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I was walking down Front Street today, and the giant screen on the CanStage building told me that their production of The Elephant Man stars Brent Carver and Geraint Wyn Davies.

This made me far happier than it had any right to. Eeeeeeeee Forever Knight!
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1. Wake up.

2. Hear on the radio that there are transit delays all over the city.

3. *blink blink blink* Buuuuuuuuuuuuh?

4. *peek out window* Ooh! SNOW! (I don't have classes or work on Wednesdays PLUS its reading week so I wouldn't have to go to class even if I had class but YAY! Snow!)


I'm so going to make it a point to watch the Genie Awards broadcast every year because they're so much fun. The thank-you speeches are about 20 seconds, most of the winners don't speek English very well (the awards favour fiction filmmaking from Quebec, but the show we watched was in English), and when the winners are interviewed, it's at the party and everyone's drunk.

This is a national film awards gala that has the "viewer discresion advised" bumper after a commercial break. Which was great, because the best moment was a probably-scripted bit where the Trailer Park Boys (in character) tried to steal Colm Feore's drink. That wasn't the best moment. The best bit was when Colm Feore said, "You fucking idiots, don't you know that drinks are free tonight?" And they didn't bleep it.

The Genies have a far smaller stick up their bum than do the Oscars. *sticks out tongue at Oscars* Everyone's way relaxed (drunk) because they know that nobody is watching. Nobody but me (and [ profile] vans_angel and [ profile] philthe25th because I made them.)


Breakfast on Pluto, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Little Miss Sunshine make for an awesome triple-bill. Good times, good times.
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preamble )

I WON THE HELEN VARI AWARD ("given in recognition of outstanding creative or scholarly achievement and overall academic excellence to a third- or fourth-year film student") and another bursary that's mostly need-based but you have to "demonstrate community involvement" as well as being 100% poor.

Financially, the two together mean I don't have to worry about paying tuition next year. Which is worth a serious omg-*flail* right there. If the Alberta Centennial Scholarship thing comes through I may be able to buy a laptop, too. I won't have to borrow as much (if at all) for next year. I'll be able to do the internship class because I won't need to work full time through the summer. I'll be able to pay my credit card bill. I might even be able to put aside money for grad school. *flails*

Overwhelmed? Yeah, just a little. Not too sure how to react.
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