Sep. 25th, 2009 02:51 pm
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I've been Yorked.

But first, the good news:

I've finished the article for the DW book. The first draft went off in May, the revisions were done by September, and neither my editor nor the other editor have any other changes! This is the part where I do jazz hands, happy dances and generally feel better about my life.

The bad news is that I didn't get paid for TAing.


Unlike my friends (at least four cases that I've heard of), no one bothered to contact me to tell me that I got booted. I did have the problem of being a bit too background (having to confirm that yes, I do have a job), but at no point did anyone inform me that my contract wasn't... happening.

The thing is, I've done the work, and now I need to get paid for it. I don't have time or energy for this battle.


EDIT: I can't get enough of the new Mika single. Dancing like nobody's watching is the best thing ever.

EDIT 2: And then there's this piece of awesome from today's Good Morning America behind the cut )

EDIT 3: By some miracle the person who could help me with the paycheque kerfuffle was still at her desk nearly two hours after the work day was over and just gave me a call. I may be able to get my pay on Monday. HOORAY FOR AWESOME PROGRAM ASSISTANTS.
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As promised, here are some more pictures from the trip to Wales. I'm home now, and I think I might be on Eastern Time again. Maybe. It sucks that I'm not in Denmark right now as the original plan had it, but you know, maybe next time. (sigh)

Pictures! )

The flight home was entertaining. I was sitting with two guys (both in their mid-30s) who're both travelling because of job interviews. The British guy was moving to Canada to be with his wife, and had a job interview or two lined up for when he arrived. The other guy, a Canadian, had been at an interview in the UK somewhere. The thing was, the British guy totally had his shit together and the Canadian guy was well on his way to being a whiny loser. He wasn't a full-on complainer just yet, but he was getting there.

As for the food, well... Air Transat's "hot meal" is a President's Choice tv dinner. If you're into that, cool, but if you're expecting food, then you'll be disappointed. It wasn't totally inedible, but I've had better meals in my life. The movies (that I didn't watch because the earphone jack was broken) were: Get Smart and something I slept through on the way over, with Hancock and The Incredible Hulk on the way back. The Incredible Hulk is hilarious on mute, or rather, when the soundtrack is the folk-rock, indie cool and classic metal on your unPod. Some of the green screen looked really bad even on the crappy tiny airplane televisions. Hancock I might go back and watch properly, instead of sleeping through it and watching the rest without sound - but I still can't look at Jason Bateman without thinking "Michael Bluth", which could be a problem.

The flight was good, though. The worst I've ever been on was a terrifying trip from Atlanta to Asheville where even the scary tattooed biker guys thought we were going to crash and die. Air Transat's not spectacular, but they get you where you're going with a minimum of fuss. The strangest thing was that it totally feels natural now. This year I've taken more flights than in the past ten years, combined. It's all rather old hat. I feel so grown-up. :D

Also, back in July and with this trip both, the customs guys at Pearson were super-interested in what I was studying, where I was studying it, making me prove I was a real student, etc. Nothing major, and nothing to complain about, but it's still funny. The complainer from the plane found me again at the baggage return, and complained about the last time he flew into Pearson the baggage handlers dented his luggage. I probably could have cared less. Then he went on about how the customs folk figured that he's dealing drugs and so he always gets hassled. By this time I really don't want to hear him say anything more. So imagine my glee when he gets pulled off for a full search just before we make it out of the customs maze. Karma for being tedious, I tell you.

I bought the Long Way Round book at the Cardiff train station, which means I had to start downloading the series (and the sequel) as soon as I got home. It's quite adorable, and far better than I thought it would be. I also bought-and-read Pratchett's Nation on the way back. Such a good book. No words to describe. Just: good book.

Edit: swapped in the proper photo for a repeat.
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After months of anticipation, my first academic conference has come and gone. I'm still in the UK (at Gatwick), but the crazy Japanese-style capsule hotel I'm staying at has free wifi, so I can update! And be cowed by the state of my inbox. The important thing is that my paper was well-received by most of the people there. I don't feel like I wasted my time or money, I met some fun people, learned stuff and got to spend nearly two whole days alone at the end of it all (a needed people-buffer).

I'll say one thing for a Doctor Who conference... it's probably the only place where you'll hear a paper on the Lacanian construction of the self, go on a tea break, and then trade fic recs with one of the writers on Doctor Who. The entire week has been surreal but mostly awesome. One highlight was the paper that more-or-less mathematically proved that Torchwood was fandom crack... there was a picture of a half-naked Methos involved. [livejournal.com profile] thucyken, you should have been there. There were charts!

One revelation was that audience studies is a lot further along than I'd been led to believe. It's very exciting.

The horrible part, though, is that after four straight days of talking about Torchwood means that now I want to go back and watch it again. Even after everyone there agreed that it's a bad, bad show.

I'm off to another conference again in a few weeks, though not presenting this time. And it looks like I'll be getting some cash up fron tfor that, which will be a nice change. What with this conference, that conference and house-sitting for my sister, I don't think I'm going to be home much before January.

Pictures! )
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Heading to Wales again today (well, overnight flight to London today, by tomorrow afternoon I'll be in Wales) for my academic debut, presenting at a proper academic conference.

That said, it being an interdisciplinary pop-culture conference (looking at Doctor Who and its spinoffs), it's an international geek fest, with more nerding than you could probably shake a stick at. And, you know, critical discussions of a long-running television series. People are presenting papers on colonial identity, gender politics, fandom, Lacan, nostalgia embodied in the Sarah Jane Adventures... Me, I'm talking about electronic music. \o/

And I'm going shopping, oh how I'm going shopping.

(Trivia: I think the Welsh word for "interdisciplinary" is "rhyngddisgyblaethol".)
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Today I:
- finished my conference presentation (but for formatting the citations)*,

- installed a wireless network with only a moderate level of "WHY WHY WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING oh, there it goes". (My previous experiences with home networking were disasters: first was at my old apartment, where my asshat landlord kept telling me he didn't know why the network wasn't working and insisted I keep running XP's connectivity utilities until months of pain ended in going down the dark path with Ma Bell**; second is at my parents' place, where my laptop refuses to connect),

- fell in love with 30 Rock***.

*Also! There's a teeny tiny chance that a TW cast member will be coming to the conference reception, filming schedules permitting.

**Not bitter.

***Holy good golly that show's fantastic.
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Pictures! )

Polaris is very different con to the FanExpo. It's smaller, less commercial, and tends to have an older crowd. More Klingons and fewer teen anime fans, that kind of thing. Being smaller and friendlier than some other cons, and staged in a hotel rather than a convention center, the big-name guests tend to wander the same halls as the peons who pay to be there.

It can get quite surreal, quite fast.

Sure, I was planning to get Jason Dohring's autograph, but then later when we passed each other in the hall the little voice in the back of my head is trying to process that Logan Echolls just nodded at me in the hall. And yeah, you see an actor doing a Q&A and autograph sessions, and they're live-and-in-person, but there's still a performer/audience split going on. It breaks down when you see Gareth David-Lloyd wandering past the Harvey's window on his way (you notice, because the line is long and not moving fast) to buy smokes at the Shell station across the street.

Didn't mean to get all philosophical. Yay! Con! Screenings! Attending three of Jim Butcher's appearances! Panels! There was one neat panel called "How To Get Fired From Torchwood", where every fireable offense was met with, "Yes, but they didn't fire the guy that kept a WMD in the basement". It was an interesting combination of being totally silly and mocking the lack of personal responsibility held by any of the characters. Oh, fandom.

The best part (for me) was running into old friends (sorry we missed each other, [livejournal.com profile] hoskie), people I haven't seen in a long time that I used to work with at the renfaire here. Teagan got the whole con experience, from the hanging out in someone's hotel room, to the meeting actors and authors, to the people who take their nerdery far more seriously that I ever could/would be willing to show off in public... good times.

Four days until we leave for London! And Cardiff!
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It seems that I was mistaken: there are two Holmes films in development.

One of them is the Sacha Baron Cohen, Will Farrell and Judd Apatow movie.

The other, directed by Guy Ritchie, is based on "a forthcoming comic book" with a "more adventurous Holmes" and will star (wait for it) Robert Downey Jr.

So, Guy Ritchie's directing the less stuffy-more adventurous Holmes and they've cast the opposite physical type to the Strand illustrations of Holmes, which should mean all kinds of wrong. But then... it's Robert Downey Jr. in the role. He can do brainy, quirky, actiony stuff, we know, we've all seen Iron Man by now. But if you're going to make a movie about, like, a Victorian Tony Stark ("stuffy" is an adjective that has never been applied to Tony Stark)... please, have the good graces not to call him "Sherlock Holmes". Though, this means we can fantasy-cast Paul Bettany as Watson. ...*lightbulb* Oh god please someone write AU steampunk Victorian Iron Man. Agh! With mechanical men! Agh! "You have been to Afghanistan, I perceive." Agh! Crossover possibilities! Agh! Agh! Someone write this and I will love you FOREVER and bring you stuff from England and also my firstborn.


Because I can't let three whole posts go by without mentioning Doctor Who, I'm duty-bound to report that it looks like 9.4 million people watched the finale (and I wonder how many more online?) but the BBC felt it necessary to report in a separate article that the reaction to said finale was "mixed". I do enjoy how they report the plot twists as if all that stuff was happening to real people. And no spoiler warnings, in the headlines or the articles. There's this attitude of, "If you care, you've already seen it". Amusing. But not as fun as Anthony Stark, Esq., eccentric genius millionaire and builder of Living Mechanicals.
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And I keep thinking, 'later this week I'm going to meet Gareth David-Lloyd, and then the week after that might-just-might see David Tennant live and in person'... hello DISTRACTING )

Updating as I watch - whee!

ETA: Done! Ha, fun episode. :D Like, seriously fun. I haven't had that much fun watching a season finale in a while. For most of the shows I watch the season finale is where the writers bring a big bag of epic to the table and wallow in it. It gets sticky. It's not pretty.

But Doctor Who, on the other hand, brings the bag of epic and has a blast with it. And why can't that be the case more often. Yes, you can leave a cliffhanger and yes, you can wrap up plot points and yes, score some woobie-points, but why can't you also make your audience grin the entire time?

Good one, Russell T - a fine farewell episode.

ETA2: The two things that were strange about the episode: )
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moderate Turn Left spoiler )

same image, after watching an entire season of BSG )

...And then not a macro, but some pre-ep mumbling for DW 4x13: Read more... )
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Playing catch-up! I'll update with Three Things as I watch the episodes.

4x10 "Midnight", three things: Worst vacation ever... )

4x11 "Turn Left", three things: Believe in the Doctor, for he is the one true Saviour of Man )

4x12 "The Stolen Earth", three things: Ultimate Code Red ... aka That is audacity. That is *textbook* audacity. )
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Dalek-in-progress photos after the cut: Knit, purl, exterminate )


Jun. 19th, 2008 12:42 pm
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My abstract got accepted to the Whoniverse Conference!

I'm on the technology panel, which rocks.

This means I'm a) officially an A-1 nerd and b) officially an academic!  I might also be c) officially insane, because the conference is in Cardiff.  But I'm also d) looking for flights to Wales, and they're not that pricy.

I've got months and months to prepare, and to figure out what the heck one does when one presents* at a conference ([personal profile] thucyken , [profile] piratefanatic : expect many emails), and plan another day of standing in line at the RSC to buy tickets to see David Tennant in Love's Labours Lost on the tail-end of its run.  Hey, a girl can dream.

[profile] whoniverse_conf  has updates about the conference.

I'm going to run around and tell everyone at the office now.  :D

*about the convergence of avant-garde and commercial forms of electronic music in the early days of the medium; more accurately the way the work of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop (peopled by innovators and then-cutting-edge sound artists) reached a large audience through being the ambient noise and background music of classic Doctor Who episodes...
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Doctor Who, 4x09: only half-watched this one because the first part could have been more captivating. Minor spoilers? )

Today I spent the afternoon at High Park, and we found an ISBN'd building (click to see the big image):

...and a "Natural Regeneration Area", lol:

...and this poor peacock that had its tail clipped and so looked like a dressed-up turkey (EDIT and as [livejournal.com profile] butterflyishida rightly points out, the poor peacock is so ugly he's now hanging out with the wallabies):
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Doctor Who, 4x08. Spoilers in the library...? )

Also: in the last few days I've watched the first 10 episodes of The Dresden Files. 1) love the hockey stick; 2) Claudia Black guest starred, which means Claudia Black was in Toronto! Eeeeee!; 3) there were some quite good episodes in there, "Soul Beneficiary" in particular.
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Over on DW, Donna Noble's worried about the bees. Luckily, York researchers are now doing their best to set up a global bee registry to find out where all the bees are and where they might be going. Good ol' bees.

James Patterson's newest book is apparently a huge pile of doo-doo. However, when anything is so very bad it can sometimes generate lots of amusement, as this blog proves. They've taken the last line from every chapter and listed them. I don't know if any given book would yield such entertaining results (though I'm sure you wouldn't get quite so many chapters ending with people screaming at the top of their lungs), but the juxtapositions you get with this one are hilarious. An excerpt from the list:

That just isn’t possible, but there he is.
He’s opening the door!
“Can you keep a secret?” he whispers.
We’ll be fine.
He puts his shades back on, nods, and then turns away.
Utter. Freakin’. Amazement.
And then I’m screaming at the top of my lungs.
“Do you think I can borrow some clothes?”
“Speak of the devil,” she says.
“Because you do now.”
“No,” he says, leaning in close. “That’d be your soul.”
“No one’s ever forced to dance, are they?”
If only Penley weren’t in the picture.

It makes a weird narrative sense. The complete listing has been rendered as a series of webcomics, starting here (just keep hitting Next). This one is my favourite.

Today I'm glad I don't live near Broadview anymore: last night a woman was waiting for a streetcar and some stranger ran up to her and stabbed her a bunch of times. Not fatally, but still... It's nice knowing I don't live there anymore.
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[livejournal.com profile] firstgold and I had a lot of Doctor Who catching up to do. Five episodes' worth, if you'll believe it.

Behind the cut, you'll find Three Things about each of the episodes we watched. Overall they were pleasant episodes, not particularly taxing or challenging, but not much more than just clever and fun. Which is a damn sight more than Torchwood can accomplish, I'll give them that. Cloning and children and Oods, oh my! )
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Hey, y’all. Long time, no see. How are things? What have I missed? I’ve been finishing my undergrad (woo! done!), working full-time and trying to adjust from Student to Worker.

News, news. I graduate in June, summa cum laude. I’m glad York gives out honours, ‘cause I like Latin words. Then it’s sticking around at York to do my MA, and from there... who knows? Got a bit jerked around on my thesis, so I’m not sure if I’ve still got a taste for the academic thing. A prof did tell me that Academic Life is kind of like religion: every now and again your faith gets tested.

Stole Phil’s idea for posting mini-movie reviews on Twitter. At the end of the month I’ll copy those here, or you can find me on Twitter and read them as the appear (not many there right now).

So far this month I’ve seen Iron Man twice and Speed Racer once. I may see Iron Man again soon, but not Speed Racer. Oh god no. Not for love or money.

Bought a DS, am addicted to the anagrams game.

My uncle had a massive stroke (at his brain stem) while on vacation here. They’ve since airambulence’d him back to BC, and he’s doing much better than he was.

I wrote this bit of propaganda-journalism. No byline, ‘cause it’s just the Voice of the University. But I took the pictures, too.

Because I do graphic design as well as propaganda-journalism, I’ve got Photoshop on my computer (at my desk... I have my own desk! And phone!)... and access to Photoshop + access to stock images + no brain on a Friday afternoon = putting the TARDIS on the beach. Check it out, eh )

In time I’ll get all caught up on tee vee. It’s the mission that [livejournal.com profile] firstgold and I shall be attempting this weekend. How much tee vee can be watched in a single weekend? We shall find out. Stay tuned.
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Finally getting caught up on my Doctor Who. I wrote that effing scary history exam yesterday morning (if DW does an Early-Modern Persia episode I'll be able to fast-forward through the expository dialogue, woo!) and I still have one paper left to finish. However. Since it's all researched, mostly written, and it just needs to be shoehorned into an essay that I can hand in, I decided it was time to watch some of the television that's been piling up.

Doctor Who 4x02, "The Fires of Pompeii": Cut not for spoilers, but to keep things tidy. )
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Doctor Who 4x01, "Partners in Crime"

Yeah, spoilers. )


Mar. 4th, 2008 10:01 am
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It seems official: new Doctor Who on April 18.
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