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Dizzying couple of months ahead:

- 29 July: flying to Toronto, leaving my flat in the hands of colleagues who'll be subletting/housesitting

August in Ontario will be a flurry of administrivia: applying for a visa to return to the UK, not having a passport because of applying for a visa, not going to VVC because of not having a passport... Also various other bitty life admin things. Possibly proofreading a friend's thesis, writing an article for a book (not contracted, but mooted and agreed), definitely finishing off a lit review and discussing the journal article that might come out of it...

And sleeping. Probably sleeping. Ontario ppl who read here - let me know what's good for you, let's have coffee when I'm not sleeping.

- 28 Aug-10 Sept: Nanaimo

Faaaaaaaaaaaaamily visit! Family-in-BC make it out to Ontario every so often, but I've never visited them out there. Apparently we'll hit the troika of Nanaimo, Victoria, and Vancouver.

- 10-20 Sept: TIFF

Stewarding! Probably checking tickets. Going to try picking up shifts in the TV programming stream, it's new this year.

- 20 Sept-20 Oct: Australia [edit for accuracy: 20 Sept leave TO, 22 Sept arr Australia; 19 Oct leave Australia, 19 Oct arr TO]

Road trip to Tasmania! And possibly other stuff. Trying to work out if I can afford to see the Outback, but golly it's expensive.

- ?: UK, I hope

Fingers crossed. I've booked a flight for 2 Nov, and I hope I can take it. Fingers crossed.

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Date: 2015-07-19 09:49 pm (UTC)
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If you need a ride from the airport on the 29th, let me know! I'm in the US July 30 - Aug 4, then I'm around working on my course so coffee is totally doable.

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Date: 2015-07-21 10:14 pm (UTC)
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Yup, it does work for me! I'll pick you up at the arrivals place in Terminal 3 and we can decide what we would like to do for lunch. If Air Transat cooperates and arrives on time, I would like to go back to that place in Oshawa we ate at that one time. I've been back with Mum since then and that food is darn tasty! Or we can stop at this awesome Italian bakery near Scarborough Town Centre.

After August 14, both my online courses are done and I can pretty much be anywhere or do anything. And if things continue the way they likely are (which is, no negotiations between my union and the powers that be) then once the school year starts, I'll have so much free time on my hands because no extracurriculars. *rolls eyes*
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