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Looks like NBC wasn't happy with how the show is sucking. Rather than cancelling it flat out - darn that writers' strike and the supposed lack of new material! - it looks like the show is going to stay on the air.

I suppose Nissan really gave them a lot of money for product placement.

In a perfect world (well, in a perfect world, Heroes wouldn't have sucked so bad) they'll scare up some new producers, sit down with the writers for a long chat, dig up those original plans for the show and see what's salvageable. And then come up with a plan to rebuild the goodwill of their hardcore fanbase.

It's sweet that they're going to revive the show, but it'll be interesting to see how the new producers are felt episode to episode. Will they let characters drive the plot? Will they abandon that thoroughly annoying habit of breaking the A story, B story, C story, D story (etc) into shallow little 90-second mini-commercials? Will they restrain themselves to two or maybe three storylines per episode? Will they stop jumping to the future all the time?

Will someone in charge there finally have an effing clue where the story is going? Hope springs eternal.

No word on who the replacements will be. My vote's for Joel Silver*: it might not make the show any better, but all the characters will suddenly develop a sense of humour, a fondness for film noir and an unparalleled store of snappy-yet-cynical one-liners.
*Yeah, I know he's a producer, not a showrunner. Still.
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All I have to say about Heroes is this: it's a far easier show to watch, now that I've given up any kind of critical or emotional attachment to the characters.

But I have to say: I enjoy any scene with Ma Petrelli and Sylar together 'cause they're my two favourites.

Everyone else we see so briefly that it's hardly worth while showing them on screen. Each character's section is so short that it feels like I'm watching a series of ads. Here's Parkman, there's a commercial for toilet paper, there's Hiro, here's Peter, here's an ad for car insurance. I have more investment in the lives of the people selling me frozen dinners. Watching TV with ads in sucks, man.
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Oh, Heroes.

It's nice to know that some things don't change. I stopped watching after a few episodes last season, but I bravely came back to see what the season 3 opener had to offer. I'm so glad I did (and that a friend suggested we watch together). I'd forgotten what a fun show it is to watch with someone.

It's all the same! Mama Petrelli still kicks ass (and how!), Nathan's assumptions that he's an autonomous individual will constantly be crushed (always someone pulling the strings!), Ali Larter plays characters I don't care about (but does a good job!)... and so on, and so forth. Even though it's totally the Petrelli Family Variety Hour.

Minor, minor spoilers )
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[ profile] amyisyellow is currently my favourite roommate. Why?

Because today she bought a Wii. And she lets us play with it when she's out. The golfing game is hard. Actually, everything except bowling and boxing is iffy in a living room that's about 64 sq ft. But Wii Play? DUCK HUNT! And the cow racing game. And that creepy matching game where your other Miis pop up wandering in crowds. There's a few dozen computer-generated faces, and then suddenly there's your face staring back at you from the crowd. Creepy, but awesome.

I'm SO going to spend the next week making Mii-avatars of the characters from Arrested Development, Doctor Who, Heroes, Firefly, etc... 'cause in the games? You play as the characters you've designed. THAT means I can have Ten boxing, like, Peter Petrelli, or have a bowling team made up of Mal Reynolds, Buster Bluth, Niki Sanders and The Master. :D Can you imagine, though? Mal and The Master together in the same room? Mal wouldn't have voted for Saxon because he wouldn't trust any gorram politician. Or maybe he's got a dramatically convenient war wound that would block the signals. Or maybe Mr. Universe made special tinfoil hats for the crew so they wouldn't get caught up in Saxonmania. Hee.

...I think I may have missed the point of the Wii.

Still. *geek*


EDIT: Thanks to an awkward lj hiccup, half the entry posted and then collapsed in on itself. [ profile] clamore (in a comment to the vanished partial-entry) suggested a Tobias vs Sylar boxing match. Hee!
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[ profile] ksaldria posted this already, but it bears repeating: seems that Dumbledore is gay. Like for reals. JKR said so.


EDIT: In the "celebrities are just like us" file, it seems that famous people like to record themselves with their camera phones and post the short clips on YouTube. The YouYube user "buckshotwon" is named "adrian" and keeps posting goofy moments with Heroes cast. All his videos are worth checking out, because he puts music to them and everything's equal parts amusing and adorable. There's one hilariously tense and suspenseful minute-long mini-movie of Sendhil Ramamurthy choosing an apple at the craft table.

And on a pure cute-squee level, Pasdar's kids call Ventimiglia "Uncle Milo". Tee hee + awwwww....
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Tonight's Heroes was all about the cute little hurt face from Nathan when the kid!Petrellis told him they didn't like the beard. Good job, Pasdar! Also good job with the tousled hair. I approve.

And Mama Petrelli is so my favourite character. All the best lines! )
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First thing: watching Doctor Who repeats on CBC = win. Especially when you tune in RIIIIGHT when he's talking about being a kid on his home planet.

Second thing: NEW HEROES! I love my comic book soap opera )


Sep. 17th, 2007 08:43 am
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The Big Ones:
- I'm glad that Ugly Betty got recognition. It's a cute, consciously campy show with a good heart and funny characters. Cliche, I know - but I watched it. The Alexis plotline was handled pretty damn well for American prime time TV.

- I'm okay with Heroes getting shafted. It started out with great promise, but then they got scared and boring and the last ten or so episodes (counting from when Christopher Eccleston disappeared finished his guest spot) were dull and almost painful.

- I'm very okay with James Spader winning anything, 'cause he's plainly quite awesome.

- I've never seen an episode of The Sopranos. Still.

- Terry O'Quinn is also great fun. Yay for him winning an acting award.

Proof That All Is Right With the World:
- Dexter won stuff for editing, which is where the show really stands out from anything else on TV. It uses editing to create the show's extraordinary level of identification with the main character.

It's quite hard to replicate a novel's subjectivity on the screen, but Dexter comes close, thanks to the acting, some interesting camera angles and the way those two elements are pieced together in the editing room creates the show's unique look and feel. The costume, lighting, set etc. design all support that project of subjectivity, but it's the editing that makes or breaks the whole thing.

- "Dick in a Box" won for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

- South Park's "Make Love, Not Warcraft" won for Outstanding Animated Program.

What the Eff?
- I don't think that awards shows should be allowed to give other awards shows any awards. The Oscars and the Grammys both won shit. Hello? When have the Oscars ever had Outstanding Musical Direction? And the Grammys: Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic, Multi-Camera) For Variety, Music or Comedy Programing?

It sounds like someone's created the categories just for those shows.

The Tony broadcast won an award for some category called Outstanding Special Class Program. Shouldn't all awards shows be nominated ONLY under that category?
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Be it resolved that: someone out there needs to vid Sylar/Mohinder to the Franz Ferdinand song “I’m Your Villain”. They're so cute together. And Sylar is so ev0l. lyrics sample )

Speaking of Sylar, since his name is Gabriel, and his mum was super-religious, then there would have had to have been some significance behind that. Alls I know about Angel-Gabriel is that he’s the one who told Mary she was knocked up and has that trumpet that has something to do with the end of the world.

I wonder what Sylar played in middle school band? Or if his school even had a band. It’s not like he was in the same school district as the Petrelli kids. Peter and Sylar would be about the same age, wouldn’t they? Maybe they met when they both were in grade 8 and their mothers forced them to go to band camp. And ended up having to share a music stand since the both played clarinet and both sucked at it.

Tee hee hee.
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Sign number 74 that I'm destined to be a crazy cat lady/academic: while my contemporaries talk about weddings (like, seriously... four different groups in the past two weeks, planning weddings!), I'm here planning what I'm going to take next year and how much fun I'm going to have doing both a directed reading course/independent study and a senior thesis. I'll end up with at least three papers worth publishing! When I went today to talk to one of the professors about the Crazy Directed Reading Plan, I not only got him on side, but he also gave me a fun and wanky title ("Image Hybridities", HEE!), he called my bizarre Cronenberg idea "just fucked up enough to be adorable" and and AND he told me he's working on something himself about an amv. Which means he totally wants to see me work more on writing about fanvids. Thing is, he asked me if I was going to do anything *does happy dance of academic geekery*

I just need to fill out the paperwork and then track down McCullough and get him to agree to the thesis (which is a kind of amorphous blob of "narrative forms on television" and "omg I love Heroes, The Wire and Doctor Who"). Truly, I may be able to build a career on professional fangirling, deconstructing the things I love by applying and/or creating the appropriate theories to explain the parts I've laid bare. Finding out what makes them tick, as it were. (Also, Phil? You left your snowglobe on my desk.)

My meeting with MacKenzie today also included really quite valuable info on grad programs, and where I might be most interested to go. Carleton and Concordia are more traditional, history-based and film-centred programs, whereas places in California (UC BERK!) would give me more freedom to play with "the interaction of images between television screens and computer screens and their mediation through contemporary dialogues". (<-- the probable subtitle for the "Image Hybridities" course.) I like theory more than history (history is fun, but I'm not much of a historian because I don't have the patience), and so the US looks better and better if I can get the funding.

So weddings? Not much on my radar. Now back to African literature. Oh, summer classes. You're so random and barely relevant!

OT: Isn't this song totally a Heroes song? Maybe, maybe not. (Maybe "Lost in the Plot" is a better one... heh.) I made a comment about listening to The Dears, and a friend at work (who's pretty plugged into the indie scene) hadn't heard of them.
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Tonight, on Heroes: creative ways to cull the characters )
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It's done! It's finally done! That Mopey Incestuous Codependent Petrelli Brothers fanmix I've been poking at for months is finally actually done! I would love to hear feedback on this because it changed so many times and I'm really quite happy with it. Especially track 4. I'm quite proud of track 4.

Find the zip file ( HERE ) and the song list HERE )
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I stole a TV to watch Heroes.


Not everyone's Hannibal Lecter, you know.

*cuddles Sylar*

Also? There's a kid in my summer class who looks exactly like Peter. *flails*
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Two things about Heroes:
1. [ profile] philthe25th pointed out that when Peter's in jail in Odessa, he (Peter) has a dream/nightmare/vision where Nathan turns into Sylar. Foreshadowing? (And also: now we have an explanation about why Sylar would paint the crazy hyper-colour version of the Nathan-in-the-White-House.)

2. I found this ficlet/meta-thing scribbled on the back of a pay stub. It dates from last December but I just found it again yesterday. I share it with you now: ~70 words? )

Two things about this weekend:
1. Friday I went with [ profile] amyisyellow to see the video that [ profile] vulgus produced. The video turned out well, and you can head to West 49 and either (I'm a bit fuzzy on this; b/c of free beer @ the party) see the video in-store or grab a copy on DVD to take home. Also one of the rooms at this club had fake fur on the walls. Crazy.

2. The one Saturday this year where I don't have any homework was spent going to the hardware store (tee-hee, Shallow Grave), talking with roommates about getting a kitten (KITTY!), being told by roommates that "Lamp" or "Cow" or "Light Bulb" are not appropriate names for a kitten, meeting the [ profile] aoshi and [ profile] psychomax and friends crew for a really really tasty dinner and wandering of the streets. We wandered through the Marijuana Festival at Queen's Park (non-Ontarians: that's the park that abuts the seat of our provincial parliament) and emerged unscathed, wandered through comic book shops and weren't so lucky (*snuggles B.P.R.D.*), and wandered down to Brandon, who had smoothies. And all was good.

Two things about today:
1. Today will contain clothes shopping.

2. Today will contain watching of SPN and Durham County and then probably a little Doctor Who to bring my mood back up. Because SPN and DC? Heavy, man.

EDIT: One more thing about Heroes: In the Peter vs Sylar thing, Peter had fire!hands (SO. COOL!), and that one Entertainment Weekly cover has a dead-eyed Mohinder, a yummy HRG and an adorably *buh?*-faced Peter-with-fire!hands.

So. Peter. Fire!hands. The question is: when and where did he meet Liz Sherman? OMG CROSSOVER! And/or Claire's biomom?
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Holy flipping one-eyed mermaids, Heroes is for sure the good crack. Hereos 1x20 )
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1. This time tomorrow I will have finished all of this year's coursework. I'm not entirely sure how this will happen, given the mess these two papers are in. How in the 6 hours (more or less) that I have to finish them they'll end up even remotely readable is beyond me.

2. My chiropractor - Dr. Mackey - keeps referring to his colleague as "Dr. Elizabeth" because her last name is nigh unpronouncable. Every few weeks I'll make this mistake of reading SGA fic before heading for an appointment and end up giggling to myself in the waiting room.

3. I won't be watching Heroes tonight even if I didn't have these papers to finish. And with four of us on one internet connection, bittorrent is a mite twitchy. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll get a TV. I neeeeeds my Heroes. Le sigh.


Apr. 25th, 2007 04:29 pm
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Things causing stress: blah blah moving and term papers blah )

On the upside: of the term papers I turned in a while back has been graded. Even though it was a B paper, I still squeaked through with an A on the class. A very low A. One of those A grades that I'm tempted to dismiss as a pity A. But still: an A.

...from the previews, Heroes is going to have a fun and cracky end of the season. And babbling about this week's ep, '0.7'; including inappropriate SW giggles )
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1. happy birthday to [ profile] evil__muffin!

2. it's all about Winchesters vs. Petrellis.

3. [ profile] hackthis recced some awesome Heroes fic.

4. [ profile] yuletide does, in fact, have a few Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stories. Some are utterly fantastic, if you're wondering. Which you may be. That one, under the link? Has the voices down pat.

5. Scrolling through [ profile] yuletide is dangerous because I see a Vorkosigan story called "The Long Con" and I get this need to know what would happen if Miles Vorkosigan and Sawyer-from-Lost ever ended up together on the wrong end of a pulse rifle in a backwater spaceport bar.

Edit: 6. This one goes in the "Internets have far too many corners" pile: That clip of Dr. House playing 'air piano' from the first season + Monty Python = there's really no way to accruately describe this clip. This one, however, nicely sums up an aspect of the House/Wilson dynamic.
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I've been trying to make a Heroes fanmix, but the show moves so fast that I can't keep up. Here's a taste, a snippit or teaser of one of the three mixes I've tried to put together for the show. So. Before tonight's episode, these are some of the Peter songs. Peter-y songs )

(An a SPN interlude: a cracky conversation ends up in Wee!chester fic. Full credit to [ profile] xtinethepirate for enabling the Wee!Dean figure skater.)

Heroes, 'Parasite'; aka Watch out Joss, Tim Kring's challenging you for ownership of my soul. )


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