least where the mistakes are noticeable (if you know what to look for) and sometimes fixable (if you catch them/if it matters).

Which is a long way of saying: schoolwork, UGH.
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I don't have any pictures from the con.

But I did meet Malcolm McDowell, which was super-fantastic. He's a very sweet man who didn't just sign his name and turn to the next person in line. After getting him to sign a picture and shaking his hand, I told him that I was excited to meet him because I'd written a paper on If...., his very first film. The sequel to that, he told me, was his favourite film (and he was quite excited to tell me the Criterion of that film is coming out in October). I didn't mention A Clockwork Orange (amusing, but fetishized by creepy, creepy fans) or anything he's done since then (which is mostly stunt casting) and I'd like to think he liked to be able to talk about work he was proud of. Plus, I actually do enjoy those early Lindsey Anderson films.

Because I'd said I'd watched If.... for class, he asked me if I wanted to be a director or actress. A fair question, 'cause most of the kids who study film have that goal. When I said I'd actually want to be a professor of film theory, he made an O_o face, asked me if I was ill and reached across the table to feel my forehead. *squee* I explained to him that watching movies and television for work and then talking/writing about them seemed like an awesome job. He agreed I had a point. *happydances*

[ profile] firstgold and I could see the signing area from our table. We could see that for all three days McDowell was the last guy there, still meeting his fans and signing autographs after the convention had closed. He's the sweetest celebrity I've ever met.

Also, there was a guy with a FTW belt buckle and some really neat art. I snagged a gorgeous watercolour of Dream of the Endless and a cute-as-buttons "Batman and Catwoman in luff" stylized cartoon. I will have to obtain frames. I also grabbed a Batman t-shirt that says "Don't make me go KA-POW on you!". (This con I discovered I'm tired of pirates and that Doctor Who is severely underrepresented; I already knew that Batman was far superior to any other superhero.)
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...the Gryffindorish one belongs to [ profile] serrico. Brent (the green one) will be sad when the red-and-yellow one goes to live in his new home.

ETA: in previous posts about this project, I'd given credit to the pattern's designer. [ profile] penwiper337 figured it out, I just built it. All credit where credit is due.
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Knit-a-dalek update: I've created a monster... BWAHAHHAHA! *plays with monster* )

Tee vee-watching update: Jekyll! )

One last thing: the Buffy season 8 comics? Pure gold. I want more, now. Too bad it's Canada Day and the comic book stores are closed. :(

EDIT: I have about 7300 songs on my computer. Sometimes, I toss 'em all on a playlist and hit shuffle. Sometimes, odd things pop up, things I forgot I had. Things like some really happy dude singing "Highway to Hell" in, like, Swedish or some other Scandinavian language.
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Happy Feast Day of St. Anthony the Hermit! In honour of this saint, I'll be staying in tonight, probably watch a little TV (that last Heroes ep again, most likely) and curl up with a mug of tea and a good book. I've spent the last solid week around people (people I love dearly, don't get me wrong) but I need to hide in a corner for a while. I'm also blowing off going to the gym. BWAHA look at how powerful I am, all full of power.

Speaking of, I'd forgotten that there's a Profit episode called "Hero". "Hero"... Heroes... zomg! I bet Nathan Petrelli lives in a box. Now all I need is Near Dark on DVD and I can take over the world.

Last night and then again this afternoon I met up with Ian ([ profile] the_blog_frog) and Zanne while they made a quick stop in Toronto on their way to Places Elsewhere. It was good. The dope (aka "Ian") only mistook me for [ profile] xtinethepirate the once, and it was only a quick trick of peripheral vision that did it. Still, it was funny. He had to confess he's made the mistake, which left him ripe for mockage. I am she as you are she as you are me and we are all together. I gave Ian+Zanne the baby-sized Jayne hat and it was a hit. Zanne still hasn't seen Firefly. *shakes head*

This afternoon we hit the Italian Arts and Design show at the ROM, and it was good. Highly recommended. I'd like to go back just to write down some of the artists' names. There was some really great work done in oils, and another few drawings that blew my mind. Ian's mother and I had fun checking the keyboards on all the different typewriters in the exibit. Only two of the six I can remember had the standard QWERTY layout. They were all variations on that layout, but no two of the others were alike. They were almost all bright red, too... scary.

I've had no news on Dad, so I'm going to believe that no news is good news. He's still in hospital and probably will be until the New Year. Beyond that, we don't know.

As a distraction, I went shopping! Boxing Day was good to me. I bought some shiny new toys (like a functional desk! which means the old one is now the TV stand and the "TV stand" is back to being a coffee table as it was meant to be) and might play a little DDR before settling in to finish that City of Masks book that [ profile] aoshi lent to me. It's very good. I highly recommend it. And I want the sequels, NOW! *rrrraaaarrrr*
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I missed tonight's House (... I was watching Weeds with [ profile] philthe25th), but I do have the House s2 blooper reel.

And you can have it too: [sendspace link, 68.98MB]. Download. Share. Enjoy.

From the gag reel we learn three important things: 1. they shoot with two cameras, 2. Hugh Laurie keeps an American accent between takes, and 3. all those comments House makes about how pretty Chase is may not be entirely scripted, and may be bits left in from takes where Hugh Laurie was trying to make Jesse Spencer crack up. There are a few parts I want to get caps from, but that'll wait until it's not 1am on a day where I have to leave for work at 8am. You know what really sucks? How it gets midnight-dark by 5:15pm, and how the sun doesn't actually come out at all during the day. It's like were in a perpetual state of twilight leading up to the solstice. YAY CANADA.

(And Weeds is tons of fun, too. I know [ profile] meigahime's been raving about it since it started, but I'm slow, k? I still have those last 4 Farscape eps to finish, and started watching that last season in May 2005. 2005! In more proactive news, I've almost finished the shawl for my mother's xmas present, though the socks for my grandmother are just now ankle cuffs as I've yet to learn how to make socks. I've still got 12 days! That's plenty of time to learn to sock!)
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The con happened, and we survived. It was bloody cold because the a/c thought that we needed frostbite and cold noses INDOORS and in SEPTMEBER in TORONTO. But other than that, it was a fun, fun show. )
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I know I'll keep saying this, but SOON I'm sure my life will settle down, and I'll have more time to keep in touch with people, read my flist and generally be a good little citizen of the intarwebs. Maybe I'll even finish-and-post one of those crossovers I started in February. And if pigs could fly, I wouldn't need a bus pass because I could ride a pig to school!

The past few days )
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1. [ profile] serrico came to visit the Hobbit Hole this weekend. Even though my body and soul were owned by The Bank for much of the weekend, I was able to partake of some of the antics. I doubt I'll ever recover from Once A Thief, and I need to see more. NOW.

2. "Elevator Love Letter" by Stars is such a great song.

3. Knitting update: 3 Ravenclaw, 1 G-dor & 1 Huffle completed. Slytherin will have to wait until the yarn comes from Herrschner's. I should probably warn The Landlord to expect a huge ball of yarn in the mail...

4. I still haven't figured out my schedule will be for next year. I'll get a better idea once I see if I get any transfer credit from my college diploma. *anticipates*
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