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Day 29 of no working shower, and... my bathroom is slowly being transformed! There's been tiling, and a new sink, and yesterday a new toilet (installed at a slightly different angle, why.), so it's about 50% nice new shiny white clean yes nice and 50% beige/tan/lime green dusty dirty manky slightly rotten.

I still haven't seen the work order, so every day is a bit of a surprise. (There's a new shelf behind the new toilet! okay then.) I was told the work would take a week, but it looks like there's slightly more than two days' work left. Possibly. What else will get replaced or painted? Will the weird dent in the wall behind the ancient extendo-arm shaving mirror be fixed? What's going to happen with the floor (currently three kinds of flooring visible, including the big ol' Victorian floorboards)?

*ANTICIPATES*, basically.

And - I know you're all super-interested in this - turns out it wasn't a soft toilet seat, but one of those annoying slow-close ones. RELIEF.

Thrill-a-minute, my life.

I'm mostly looking forward to being able to shower at home. It's been 29 days, people. TWENTY-NINE.

IN OTHER NEWS I've been pushing myself to finish a draft of a very short bit of academic writing (in my head, I'm calling it a micro-paper) to be shared w/ colleagues for feedback this afternoon. I am exhausted.

Tomorrow though, tomorrow I've had enough of getting up a bit too early to get out of the flat because it's weird being home when dudes are working in the bathroom. Tomorrow I'm going to sit on my couch, play the fuck out of Mass Effect, and maybe put on my slightly less sloppy pjs on account of there being strangers around.

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Date: 2015-04-16 11:03 pm (UTC)
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A slow-close toilet seat is VASTLY SUPERIOR to a soft one. That IS thrilling news!

Enjoy your day on your couch! I bet the bathroom guys will wish they could be playing Mass Effect instead of doing your bathroom. You can feel superior in your open indulgence in leisure activities!
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