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1. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't quite good enough. Fantastic moments are in there, but it's at its best when the director deviates from the book. It doesn't deviate often.*

2. Directors should be fined or slapped when they consider using slo-mo. Actual use of slo-mo should merit a harsher punishment.

3. I think I get what the soundtrack was up to, and I think I'm on board with it.

3a. Jeffery Dean Morgan = definite highlight. (As the only character with a personality, it's a bit of a gimme but credit where credit is due.)

*It begs the question: why bother animating a book with live people? If you're going to spent the time and money to make the movie, make it a movie. I know what the story looks like, now how about telling it to me? Those opening credits were fabulous because they were original.

EDIT: There were lots of bits that I liked (the action sequences where the superheroes acted like superheroes and tore shit up!) but I spent the entire movie with a checklist in my head trying to match up what was on screen and what was in the book. I need to be up in 5 hours to go to class, so maybe I'll be more coherent later. Hopefully.
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